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Original 429: 1971 Ford LTD Convertible

The accumulated dust tells you this 1971 Ford LTD Convertible hasn’t moved for a while, with the seller indicating it has lain idle for two years. The indications are positive that a new owner could have little trouble returning it to active service for some top-down summer touring in a classic with a V8 that offers excellent performance. The LTD is listed here on Facebook in Shoreline, Washington. It could be yours for $12,000, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Snotty for spotting this sleeping giant.

Beneath two years of accumulated dust is a convertible that shows promise. The photos make it hard to be definitive, but it looks like a wash, and some work on its Candy Apple Red paint with a high-quality polish might yield positive results. I doubt the new owner will achieve a showroom finish, but if they aim to slip behind the wheel of a tidy survivor, this classic could fulfill that role. The White power top tells a similar story, with no rips or tears, just more dust and dirt. The panels are straight, and there’s no evidence of rust. The seller doesn’t mention hidden problems, but the lack of visible surface corrosion across various areas allows us to exercise cautious optimism. The chrome looks acceptable for a survivor-grade car, and there are no visible glass problems.

This Ford’s interior perfectly demonstrates how some terms can be interpreted differently within the classic world. The seller uses the word “mint” in their description. Most people would view that as meaning it is in as-new condition. For a vehicle of this age, the appearance is impressive. However, the discoloring and wear on the armrests and a couple of other minor spots see it fall short of perfection. If potential buyers view this Convertible purely as a survivor, the interior should cause them no shame. There are no rips or signs of abuse, and most of the White vinyl has avoided the stains and yellow tinge that can develop in this trim type and color. The dash and console are excellent, and the sticker above the glove compartment door is the only thing preventing the faux woodgrain from achieving perfection.

When a car tips the scales at 4,510 lbs, it requires something special under the hood to produce respectable performance. Ford came to the party in 1971 with several excellent engine choices for LTD buyers, with this car’s original owner selecting the 429ci V8. Combined with a three-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes, it is obvious the company’s focus was firmly on luxury and comfort. That 429 should produce 320hp, and despite the weight, it would launch the Convertible through the ¼-mile in 16.4 seconds. Some modern four-cylinder drop-tops could eclipse that time, but none would have the sheer presence of this Ford. The seller says the car ran and drove when it went into hibernation. Only two years have elapsed since, although they suggest the new owner should plan to trailer it home. That is probably wise counsel because although the storage time was short, undetected hose and belt deterioration could still bring this car to a steaming and unnecessary halt. It is better to err on the side of caution than risk potentially expensive repairs. However, if it was healthy two years ago, I would expect it would take little effort or expense for the new owner to return it to active service.

It is easy to see that summer is just around the corner. The market has recently been awash with classic convertibles, and we can add this 1971 LTD to the list. It means potential buyers are spoiled for choice, although with full-sized examples under-represented, it helps this Ford stand out from the crowd. The indications are that returning it to a presentable and roadworthy state should not be difficult, making it a drop-top the entire family could enjoy during the warmer months. Considering all it offers, the price looks competitive. If you are searching for a large convertible, could this LTD be hard to resist?


  1. Yblocker

    I thought 1970 was the last year for a floorshift full size Ford, but apparently I was mistaken. Plenty of power there to get to get around, although I’m not sure about the 320hp from a 71 2barrel 429, but I might be mistaken again. Nice convertible.

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    • DarrylB

      That’s what I see listed. 320 for the 2V, 360 for the 4V. The torque is more important in a car like that and this one is listed as having 460 lb-ft. Those are gross ratings. The big 2 barrel engines of this era have a power delivery like a diesel.

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    • Fant

      I owned a 71 with a 429. It was automatic on the column with a bench seat. It was loaded, power windows, ac, tilt, etc. but it was a stock 4bbl with dual exhaust. I was told the owner of the dealership ordered it for himself. (?) But, I will say for a tank it had a ton of power, and I beat a lot of similar sized cars! Great memories!

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    • jwh14580

      71 was the year they changed HP ratings from Gross to Net

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  2. Matt

    yes, 71’s had buckets and floor shift as an option and a 2V 429 was rated at 320hp. The 4V was rated at 360hp. I want it!

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    • Yblocker

      Yes, the 360hp version was the one used in the Torino.
      I just have a hard time associating 300+hp with a 2V motor, of any kind. But……..with enough cubic inches……

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      • Matt Knowles

        Actually, the 360 hp version of the 429 4V was actually made in many LTD’s, including the country squire. The 429 2V had 10.5 or 11:1 compression in 1971(last year for hi compression) and a 600cfm 2 barrel carb. my country squire had that, was absolutely whisper quiet and could really move for a land barge….

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    • Bill Harris

      I ordered my 71 conv. With white buckets, floor shift, 429, pewter with white top. And trailer tow package, the only one built with this option. Still have it. It was $4, 952.

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  3. Gregory295

    Back in the late 70s at the age of 19, I started selling cars at a Ford dealer and was able to drive different used cars home. I used to watch for any big Ford LTDs with the 429, mostly wagons. (They wouldn’t let me drive anything sporty). I would take the car home and flip the air cleaner lid and drive around. Didn’t matter if it was a 4bbl or 2bbl, those big cars would scream and the sound they would make was crazy.

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  4. BMan

    I’m not a big ford fan but I believe the best looking LTD Verts was the 69-70 with the optioned “Hideaway” Headlights

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    • Clifton Wade

      I really liked the ‘68 because it was a shorter,lighter & could be gotten with a 428 cu in . The ‘69 Galaxie had a 429 4bbl. The only real difference between the ‘69 galaxie & LTD was the rear lights and front hidden lights with ALOT MORE trim package.. both were fast as all get out 😱😱 I could lay 25-30’ of rubber anytime on a take off !!!😱😎😎

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    • Alex McGill

      Yeah. We use to flip the breather caps around on our 4 barrel carbs and disconnect the secondary vacuum for the rear doors to open and love that sound…..

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      • Timothy Ray

        I’m looking at this car right now in my garage. Surprised to see it on tjis site. Bought in Mn a few months back, very original with records of all maintenance and even fuel ups back to 1971. Cleaned up nicely, did some tuning, points, plugs. Runs great and gets a lot of attention

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  5. Zen

    Nice car, I’d clean it up and enjoy it for what it is. I’ve never seen buckets and console in any big Ford, which makes it interesting and probably rare.

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  6. RICK W

    Thanks for a great trip down memory lane! In 84,bought a 72 LTD convert. Great condition except top and front (bench) seat. Local trim shop installed new top (with glass rear window) and matched black vinyl seat. Try finding that today! Body color was medium yellow 💛. Windsor motor really moved the big luxo liner! Midwest winters caused me to only drive a few months of the year. After a few years, finances and logic persuaded me to sell to a collector. Like to think that that BIG beauty is still out there being lovingly appreciated! Have subsequently had numerous big cars, but that LTD, with front seat all the way back gave ample rear seat leg room and my 6 foot body could not reach pedals! 😃. Believe 72 was last LTD convert. Someone is going to have a fantastic LTD with a little TLC.🏆 😉. 😎

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  7. Ray M

    They are very nice rides, my uncle had a 69 LTD, black with white top and white interior. It also was powered by the 429 2v, it ran great. He finally had to stop my aunt from driving it because she was always burning the rear tires without even trying. Those were the days, hope this LTD goes to someone who can really appreciate it.

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  8. Rick Stotelmeyer

    I WANT this CAR! I have always loved Rag Top. What is the mileage? What is the seller asking? Happy Saturday.

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  9. John D

    Very nice car, my second car was a 69 xl convertible white white top black interior 390 I loved that car, did nasty burnouts, I went through a ton of cars as a kid but kept the 69 for years before selling it.

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    • Richard Stotelmeyer

      Are you the seller? I have been a Car and Driver kind of guy since I was a kid. I have owned 52 different vehicles during my 73 years. Some people think I’m crazy! I don’t care what other people think about me. I have driven close to one million miles. Two-Lane Blacktop is my favorite road. Happy Saturday

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      • John D

        No Richard I’m not, at this point if it were my car it wouldn’t be for sale. I’m 60 starting at 15 I’ve owned over 90 cars, drove my parents crazy. Right before I got married my father warned my wife to be to keep me on a car buying leash. My wife once asked me to just go buy the one car I really dreamed of so I would just stop buying and selling to get the next car I just had to have, I’m sure you and most of the others on here know that one car doesn’t exist, there are so many I love for different reasons. So like you some think I’m crazy but I’m guessing most on here think it’s normal, personally I don’t really care what others think of me I enjoy cars and have had and continue to have fun enjoying them.

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  10. Martin

    Nice, well taken care of car.
    Anybody remember the LTD Burt Reynolds drove in “White Lightning”, which had a 4-speed in some scenes and an automatic in others?
    I don’t remember ever seeing one of those for sale.

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  11. Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

    Pity they didn’t find the time to take it outside and give it a decent wash.

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  12. Vincent

    Pretty nice. It reminds me of my ’70 XL convertible, 429/4bbl, orig spl ordered grabber blue, hidden headlights, buckets, loaded. I bought in ’03 at an estate sale for $1200. Had 52k orig miles, only put a new gas tank/sending unit. It was so long barely fit in garage, got tired of jumping over console to get out. Sold on ebay 8 mos later, $7k. Went to New Hampshire.

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    • John D

      Vincent that 70 xl was a nice car my favorite are 69 and 70. I hope this hobby doesn’t keep getting so out of hand as I would love to buy another 69 xl.

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  13. wildtim67

    These are nice cars. I currently own two 1972 LTD Convertibles. One green and one white. I bought the green one as a Father’s Day gift for my dad back in 2017. I bought the white one in August 2020, so that my pop and I could put them side-by-side at car shows. I got a Marti Report on the white car because it has quite a few options, and some rare/strange options. Turns out, the white one is a 1-of-1 car!!! Unfortunately, my dad passed away in April 2021. I have the green one, that I bought for him, back here with me, so I am selling the white one. Otherwise, I would try to buy the one featured here. Really nice ride!!!

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  14. Euromoto Member

    Omega Man, opening scene, same car.

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  15. John Oliveri

    If it had options I’d be all over it, power windows, Tilt, A/C nice car, surprisingly not highly optioned

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  16. Richard

    Are those shag carpet floor mats? Awesome and 100% period correct!

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  17. Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

    @Timothy Ray. That doesn’t sound right. Does that mean that the supposed sale of this car on Facebook is a scam? If so I hope there is some way that the “seller” can be brought to book.

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