Original Paint: 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon

1963 Mercury Comet Wagon

The seller of this Mercury Comet wagon claims that the bright red paint is original! I’m always leary of original paint claims, but I couldn’t find any obvious evidence in the photos to prove otherwise. It was owned by the same person for 40 years, so I suppose that if they kept it garaged that whole time, it very well could look this good. The seat has been reupholstered and the seller is including the original radio to replace the tape desk that was installed. The Comet was based off of the Falcon so they are easy to work on and cheap to fix. This one is even fitted with the optional 260 V8! So, if everything checks out this looks like an affordable entry into classic wagon ownership. Find it here on eBay where bidding starts at $4k with no reserve and only a day left.

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  1. Coldgin

    I don’t know where you come from, but Comets are not cheap to fix. Although this particular car looks fairly complete, good luck finding trim pieces or body panels in decent condition, as these parts are not reproduced for Comets, as they are for the more popular cars.
    Also, I find it funny when someone has an auction like this, with a $4000 opening bid and no reserve. Obviously…… $4000 IS their reserve…….

    • Jesse Staff

      You’re right Coldgin, I should have clarified that they are cheap to fix mechanically. Comet specific parts are going to be harder to find than Falcon stuff. This one looks complete though, so I’m guessing your main expense will be maintenance related. Personally, I think setting a higher starting bid with no reserve is much less annoying for bidders.

  2. phoneman91

    Nice car! It is good to see a reasonable starting price(with no reserve) for a car that is complete and unmolested and original-with the exception of the newer sound system .Classic cars have two enemies: time and owners that thoughtlessly modify an original car . The mechanical parts,though, are common FOMOCO and should be relatively easy to get at reasonable prices.

    Too bad about the roof rust–that small leak at the rain gutter is a bad omen of rust thru.

    I bet that most of the original paint can be brought back with some work.

  3. JW

    phoneman91 Sorry but I am one of the thoughtless modifiers BUT only to cars that are not worth BJ money. As mundane as this car is modifying it would be doing it a great favor IMO. Our 70 Mach1 is modified but it was the 351C base 2 barrel model. It runs & rides better stops better and gets better mileage with the OD trans than when new which is what we wanted so we could drive it on long trips to shows without killing ourselves.

  4. phoneman91


    Nothing thoughtless about adding overdrive–if done correctly and allows you to enjoy your classic car. That is a functional, reversible, modification that has minimal effect on the appearance of the classic car. “Thoughtless” is the operative word.

    I was referring to the speaker holes made in the irreplaceable original door panels of this 1963 Comet. I see this countless times at classic car shows and it is heartbreaking.

    I would like people to be thoughtful about cosmetic modifications of original and well kept old/classic cars that are still affordable for the ordinary car collector.

    I can’t afford BJ class of cars and even ordinary 6 cylinder cars are appealing to my eye–if unmodified and in original very good condition. I am drawn to originality in cars shows–and will walk right by the chromed,aftermarket laded,highly modified old vehicles. My sickness, I assume.

    I want to look at a 50 year old classic and see it as it was 50 years ago–and remember when the streets were filled with such cars–I am old enough to remember those times!

    • JW

      I too remember the old days when cars like these were just cars. I’m 62 and when doing our Mach1 the wife had one stipulation, modify anything you want that can’t be seen. The only thing you can see modified on ours is the newer white faced gauges which are needed to see with our old eye’s. The engine compartment looks original but there are some subtle mods that were intentionally hidden like the MSD ignition box painted black and the trained eye catches the 4 relays for controlling the electric radiator fans and the H4 headlights.

  5. fred

    I wouldn’t blame the guy next to the car at the show for the speaker holes. In the 60’s and 70’s, everyone installed aftermarket speakers in the doors , kick panels and package shelf (including me) and didn’t think twice about it. Not the restorers fault.

  6. blindmarc

    The only problem I see is the roof, where it was already mentioned. Fixing it correctly would mean removing the headliner. Otherwise this is a relatively “easy” and fun car to fix up

  7. Howard A Member

    I too, agree on the OD or at least, different rear axle gears. I’ve had cars like this, as winter beaters (that we paid $100 for) and they were not happy on the highway,( anything over 65) and now with states increasing their speed limits, this car would be downright dangerous, and being a wagon, you’d be more inclined to take it on a trip. Very nice car. Nice to see at least one didn’t rust away or get driven into the ground.

  8. jim s

    the water from that small leak could be a big issue. this would need some photos of the underside. if they look good then a good PI. less then a day to go and no bids. maybe it is time to make an offer. nice find.

  9. kenzo

    again another better deal than the 8000 nova listed.
    cool vehicle. wagons are coming back. deal with the small rust bits, wash it, wax it and drive it. What a way to go…

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