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Original 440, AC And More! 1970 Plymouth GTX

Plymouth’s GTX attracted muscle car buyers seeking show with their go, and this 1970 Plymouth GTX in Beulah, Colorado is no exception. The GTX not only retains its original 375 HP 440 cid Super Commando V8, but the motor and the 727 three-speed automatic have been overhauled before returning to their rightful places. The seller confesses to being more of a mechanic than a metal and body expert, and (as we wish more would do) realized that selling it now would make a better starting point for the buyer than stripping the body bare and getting 30% into the job, then offering the car plus 72 boxes of parts. A big Hee HawSalute!” to the seller on that wise revelation. The listing makes no mention of its running or driving, but the pictures show nearly everything connected. It will need some metal, but this is a great starting point. The listing here on eBay asks $24,000 via Buy It Now or you can temp the seller with the Make Offer button.

The base GTX 440 one-ups the Roadrunner’s standard 383. Sure; you could upgrade to the Six-Barrel 440 (what Dodge called the “Six-Pack”) or the mighty Hemi’ but either of those could find trouble challenging a well-tuned and well-driven 440-4. Most cars with the heater bypassed show a hose looping from the water pump inlet to its outlet, so I have to wonder why this one shows a single plug, and if that’s wise or not. The block wears headers now, but original HP exhaust manifolds come with the sale.

The MyMopar fender tag decoder describes a true GTX, Ivy Green inside and out, with air conditioning. AC parts removed do come with the sale. Other features of note include the C16 console with wood grain panel, A01 Light Package, J25 Three-Speed Wipers, and L31 Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals.

A V1F Full Vinyl Top in green completed the all-green trifecta, though it’s been removed. The V6Y Longitudinal Stripes in Yellow makes a sharp contrast to the green. There’s no good shot of the car’s front, but the rear bumper shows minimal damage and could re-chromed or simply left in place. Nothing says every classic muscle car needs to be perfect. You could probably make this one safe and watertight, buff that Ivy Green, and hit the road. As all-green muscle cars go, you could do worse than this honest GTX. Can you see yourself in this triple-green muscle machine?


  1. Mitchell Gildea Member

    If I had a nickel for every time Barn Finds posted a rougher than rough Mopar for sale…

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    • karl

      Or a rusted to nothing Mustang or Camaro

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      • jerry hw brentnell

        add rust bucket junk ford broncos to that list, which some body on here thinks they are special which they ain’t, just cheap ugly 4x4s!

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  2. Moparman Member

    @Mitchell: You’d probably be richer, as more Chevys and Fords (statistically) are posted, and you’d be into the negatives based on AMC postings, LOL!! :-)
    @ Todd: Those stripes look mighty white to me, the picture shows what this one COULD look like restored w/ a white vinyl top and yellow stripes.
    GLWTA!! :-)

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    • Desert Rat

      That one looks fantastic!

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    • Bill

      This whole site is getting a little rusty if we’re on the subject Camaro mustang whatever all the same rust

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  3. Arthell64 Member

    The 1970 GTX is my favorite mopar but this car has lots of rust. I believe it is worth restoring but I’m with the seller take the money now and you come out ahead 60k.

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    • Rixx56 Member

      Mine was a stripped
      down version of this.
      Same Ivy Green but a
      6bbl, 4spd & 410 gear;
      manual front disc, no
      stripes with steel whls.
      Paid $700 in the 70s.
      I loved it… and love this!

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  4. Roy Blankenship

    You guys are on a site called Barn Finds and you are complaining about rust? That is like leaving a house of ill repute and saying, “I just didn’t feel loved.”. I had a ’68 GTX that was pretty rusty, like through the tops of the front fenders (Ohio car), and back then, repro parts were just starting to show up. We cut the body off except for the roof and the sail panel, the hood and passenger door were reusable after repairs, and it ended up in the hands of a Mopar Nationals judge who won trophies with it (after he super-detailed it). This car is rough, but could be a true labor of love for someone who knows ahead of time to take the right steps and have it media blasted so you can determine a starting point. I had the body work done on mine, had it put on a rotisserie, then sandblasted and rewelded the whole underside, which made it ride and drive like a new car, all 4 frame rails were cracked. The feeling of loading the family in it and going to our favorite restaurant when it was done was EXTREMELY gratifying. If you are a true hobbyist, the build is the fun part, finding that one piece of trim you need at a swap meet is exciting. If this GTX is too much for you, maybe buy someone’s car already done, but take a magnet!

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Reverend Roy spittin’ some facts. Thank you Sir!

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  5. Troy s

    Lots of heavy hitter Mopars here lately, which is great. Hemis, six packs, 340 Dusters, and now the “mr. kool” Plymouth GTX. Plenty of power in that 440, although no longer the biggest engine anymore in these super cars with 455 b-o-p’s and a nasty 454 Chevelle on the prowl. Mr. Kool with his pilots sunglasses, fumanchu mustache, pork chop side burns and a sly grin. Never got rattled, always sure footed despite being just a tad over weight… never broke the speed limit either and usually drove under it on purpose,,, with the 440 growling through a pair of glass packs. He’d blow your doors right off and he was sure of it too.
    Great old relic from the past.

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  6. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Wow! Another ’70 GTX with 440 & factory A/C. I thought mine was the only one!

  7. Keith Scott

    It,s called a Labour of Love for a reason. Not for profit restoration. Just love it and do it. It,s a beautiful car. I would love the chance to get it back in shape

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