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Original Condition Fish: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

The 1970 to 1974 Barracudas are great looking cars, and the earlier 1970 and 1971 cars are definitely dream cars. The earlier cars usually wear a flamboyant color, some stripes, or billboards advertising the displacement, but this 1970 model is much more “low key” with great options. Packing a 383 4 barrel set up with some other appealing features, this ‘Cuda is in original condition, but is on the verge of needing a full on restoration. With 5 days remaining, bidding has reached $16,699. Find it here on eBay out of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Dingy and dirty, this 383 cubic inch V8 and 727 torqueflite automatic transmission are original to this Barracuda. The engine bay itself is covered in dirt and dust, and there is some minor surface rust around and about. The battery tray area has some surface rust as well, but appears to be trivial, non-threatening rust. There is a history with this car, but there are parts of the story that are vague. We aren’t exactly sure the last time the Barracuda was driven, but it was driven to its resting place, and the engine does turn over by hand. The seller makes it sound as if the car is ready to undergo an inspection and fresh fluids to be a driver again.

The interior of this barracuda is a little like a back handed compliment. The first thing you can clearly see is the carpet is missing. We often consider that a blessing, as removing the carpet removes a layer that will hold in moisture, and it allows you to have a good look at the floors in the car.  Looking beyond the carpet reveals a nice condition interior. It seems like most Barracudas have rough dashboards but this one looks to be in very nice shape. The seats are plush and close to being in mint condition, aside from the rip in the driver seat. The door panels are nice and crisp, with no fading, and no elbow wear. The console is also fade and scratch free, appearing almost as an NOS part. If this Barracuda had carpet in it, it would be an excellent survivor interior.

Looking over this Barracuda shows a lot of hope and promise, but there is quite a bit of rust to contend with in this car. We have seen many Barracudas sell that weren’t much more than a vin tag, and a title. This particular car could be driven, and possibly enjoyed as a fair weather driver for a little while, until going under the knife to be restored. Let us get the dirty part out of the way and point out the rust issues on this one. There is typical rust in the rear quarters, as well as some rust in the rockers, and lower portion of the front fenders. This is a factory undercoated car, so the underbody has minimal rust concerns. The driver side floor has become thin, and there are some smaller pesky holes that have developed. The biggest heart break is the rear window area. On both sides of the rear window there is rot that the pesky vinyl top contributed to. Getting past the rust, this car is very straight with no real dents of dings other than one on the corner edge of the trunk lid.

Well optioned, with great restoration potential, we hope this ‘Cuda finds a home where it can get the care that it needs. Would you save this fish out of water?


  1. DAN

    Zing !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rustytech Member

    I have always liked these cars, but unfortunately will never own one. This looks fairly solid and complete, but needs lots of work. Already over $17k with 5 days left? Between purchase and restoration this is going to be a $60k + investment. Way too rich four me!

    • Tom Member

      Complete yes, solid …not by a long shot. quarters, front fenders, door bottoms, trunk lid and that is only from one picture. Under that vinyl top is what nightmares are made out of! Floors are swiss cheese. then you get to the suspension and mounts. good luck. 17K way too much. I know it is a cuda but….yikes.

  3. joeinthousandoaks

    Quarters look pretty bad. Plus there will be some big issues hiding under that vinyl roof. Already way over priced IMO.

    • JamestownMike

      I agree, I’d hate to see how bad it is under that vinyl roof! From what’s visible, the roof looks REALLY bad!! Roofs are difficult and expensive to replace properly.

  4. Ralph

    I’ve always liked the ’70 -’74 Barracudas better than the same year Challengers. Probably because you didn’t see the Cudas as much as the Challengers.

  5. Walter Joy

    If the rust isn’t bad, I’d like to get it for about $10k. But I know E-Bodies and since I live just east of where this is found, I know rust is having a hey day

  6. Ck

    I love that its a Baracuda with a 383,ya just don’t see that .The plane Janes usually have the slant six or a 318.Although the interior doesn’t look plane Jane at all.Whoever ordered this car in 1970 wanted a sleeper. I like it!

  7. M/K

    I’m in the minority group here I think. I say pull the good pieces and find a challenger

    • Ck

      M/K For One thing alot of the parts wont fit the cars are actually diferent the Challenger is bigger. For two JUST BUY A Challenger, If thats what ya want.Why would you want to strip.and ruin this one?

      • M/K

        All the drive train pieces fit except the drive line,interiors are mostly the same. I live on the west coast so that’s a crusher car to me. Yea graveyard cars can fix it (most of his client’s are from the rust belt) but he would probably source good rust free car for his area sources. So this is just my opinion

  8. bob

    Tell me about the ’67-’68 Chev in the background .

  9. Vin in NJ

    Somebody call Mark Worman at Graveyard Carz

  10. John H. from CT

    Good restored small blocks in 70-71 can be had for under $30K. If you want performance, put in a 340-360 ( many interchangeable parts). Properly ported and set up can beat a 383 with better handling. If this were a 440 I might think a bit differently, but IMO this one is waaay tooo pricy.

  11. Jack

    This will soon be crossing the spring auction block near you!

  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Looked it over before…..and yes it’s all ready high due to those in the know.

  13. John B

    If nothing else, this one has a great color! I believe it is called Light gunmetal or Winchester Gray. My ’71 340 Duster had it and everybody loved that car.

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  14. Charlie Dodge

    Yeah, my Uncle Shifro Brainos just crushed a barn full of Challengers, that were on a ranch near Napa Valley. In fact, and I guess since they were out west, we’re not quite as rusty as this Cuda. He tells me that he did keep a few interior components, the 440 six packs and a couple 383s out of three or four of them. He has a recycling center near the old pond, just off the 405. He tells me that when he finds these bohemoths with any rust, yep, you guessed it….they crush em’. Why?, I asked my uncle, he says cause they are just crusher cars if they have rust…lmao!
    On a serious note, there ain’t a Cuda or Challenger seen a crusher since the first run up of muscle car prices in the 1990’s, way before M.W. & GYC, or reality TV, I don’t care what coast your on….

  15. Ed P

    Your uncle should pray that he never rusts!

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  16. Jubjub

    I honestly can’t recall ever seeing an E body in the junkyard even!

  17. Keith C

    “On the verge” of a full-on restoration? Dude, it’s past the verge…it’s AMD time! That roof is crumbly. And for the condition, way overpriced, too.

  18. Mike Greene

    That car is what we here down in the south call “Eaten Up” with Rust.

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