Original Paint? 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster

A flashy red Corvette; what could be more perfect for Spring and Summer driving? This highly original-looking 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray near Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania runs and drives, and there’s not much to complain about for a driver-quality first-year C2. What’s believed to be original paint (except on the left rear quarter) retains some shine, as does the matching red interior. The listing here on craigslist.org asks $34,500 for the drop-top ‘Vette. Thanks to Russell G. for spotting this Spring tulip.

The original interior shows some wear and fading but no way would I replace it. Though the vague listing mentions only a “manual” transmission of unspecified cogs, the console indicates a four-speed, good news for most enthusiasts.

While collectors prize the ’63-only “Split Window” coupe, sun-lovers prefer the convertible. Some believe all true sports cars feature two seats and a folding top. For full-price, though, I’d want the detachable hard top, the best of both worlds, for four-season enjoyment. Original-style wheel covers complete the factory look, though I’d prefer them paired with thin white walls.

With no VIN or other details, we must assume this Corvette left the factory with a base 250 HP 327 cid V8. While the chrome air cleaner (likely from a ’64 or ’65 Corvette) brags of 365 HP, the seller indicates a 340 HP powerplant powers this classic today. A ’63-spec 340 HP 327 would be the 11.25:1 compression L76, that year’s top carbureted engine. Only the fuel-injected L84 made more power (360 HP) in 1963. Thanks to CorvetteMuseum.org for some details. At least it’s not perverted with headers and other undignified budget-performance parts. Unless you’re going all out with a restomod C2, save the 1-800 hot rod stuff for your C3. While die-hard collectors will pass on this mixed-bag ‘Vette, the listing should attract buyers who appreciate original looks and want to enjoy their purchase now. Can you picture this Spring flower in your garage?

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  1. Hamilton Cewinski

    Not a Corvette guy, but it looks like a nice car and appears to be reasonably priced. I have been to more than one show where a random knucklehead sees a C1 or C2 Corvette and laments that ‘they used to make ’em out of steel.’

  2. Gaspumpchas

    No pics of the frame. Trying to sell a 34k car on craigslist? Look it over good, presents nicely in the pics. Looker over good!!!!

    • Leo C.

      The description says ” heated storage” !! the frame should be looking very nice! how can a frame rust out in indoor heated storage??

      • Gaspumpchas

        Leo, just because it says heated storage doesn’t mean that the rust hasn’t already started from being in another location. Forewarned is forearmed. Seems like with these on line ads, if there is something defective on a car for sale, they simply don’t take a picture of it. Caveat Emptor- just trying to keep our friends from getting taken. If you have never dealt with buying something on line- beware- the amount of fraud is staggering.

  3. gbvette62

    Though the sticker on the air cleaner may not be correct, everything else under the hood, including the air cleaner, aluminum intake, water pump bypass, chrome oil fill, idler pulley and finned valve covers with correct Phillip head screws, scream 63 340 horse to me. The high redline tach also indicates that this car likely started life with a 340 horse 327. Admittedly, all of these things can be changed, but unlike the writer, I don’t see anything to lead me to “assume” that this car originally came with a 327/250.

    I’m not a big fan of 63’s, split windows or convertibles, but for someone in the market for a 63 ragtop, this looks like a pretty decent car, that’s priced right. Boy if this was a red/red 65 or 66, I’d be all over it.

  4. ruxvette

    It certainly has it’s bumps and bruises but, all things considered, it looks like a buy…pending a thorough underside inspection.
    Having said that, this is another car that will nickel and dime you.
    Just a quick fix on the quarter ($2500 driver quality), well, ok, the rear valance (throw in another grand), ah, well then the hit in the rear (a grand hoping no damage underneath), and, then there is the left FRONT damage: headlight is wonky, hood is wonky, door/fender gap is wonky.
    But it is a pretty original ’63.

  5. dogwater

    I think someone will get FRAMED

  6. Mike

    MY Opinion… YOU would be much better off… spending another 20 grand or so..and get one thats been restored.. It is almost impossible to do a really nice paint job on a corvette without removing the body from the frame… this one especially since it needs redone due to all of the damage.. The Interior needs work.. the top needs replaced…and on..and on…55 to 60K.. will get you a very nice one..and you will have a lot more than that in this one.. believe me..
    and we havent even talked about the engine and drive train..

    • Leo C.

      If you want a restored car, then dont buy this one! this is to keep as a driver/survivor !! a good deal & priced right!


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