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327/350HP: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Three things in life seem to be a certainty. They are death, taxes, and the fact that classic Corvette values will continue to rise steadily. With that thought in mind, the C2 Corvette would have to make an attractive long-term investment. This is especially true given the general originality of this 1967 Convertible and the fact that it may only require a cosmetic restoration to return it to its brilliant best. If you think you have what it takes to transform this Corvette into a head-turner, you will find it located in Kingston, New York, and listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN has been set at $49,500, although the option is available to make an offer. However, you might need to be fast if you are interested. There are currently 191 people watching the listing.

Okay, let’s get one issue out of the way early with this classic. It appears to be wearing a pretty faded coating of Elkhart Blue paint. However, I don’t believe that this is original. The owner supplies a photo of the tag, and it indicates a Paint Code of 984. That means that this Corvette started life wearing Sunfire Yellow and has undergone a color change at some point. Given that it will require a repaint to present at its best, that would be the perfect opportunity to rectify this shortcoming. The fiberglass generally looks good, with no evidence of any cracks or problems that could potentially cause heartburn. As well as the factory hardtop, the Corvette also features a soft-top that is said to be decent. Looking below decks, and the frame wears a solid coating of surface corrosion. There are no signs of penetrating rust, so fixing this should be a straightforward proposition. The chrome is presentable for a driver-quality or a survivor, and I can’t spot any glass problems.

Even if the paint isn’t original, the Corvette counters this by being a numbers-matching classic. What we find hiding in the engine bay is the L79 version of the 327ci V8. This punches out 350hp, which finds its way to the 3.70 Posi rear end via a 4-speed manual transmission. The L79 must have seemed like a bargain back in 1967 because it added a mere $105.35 to the Convertible’s $4,240.75 base price. This is an engine that delivers and should see this Corvette capable of demolishing the ¼ mile in 14.2 seconds. It seems that this is a classic that is in sound mechanical health, and it has received a raft of recent maintenance. The brakes have received some major work, while the original carburetor has been rebuilt. A complete service has been performed, and the oil in the transmission and rear end has been changed. As a result, the owner says that this car drives perfectly, with a strong motor and a smooth transmission.

The owner describes the interior as being in decent shape, with some wear on the seats. I would take it a step beyond that because the seats do have some splits. If the car is to be retained as a survivor, these could be repaired. However, I believe that the buyer will probably replace the covers. The rest of the trim, the console, and the dash look good, while even the carpet is acceptable. Everything inside the Corvette works properly, with two exceptions. I’ll bet that you can’t guess what they are. You got it! The clock works intermittently, while the original radio doesn’t function at all.

Taken at face value, this 1967 Corvette Convertible looks like a pretty decent buy at the BIN price. It will require a cosmetic restoration and some interior work, but finding a roadworthy example with both tops for under $60,000 is a real battle. With the L79 V8 onboard, a pristine numbers-matching example can easily top six-figures. With those values in mind, would you drive this Corvette as-is, give it a birthday with a cosmetic refresh, or go the whole hog with a total restoration? I will be interested to see how opinions fall.


  1. Pat

    Agree about death and taxes, but not about C2 value. When the pool of C2 buyers soon die out, prices will plummet. Do you know any quantity of young people that even know this is a Corvette? I am the age I could afford to buy a C2, but would rather have a C3.

    Nice Corvette though!

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    • dogwater

      You are right Pat I was renting a car trailer to haul a c2 corvette he ( kid in his 20’s) didn’t know what a corvette was//////

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  2. gary

    Be sure to check out the frame condition…….but,this is a good buy

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  3. Chillywind

    If I didn’t just buy a piece of real estate this would already be on its way to Florida.
    a 67 4 speed at 50k, IMO a very realistic asking price, and its from a vette dealer.

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  4. Dusty Stalz

    The seller says right in the ad that the car was repainted in a non original color. I guess that’s what makes it a BF survivor.

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    I think the 350 hp small blocks were solid lifter weren’t they? I can almost hear it run. They seemed to run best clacking a bit as I remember. What a fun car to drive. I think it would be unfortunate to try and restore this car to a trailer queen. It just needs to be driven, and have some fun, going stoplight to stoplight. Yes, newer stuff is quicker, smoother, and more efficient, but nothing sounds like, or drives like this last year C2.
    As far as prices plummeting Pat, I disagree. They will likely level off, but think of the Model T Ford, they made just shy of 3 gazillion of them, they are still selling at about what they peaked at, for nice examples. Not too many alive that bought a 21 Model T new, but still have an active following.
    I do agree, an early C3 was perhaps a more refined hotrod, up until… 1973? After that, I would have little interest in one.
    67 Roadster, has been my dream car for much of my life. This one clicks most of the “Must Have” boxes at a respectable price. I too, am concerned the frame isn’t quite as nice as the seller states. Hope I’m wrong, and this sale ends up being a win win for buyer and seller

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    • gbvette62

      The 327/350 had a hydraulic cam, and it was one of the absolute best cams that was ever put in a small block.

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    • Paul

      350 hp 327’s were not solid lifters

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    • Billy

      The 64 & 65 327 365hp were solid lifter. The 350hp is same engine but with a hydraulic cam.

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  6. DRV

    The L79 is a deal maker at this price. For me it’s the best year with the best motor. I say buy it, drive it, lose nothing in a beautiful driver.

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  7. Too late

    Wasn’t this the Corvette in CONAIR ? With the license plate ASSKICKER ?

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  8. Charles Sawka

    Damn, I hate being broke !

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  9. Skorzeny

    If that frame is ok, I don’t see this as a bad deal. If this was a totally rusted out ’68 Charger few would blink. Someone will enjoy this for sure.

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  10. William J Biggs

    I bought the 67 coupe few months back same color dealer gave me a honest decribestion all I’ve done is gas and go give him a call good people to deal with.

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  11. Frank Sumatra

    Jim Glass Corvette in Kingston, NY has been around for 40 years. He must be doing something right.

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  12. EPO3

    Does any body really know what a full body and repaint on this car would cost.You would be in to this car 70 grand with no interior or under the hood detail among other stuff

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  13. John S

    The car appears to have been hit in the front. Notice the hood fit and headlight bucket openings. Most color changes end up being re-sale red!

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  14. Joe Haska

    I think this would be a great driver and if I owned it that is exactly what I would do. I wouldn’t rule out a cosmetic restoration at some point, but I would devote lots of time to just enjoying it ,before doing anything to it.

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  15. Billy

    350 HP 327. Awesome street performance engine.

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  16. ron alexander

    sorry if I got droll on the photo

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  17. Frank Poll

    A nice unmolested ’67 example to find these days. Nothing wrong with Sunfire yellow, but the new owner may like Elkhart blue or another color…

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  18. Phlathead Phil

    Is this Corvette week or sompin?

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