Original Hemi PR Car! 1969 Dodge Charger 500

Day after day, week after week, Mopar muscle cars in crummy condition and/or with murky history sell for more money than seems possible. Then, once in a while, a genuine fully-documented classic comes along… rare, interesting, and listed by someone who actually knows the car. Check out this 1969 Dodge Charger 500 here on eBay. Forget the dusty picture above; the Charger comes to market part-way through a Day One restoration. Potential buyers have bid over $150,000, and the seller explains why. Rarer than the Daytona “wing cars,” this red Dodge can be traced back to its infancy. Dodge built six cars built for its PR blitz promoting the new-for-1969 “500” and this is one of them. Another is documented here on HotRod. Dodge only built 67 Hemi-powered 500s in 1969, and only 40 with this car’s three-speed automatic.

Look at that paint! Restoration to date includes steps taken to replicate the factory paint-spray patterns, details normally reserved for owners seeking points in national events. Why sell it half-way through? The seller needs cash to purchase a Superbird that he owned once before.

A ton of parts come with the sale, including some unique Hemi-only and 500-only trim. Presumably, anyone bidding above $150,000 will contact the seller with key questions. While “500” denoted the high or highest trim level on most Dodges for 1969, that year’s sales brochures highlight the Charger SE and not the 500.

The original 426 cid (7.0L) Street Hemi including correct exhaust manifolds rests in glory after a factory-stock rebuild. The shiny air cleaner housing covers the original “dual quad” setup; offset twin four-barrel carburetors provide plenty of fuel to the thirsty hemispherical combustion chambers. Going all the way on the restoration includes building templates so the installed engine gains the correct amount of body-color overspray.

Unibody construction made the Chrysler products of this generation handle better than body-on-frame competitors. As you might expect this special 500 looks nearly perfect underneath, especially if replicating the factory paint job is on your checklist. Few collectors are potential bidders on this rare muscle car, but what if you were? Where does this interesting Hemi 500 rank in your Dream Garage?

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  1. J_Paul Member

    Not sure if my current expression is from:

    (a) How cool this car is, and how it would be the centerpiece of almost any collection


    (b) That a partially-restored car is still over $150,000 in a topsy-turvy economy

    Most likely the answer is:

    (c) All of the above

  2. Show73 Show73 Member

    Still want a superbird.

  3. Jcs

    Very cool. What else is there really to say?

  4. Joe Machado

    I sold a 69 Hemi Charger 500, XX29J9B203939 back in the late 70’s.
    It was on ebay couple years ago.
    It is an auto trans, white interior, PR car. S O 925616. Built Nov 6, 1968.
    My son was looking to buy it back.
    Anyway, the 500 here being a C5X cloth interior, is very rare.
    My Daytona my son has now is a C5X interior.
    He drove it to the 50th anniversary to Tim Wellborn’s and Talladega Speedway Oct, 2019, from cross country.
    Had 3 500’s, the Daytona and a 68 Charger RT, all at the same time in Cerritos, Calif.
    My Hemi 500 still is out there.
    Have many pictures.
    Will talk to my son today about this one.
    Love them

  5. SMDA

    I recall our local junk yard had a 69 500 sitting on the hillside for years rusting away. I thought the rear window was interesting, but not interesting enough to go over and check it out at the time. That was the late 70s. Not even ten years old and in the wrecking yard, not sure why. Not sure of the engine, I imagine it was a 440, maybe that blew, hence the junkyard. By the late 70s, big cars with big blocks were poison. If it had been a hemi, that engine would have been long gone, in those days many ended up in drag cars or drag boats. The values were not there, but they were recognized as a great strip engine, not so much on the street.

  6. JCA

    Wow. I guess for the guy who has everything…i’d rather have a 69′ 440 R/T and save the $100K. Much better looking than this

  7. MB

    “Unibody construction made the Chrysler products of this generation handle better than body-on-frame competitors. “. What a crock, the Charger didn’t handle any better than a Chevelle with a full frame or unibody car like a Javelin. In fact the cars by Mopar were the worse handling of the generation.

    • Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

      Hello MB. Many factors go into perception of handling. I can’t find raw data but this article (link below) discusses some of the differences. I guess I’ve heard about the benefits of Mopar unibody cars so many times I took it as fact. I haven’t thrashed a non-Mopar of that vintage but my ’66 Coronet (gas shocks, stock bars and springs, 225-60R15s) stuck pretty well… and neutral… if you didn’t mind the body roll. Thanks for your comment! https://www.curbsideclassic.com/vintage-review/vintage-comparison-test-1969-amc-rebel-sst-chevrolet-chevelle-concours-dodge-coronet-440-ford-fairlane-500-showdown-in-pasadena/

    • KARL

      If you drove an AMC product from that time you wouldnt say that

      • MB

        Drove all of them that generation, owned Chevelle and Javelin, both superior to a Charger/Coronet of the time. Drove everything and the Mopars were not the best handling cars. Good engines, drive lines, horrible brakes and electrical.

  8. JoeNYWF64

    Unlike on new cars, i would imagine those thin windshield pillars on any car from this era can collapse or bend on a rollover. Safety vs style & visibilty.
    I would imagine the charger 500 grill is not ez to find, let alone inexpensive.

    • Slantasaurus

      Actually the grille isn’t that hard to find, its the same as a 1968 Coronet, just mounted flush with the Charger fenders.

  9. SMDA

    Wants to buy a Superbird, huh? Maybe, or maybe getting while he still can. Time will tell.

  10. Steve Bush Member

    A little confused on this listing. Is the car still in pieces? If so, is everything present? Reserve not meant? Yes, I know its rare-but still maybe a bit overpriced? For $150k or so, would expect a complete running nearly mint car.

  11. Joe Machado

    How did handling get in this car for sale?
    So, here goes.
    Son took a 383, 69 Charger. Made a Daytona to road course against whoever wanted to come and play.
    Zero chassis strengthening. Nascar tires and wheels
    Outruns Chevelles, all AMC’s. Ferraris, etc. Film at 11.
    Get your mouth off the computer and bring it. Road course it. We are there.
    Many times, loose is fast.
    Richard Petty loved a loose car.
    Fewer people know how to drive one.

    • Chris M.

      Douchebag lol

      • Joe Machado

        Hi chris hoag. Make any fake cars to rip people off

      • Chris M.

        Whatever, Joe blowhard.

  12. Joe Machado

    I nailed it. Chris felt the pain.

    • Chris M.

      Hardly, just a casual observation. Lol We’ve all had the unfortunate opportunity to meet or hear someone like you buddy.

  13. YooperMike

    Seems like there’s more bashing of each other than comments lately. Guess being home for three weeks will do that, and, 6 beers, that’ll do about the same. Stay safe people.


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