Original and Neat: 1964 Buick Riviera Coupe

This 1964 Buick Riviera is a largely unmolested and original car that has only received some minor repaint work throughout its 55-year life. It is ready to be driven and enjoyed by its next owner, and is a car that would attract its share of attention. Located in Hilton, New York, it is listed for sale here on eBay. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $9,600. With the Riviera having been listed in a No Reserve auction, this is a classic that is set to head off to a new home.

Finished in Desert beige, the Riviera is a car of subtle good looks. The paint does have a few minor marks and scratches, but these should be fairly easy to fix. The owner provides a really good array of photos, and they show this to be a very solid car. All of the external trim and chrome appear to be in nice condition, while those factory chrome wheels set off nicely against the Beige paint. It would be nice if the car was perfect, but there really isn’t a lot wrong with its presentation as it stands.

My favorite feature of the ’64 Riviera interior is the way the dash merges seamlessly into the center console, allowing the occupants to feel cocooned inside the car. The interior of this Riviera is in nice condition, with only some minor issues to address. Some of the Fawn Vinyl upholstered surfaces have suffered some sun-fading at the tops, but none of this looks to be too severe. The driver’s seat has some wear and seam separations to consider. This could be repaired, but the owner also has a full set of identical seats in good condition and offers the option of purchasing these to simply swap over. Otherwise, the interior is in good, original condition, and there are no aftermarket items fitted. I really love the genuine Buick 8-track player hanging under the dash on the passenger side. The driver probably won’t like the fact that it is out of their reach, but I guess that if the passenger doesn’t have any real influence on how the car is being driven, they can at least have control over the in-car entertainment.

As befits a car of luxury and performance, under the hood you will find the 425ci “Wildcat 465” V8 engine. With 340hp on tap, this was enough to propel the Riviera down the ¼ mile in 15.3 seconds, and on to a top speed of 126mph. Power is fed to a 3-speed “Super Turbine” automatic transmission, while power steering and power drum brakes came as standard. The owner goes into a lot of detail about the specifications of the Riviera but fails to provide some pretty important stuff, like how the car runs and drives. Hopefully, all is well on that front, but at least it looks like he is open to answering any questions that a prospective buyer might have. The original Warranty Guide and Owner’s Manual are both included with the car.

With 37,958 cars rolling off the production line in 1964, the Riviera Coupe is not the rarest of cars. However, I would stick my neck out here and say that it was probably the most attractive car that they offered during that year. This one appears to be a pretty good example that can be driven and enjoyed now, and it really doesn’t look like it will need a lot of work to return it to its best. It is definitely possible to find a reasonable example of the ’64 Riviera for around the $17,000 mark, but an immaculate example will set you back twice that figure. The record price for a pristine example currently sits at $55,000, which was paid for a car back in 2015. This appears to be a good one, and it will be interesting to see what it finally sells for.


  1. Poppy

    Not to take anything away from an otherwise decent example of one of the best designs of the ’60s, “unmolested” obviously doesn’t apply to those tacky landau irons. OMG, get rid of those hideous add-ons.

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  2. Ralph

    I’m going to go find a dictionary because the definition of “unmolested” must have changed and no one told me…….

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    • Poppy

      Does the back seat vinyl even match the front seats or is that a lighting issue?

      • Ralph

        The more I look, the worse I gets.

        I also just noticed that its a non ac car too.

        Its a turd with bric-a-brac added by the last 72 year old that owned it, I’m surprised it doesn’t come with a time out doll and side pipes too……

        “How many things can we glue a Tri-Shield and Riviera R too? Lets find out kids!!!”

        Non deluxe interior too………….YUCK.

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  3. MorganW Morgan Winter

    Pretty sure that 8-track deck isn’t “factory” as the seller stated. More likely installed at the dealership after the car was a couple years old…

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  4. TimM

    I really think the 65 with the clamshell headlights is so much more desirable but this is a nice example!! Just remove the tacky!!

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  5. Phil

    “Minor repaint work” then why are the door jambs white??

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  6. Rube Goldberg Member

    Quite simply, one of THE nicest cars ever! Bill Mitchell’s swan song, I believe. Can you imagine trying to decide in 1963, what was a nicer car to buy, this or the GP. As much as I like the Pontiac, I think this was nicer, right down to the factory Buick 8 track tape player.

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    • Ralph

      Bill Mitchell was head of Styling until 1977, so even if you think this is his best(probably is, along with the 1963 Corvette) its not a “swan song”…..

  7. JOHN Member

    The landau irons, the 68 rear side marker lights, the front fender emblems have to go. Also pretty sure GM didn’t start offering 8-tracks in cars until 1967, maybe 1966. The 8 track is out of a later car. Ford I believe had the first 8-track player, in the Mustang in 1966 I think. Worst modification is the rear side marker lights, removing them will require a welded in and body-worked patch.

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    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Thanks, never said it was original. I believe it is a Delco unit from the late ’60’s, and even though the car didn’t come with it, I could see someone having a dealer install this later on.

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  8. CanuckCarGuy

    Aside from the boat tail, this is my favourite Riv. This would make a nice driver, assuming it’s solid under that repaint and mechanically sound. What appears to be a rattle-can touch-up of the trunk however, would drive me crazy in pretty short order…as would the landau bars.

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  9. Steve

    Quick note, this is not a factory 8 track. At least not when the car was purchased new. Ford had the first 8 track players installed in vehicles in 1966. They were an option available only in the Mustang, T-bird and Lincoln Continental. No cars prior to 1966 would have had an 8 track player from the factory or dealer.

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    • Frank Delia

      My Dad also had a 66 Galaxie 500 4 door hardtop that came with a factory 8 track player. Rather than the standard inside headliner light, it had speakers and dual interior lights in the C pillar.

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  10. local_sheriff

    It’s kinda sad some PO installed all those non-OE ‘improvements’ – removing them will leave you with bolt holes that need be filled AND painted on a vehicle with driver quality paintwork. Those repairs will make it look strange if you don’t attend all the other imperfections this Riv has.

    As much as I love 1st and 2nd gen Rivs, as of now at 15k I think this ought to be max of what the market should pay for this example. There is considerable corrosion underneath it(probably nothing crucial) but it seems this Riv spent many years on winter/ wet roads prior to being a ‘classic car’.

    Cred to seller for providing a plethora of pics!

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  11. Joe

    Yuck. Mish mash redefined.

  12. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking car. I’ve always loved the 1963 and 64 Buick Riviera. As long as everything on the car works as it should, I believe it’d be worth the asking price of $15,000, maybe more. :)

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  13. Paul

    I know some of you guys probably think you are Gods gift to the world when it comes to classic cars but please …. if you don’t have anything nice to say about somebody’s car don’t bother saying it.

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    • Ralph

      If you don’t like the comment, feel free to move on to the next one…..

      Maybe you can eat a turd and still call it chocolate bar…..but I’ll call it a turd.

      Sorry if that offends, go find a safe space.

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  14. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I own a 64 Buick Riviera. I believe they are beautiful cars. Called personal luxury cars, the buyer had many options available. Mine came in Coral Mist (code nn) wither code 308 interior trim which is black vinyl. Mine is optioned with 425 nail head three speed trans, a/c, power steering an brakes, electric drivers seat, am radio and tilt steering wheel. It’s started out in Glendale, California and was a one family owned car. Desirable options mine does not have is: autronic eye(automatic headlight dimmer), cruise control, an/fm radio, electric antenna, and spoked wheel covers or rally wheels. They come with 12″ x 2 1/4″ front and 12″ x 2 1/2″ rear brakes which when properly adjusted stop the car quite nicely. You could also get rear window defogger. Mine also came equipped with electric windows, but not vent window which was also available. I really love the car which will be passed on to my now 7 year old grandson. He loves to hear the tires light up when I step on the gas pedal. I got it backwards concerning the brakes, the fronts are the wider ones.
    God bless America

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    • Phil.L

      When other kids were loving the Mustang in 1964 I only had eyes for the Riviera. It’s design seemedthe precursor to all of GM’s designs for years to come. It seemed GM’s answer to what the Thunderbird was was becoming long before the Monte Carlo came along.

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    • Gay Car Nut

      I’ve always loved the 1963-64 Riviera.

  15. Frank delia

    I had a friend in college that had an almost identical Riviera, minus the vinyl roof. The car was 4-6 years old at the time, but was way more desirable in my eyes than my 68 Falcon! Great memories ridding in it!

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  16. karl

    Wow This baby was ordered with the rare dual Riviera trunk emblems !!! LOL – Who would do that ??

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  17. James Turner

    I remember back in 1965 when I was 19 years old my step dad had a new white Riviera and used to let me use it to cruise around town and our local drive in hang out. With my girlfriend aside of me I thought I was King #hit around others Mustangs and Camaros Etc. It was quite the cruiser back then and still is today. It almost equals the classic styling like the 1956 Lincoln Continental.

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  18. Del

    Don’t know where Adam got his figures from but Hagerty shows pristine concours ones going for over 70 gs.

    Fair condition going around 15 grand.

    This is a little better than fair with a nice presentation by dealer. Expect it has topped.

    Lots of these around now with owners leaving the planet.

    This is affecting values. Lots to chose from 😂

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    • Del

      50 bids ? Something does not smell right.

      This is not an in demand car.

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  19. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    It’s not the amount of bids that count, it’s the amount of money. 50 bids but only $15k that’s a lot of car for that money. All you guys that think these classics should still sell for a grand, get a life, the world is changing. You want a thousand dollar car get a broken down worn out 20 year old piece of Jap junk they’re plentiful.
    God bless America

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  20. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Jul 07, 2019 , 7:03PM
    Winning bid:US $15,000.00
    [ 50 bids ]

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  21. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    That’s great! I hope whoever bought the car enjoys it. :)

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