Original and Unmolested: 1970 Ford Torino GT

UPDATE – After being relisted a few times, this Torino is back up on eBay. Will sell this time around?

FROM 3/21/19 – While it will a full restoration, this 1970 Ford Torino GT is said to be an original and unmolested vehicle. At first glance, it looks pretty decent, but the new owner is going to have some rust issues to deal with. The Torino is located in Portland, Oregon, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $3,250, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

The overall presentation of the Torino is not too bad for an original car of this age. There are a few minor dings on the body, but visible rust seems to be confined to the lower quarter panels. There is some rust appearing around the lip of the trunk opening, and the floors will need repairs. The owner also mentions the fact that there are additional rust areas but doesn’t actually specify what these are. He also notes that the door hinges sag, but this may only be from wear, as the hinges on these do carry a fair old load from those impressively large doors.

Powering the Torino is the 351ci 2-V Cleveland V8 while shifting duties are carried out by C4 automatic transmission. Power is then fed to a 9″ rear end, while the car is also fitted with power steering and power disc brakes. The owner says that it is all original, but that both the engine and transmission are tired. So it looks like a refresh of both items will have to be placed on the “to do” list.

The deluxe black, custom weave interior must have been really nice when the Torino was new, but it all looks pretty tired now. The door trims have been removed, but they are with the car. That means that the interior looks to be complete, but this is another area where there will be some work for the new owner. Having said that, items such as the rear seat seem to be in good condition, so there is a reasonable point from which to start. One thing that I do like is the fact that the interior appears to be largely unmolested and original. Cars of this era seemed to have a tendency to find their interiors festooned with aftermarket stereos and gauges, but this one seems to have avoided the worst of that.

When it was new, this Torino GT would have been an extremely nice car, and it has the potential to be returned to its former glory. How viable this is will depend on the unspecified rust issues that the owner brushes over in his description. Hopefully, these aren’t major, as I really would like to see this one restored.

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Nice Torino, but good inspection a must for rust issues. Don’t underestimate that 351-c/ 2bbl; that baby will $hit and git. Great breating on those Clevelands!! Good luck to the new owner, Fear the rust up on the cowl lip behind the mill.

  2. Boatman Member

    I doubt that Cleveland has a C4 behind it. More likely a FMX or C6. Anyone?

    • Stilbo

      If it’s an “H Code” and very likely is being that it’s a 2 Barrel, it definitely has a C4 transmission. C6 transmissions were used on the GT four barrel cars with 351 C and 429 engines. FMX transmissions were used on some 302 applications but I’ve not seen anything but C4 transmissions on 351 2 barrel cars. Ford Factory Service Manuals specify FMX for 1970 Torino and Ranchero applications but I’ve gotten the feeling that Ford used them very sparingly.. Maybe on 6 cylinder applications?

      • Dickie F

        My one owner 1970 Mustang Mach 1 has the 351 Cleveland with 2 barrel and FMX transmission.


      The Cleveland engines had a C6. The Windsor engines should have had a C4 maybe? Corect Me if I am wrong.

      • Bill Hall

        Once upon a time I had 73 Ranchero with a 351c with a four barrel carb, it had an FMX trans.

      • WR Hall

        The 73 Ranchero I had with a 351 C Motor had an FMX trans

    • Jimmy

      I agree, our 70 Mac1 had the 351C 2 barrel carb with a FMX trans from the factory.


      In my close to 40 years of tearing apart 1967-1973 Cougars I have never seen a 351W or 351C with a C4 transmission. They almost always have an FMX. If the car was ordered with a 351C Cobra Jet then it usually had a C6. The C4 was only used behind a 289 or 302.

      The VIN posted on the ebay listing show this is an H code car. The engine photos show it is a 351C. I would be willing to bet that the transmission code is X for the FMX transmission.

      • Trey

        A quick Internet search shows C-4 behind 351 2barrel Torinos. Didn’t find one FMX.

  3. Mark

    Beautiful car. Stunning when new

    I had a neighbor that worked for Ford Motor Credit, he had one for his company car back in the day.

    Same color as this

  4. Fred W

    Probably FMX. Is it just me, or does it look like in the center of the grill it drops 2″ below the hood?

    • Poncho

      You’re right Fred. Front bumper doesn’t line up with fender lines either. Probably a light front end tap pushing bumper down along with the grill support structure.

  5. irocrobb

    Always liked these but never owned one. The stripe on the side is just right in my opinion. A 4 speed would be a huge plus, but I imagine most were automatics so the wife could drive.

  6. Dave

    If it’s not rotted out where we can’t see it this has the bones to be a nice project car. 351 2V and automatic transmission is just right for an easy cruise that won’t leave you broke.

    • Stillrunners

      Always thought these were a sexy beast of an offering from FoMoCo.

  7. Chris

    This looks like a solid Ford. I’ve always liked this design for the Torino and although I’m not really a Ford enthusiast you just can’t beat a Ford Cleveland.

  8. Gaspumpchas

    Brother had a 70 ranchero, had an fmx….

  9. angliagt

    Love those Laser Stripes!,they’re so……seventies….

  10. grant

    Want!!! And it’s local too… But sadly not in the cards. Picture this in white (idk if dad’s was a GT, I was 5) and that’s the car he traded in. For a Pinto station wagon. Really…

  11. 1CoolRide

    As an owner of if a 1970 Torino GT convertible with an original 429 C6, I can address several questions.
    351 2V is backed by a C4, I had a formal roof Torino with this drive train. As stated excellent all around cruiser.
    As for the grill your eyes do not deceive you, it’s dipping down as most do over time. The grill surround is cheap pot metal and develops cracks over time. When viewing the engine bay it’s almost 2 feet from the center of the grill back to the distributor. When mechanics set the time or dwell that had to lean over that surround hasting the cracks and subsequent dip. Only one person that I know of alive today can correctly restore theses fragile pieces. I had him work on mine and he is a true artist.
    As for rust the main area of concern is the coal area surrounding the greasy air in take hats. No reproduction parts are available and since all Torino’s suffered the same issue it’s very hard to find anybthat are rust free. Speaking with salesman who sold these new they will tell you rust was a dealer installed option on any 70-71 Torino.
    Also the labor involved to R&R a cowl is prohibitive.

  12. Woody

    This won’t last long here,a GT in this condition is rare but just as “Pumpgaschas”said you need to check this Sportsroof out for hidden rust unless it was garaged.And yes these were nothing to mess with ,just like I’ve mentioned about my brothers Cobra 429,it will set you back in the seat and strike like a “Snake”!

  13. William Decker

    Yep, took a chance and bought a ’71 Torino 2 door for a song in ’83. Always liked the Torino & Mercury body styles.Had a 351C with C-4 trans. Didn’t like cold weather, a kid could walk by it in the summertime with an ice cream cone & it was tough to start. Now once it was running, that was a great engine ! Wasn’t a fan of the C-4 from the beginning. I destroyed 2 before I made the switch to a C-6 & 4 barrel intake & carb. Didn’t break any more transmissions, started breaking leaf springs (a royal pain to change on those unibody cars but that’s a different story),sold it, went back to G.M. permanently.

  14. Tony S

    351 had the FMX, the 302 had the C4 transmissions. Rare to see an auto with a console with floor shifter and bucket seats. Too bad about the rust or AC or I might have thought about adding it to my garage.

  15. Miguel Member

    After watching so many YouTube videos about super cars, the license plate stood out to me.

  16. Stan

    351C 2bbl were sleeper cars. Lots of pickup.

  17. grant

    This car has been kicking around Portland for YEARS, I think it came from somewhere else; it’s way rustier than it looks.

  18. Troy s

    Great body style here, I like the Ford’s no doubt but I’m not brand loyal. Cleveland 2V heads work better for most applications anyway so this would make for decent runner.
    They made a lot of these, don’t see all that many anymore….actually I saw less of these back in the eighties and believe me I wanted one..settled for a Mustang.

  19. Craig Trimble

    I looked at this car at our big April swap meet here in Portland and it is a little rougher than the pictures but not to bad. Is the price realistic for this car?
    I have always loved this body style!

  20. ROTAG999

    One of my Fave’s from the Blue Oval this one has too much rust in all the wrong places.

  21. PatrickM

    Oh, boy. Here we go, again. It is on the wrong coast. :( I would love to have this and finish it. A lack of some pics gives me a few questions…. I could swing the initial price, but transportation logistics would be expensive. Sadly, I won’t be bidding on this one. Hey, BF, keep ending them out. Love it!!

  22. Dave S.

    I owned one of these when I was 19 yrs. old. It was a year newer (1971) It had the Cleveland 351 with a 4 barrel Holly and if I remember correctly it had a C6 transmission. I’m so tempted to put a bid in on this car . It was a gas burner but I loved it ! If I never post in here again it’s because I won the bid and I’m hiding out from my wife. lol

  23. TimM

    The car has potential!!!

  24. Steinar Andersen

    So, a tired Torino with rust issues (rust was a dealer option in 1970), a tired engine / tranny, and in need of major restoration. It was purty back in 1970, but it will take a lot of metal work & restoration to get this car to a collectible state.
    The car is a “F” in collectability and a “5” in condition on the Hagerty scale. I’d rather see a ’70 Ranchero for sale in this shape (I’d have more incentive).

    Literally – I’d rather have my 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII (and it was purchased for less than what the reserve probably is on this ebay listing). It drives like new, looks like new, the power train stomps other cars like it is new (14.8 in the quarter mile at the track), and then will go on a cruise coast to coast reliably and comfortably (with leather seats and A/C and will get 29 mpg).

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