Original Paint: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

It is said that special cars come along once in a lifetime, but for the owner of this 1969 Mustang Mach 1, it has happened twice. He bought the car off the original owner back in the late 1990s but decided to sell it in 2007. In 2010 he had the option to buy it back, and this was an option that he chose to exercise. He has now decided once again to part with this Raven Black beauty, which is located in Woodruff, South Carolina. The Mustang has been listed for sale here on eBay, and while bidding has now reached $37,100, the reserve hasn’t been met.

When you look at the overall stunning condition of the Mach 1, it is hard to believe that it still wears its original Raven Black paint, but the owner does make that claim. If it is true, and I certainly don’t see any indications to the contrary, then it has survived remarkably well. The red decals offer a fantastic contrast and give the car a handsome but extremely tough look. The owner claims that the paint isn’t perfect, but it certainly looks good in the supplied photos. He also says that the car not only is rust-free but that it has never undergone any sort of rust or panel repairs during the past 50-years. I freely admit that I grew up in a predominantly Ford household, and not to put a too finer point on it, I really want this car!

The interior presentation of the Mustang is very good, but it isn’t perfect. I mean, for a survivor of this age it is impressive, and it would easily serve as a daily driver. The carpet is showing some fading, and the kick panels are also scuffed and discolored. The original factory radio has made way for a vintage-look radio/cassette player, but the rest of it looks pretty impressive. There are those sorts of minor issues that would need to be addressed if the next owner is seeking perfection, but if you are looking for a car that you can simply drive and enjoy, this would be a pretty strong candidate.

Lifting the lid on the engine bay reveals an H-Code 351ci V8, producing 250hp. Shifting duties are taken care of by a 4-speed manual transmission, while your money will also get you power steering. Presentation of the engine bay is quite neat and tidy, while the car is said to be mechanically strong and sound. In fact, the owner claims that it could easily be used as a daily driver and that he would have no hesitation in driving the car from one side of the country to the other.

As I said earlier, I really want this Mustang, and I would be pretty willing to bet that I’m not alone in feeling this way. If the vehicle is as original as the owner claims, and a personal inspection would soon verify this, then it is a really stunning survivor. For the perfectionists amongst you, it really wouldn’t take much to bring the car close to that sort of standard. It would be tempting to follow that path, but it’s also worth remembering that they can only ever be original and unrestored once, and it is that thought that would motivate me to leave the Mach 1 largely as it is. If you bought it, what would you do?


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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Love a 69 Mach. To me, from the side view, this car looks fast just sitting still. This one has it all, 351 4 speed. Just a fast, great driving car that’s drop dead gorgeous to look at! Good luck to the new owner!

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  2. TimM

    What a beautiful car!! How come I never find anything like this in a barn????

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  3. Brad Spielman

    I love survivors and I love this car! Great color combo.

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  4. Keith

    Only 250HP? Is that 250HP at the rear wheels or at the flywheel? I know back in the day HP ratings were rated at the flywheel so if that is the case for this Mustang then that’s not a whole lot of power getting to the pavement. Seems to me that this Mach 1 should have more HP? Lastly I love the color combo and 4 speed manual, a very nice Mustang for sure.

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    • Superdessucke

      The media has trained us to see all 1960s/early 1970s muscle cars as tire smoking rumbling beasts that blasted through the quarter in 12 seconds and were so darn fast that they supported their owners by running bootleg liquor. But the actual truth is that by 1969, insurance on big block muscle cars was very expensive, so the majority of buyers were looking towards “junior muscle cars” in this era with smaller motors that could run on regular fuel.

      Cars like this, Camaro SS350, and the later Chevelle SS350 would give you the muscle car image at a much lower overall cost (purchase price, insurance, and gas). They weren’t as fast (probably mid 16s in the quarter) but they would save you a lot of money compared to a 428 SCJ.

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    • rpol35

      250 SAE gross horsepower, measured at the flywheel without an exhaust system, air induction, alternator or water pump; it’s the standard used on domestic cars through the 1971 model year. It was originally a two barrel carburetor model that has been converted to a four barrel.

      Mach 1’s didn’t necessarily come with a high performance engine.

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    • Jim

      My 70 mach 351c was rated 275hp but was more like 325. Add duel points and bigger jets…350

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  5. flmikey

    I always thought an “H” code was a 2 barrel…this one says 4 barrel…must have been added, maybe? Love, love, love this car! Any bets on what the reserve is? My money is on 50K….

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    • Darrun

      If only, I had a spare 50k, I would find out. Maybe, I’ll hit the lottery this week. I want it as bad as Adam!

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    • Steve

      This was a 2 barrel car originally. A lot of money for a 2v with manual drum brakes. Still gorgeous thou.

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      • Keith

        Why would Ford put a 2bbl carburetor on a Mach 1 package?

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      • JoeNYWF64

        Would like to see some underside pics. I believe even this motor can not be run on regular.
        I bet the drum brakes kept the mileage down, especially if the car lived much of its life in the mountains – surprised it had no accidents. I would have gotten disc brakes b4 i got delux interior/stripes/front spoiler/hood pins. Silly it has modern black wiper replacement metal on it.
        I’m gonna guess a BLUE interior could not be ordered with a black exterior.
        Wonder if the trans/rear could handle a 428 transplant.

  6. whmracer99

    Can’t see using something like this as a daily driver. Was cruising the interstate last week and a truck kicked up a fist-sized hunk of asphalt that hit my hood, windshield, and then roof at 70 mph. A shrug and “oh well” in an old truck — a pile of tears in something like this. It’s a beautiful car and should stay that way.

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  7. Mark

    If I’m not mistaken, the location in the pics is the same in the pics of the 68 Sea Foam GT posted not long ago.
    Original owner of both? If so, must have a nice collection. Either way, nice car. GLWTS.

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    • John Deebank

      We need to have Star Trek shields. Shields up. Make it so.

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  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I freely admit I’m not much of a Mustang guy but this is one I’d park between the Vette and T-Bird if I had the space and extra cash for it. Then I’d drive the wheels off it.

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  9. JOHN Member

    This is a nice looking 69 Mach1 for sure. I love Magnum 500’s, but I don’t remember them as an option on a 69 Mach1. Irregardless, they look perfect on this car. The rear valence isn’t die cut and stamped out for the factory dual-tip chrome exhaust extensions, further evidence as a 2 barrel car originally. Lastly, the shifter. While the ad states 4 speed, and likely it is, I thought Ford had a built in reverse lockout on the shifter, I thought the the lockout was a circular design, while the earlier ones were two tabs, similar to the older Corvettes? But as I said earlier, nice looking Mach1, all I would do is correct the rear valence and exhaust tips. I was a senior in high school when these came out, and despite my leanings towards GM products, I would love to own this!

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  10. Billieg

    After owning a 1969 428 cobra jet Mach 1 with a 4 speed this would be a disappointment. Nice looking car though.

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  11. canadainmarkseh Member

    Out of my price range which is ok I’d rather have a 65 mustang fast back like the one a child hood friend had. His only had 289 in it with 4 speed to bad he abused it so badly it was a nice car when he got it and inside a couple of years it was wreck twice, the second time finished it off. What I do like about this one is the black and red colour combo, black cars with red interiors always look good. Nice find.

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  12. irocrobb

    It is a fantastic looking car. When I look at the photos and see all that nice shinny chrome on a attractive shaped car I think, where have we gone wrong ? All cars they build now have no real character, at least in my opinion….

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  13. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    1/2 the price of the white ‘69 429CobraJet with a C6 that just came up! This looks a little cleaner too…. some great ‘Stangs this week, not counting the two Mustang ‘66 flowerboxes!!
    Dang, I’m starting to write like Tim M.! 😂

  14. Bobby D Cronenwett

    I did a lot of work on one Identical to this one when I worked at a full service Texico gas station in 1976. Wasn’t mine, but the owner would only use me as his mechanic. I test drove that Mach I many times. Loved it. 351 Cleveland 4 speed. Bad ass car

  15. Louis Q Chen

    sheSeeing this car brought back good memory of my youth! My old girlfriend (#4) got one for her H.S. graduation! Her’s was red though and had auto. She was nice enough to let me drive it to her graduation dance ( 1 year older). It was a sweet car, even though I was a Chevy boy-’68 Z28. Too bad we didn’t get married :(. She’s now a high priced corp. lawyer. Thanks for the ride….hope to meet you again Diane.

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  16. Rjonec

    I have a similar story. However, mine was a Boss 429 in raven black. I purchased the car as a freshmen in college in the early 80’s, from the third owner. Then I sold it a couple years later. Come 17 years later I found the car in Hemmings and we were reunited for about 7 years. Then horse traded it for another special Mustang. Anyway the story was chronicled in Mustang Monthly magazine about 12 years ago. This Mach appears to be a gem.

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  17. MrMustang

    I have to laugh at some of the comments posted here coming from someone who has owned 3 Mach 1s and about 20 Mustangs. I also currently own a 1969 Mach 1 that has a color that some of you have probably never even heard of, New Lime.

    No, black cars did not have blue interiors. As a matter of fact, I have never seen a Mach1 with a blue interior so if you have one, please show me.

    The base Mach 1 was a 351W 2bbl with a manual 3 speed transmission, one of which I have owned during my life time. It was a single exhaust car with no cut outs for duel exhaust.

    These cars had plenty of horsepower, all you needed to do was open up the exhaust because Ford loved to choke their exhaust ports back in the day. Burning rubber all day long with a stock 9 inch 3.25 gears. To the guy that said you wonder if the rear end could handle a 428, the answer is yes. Even the 428CJs came with a 9 inch rear end, some of which were nodular rear ends marked by the letter “N” on the rear casing. Not all 428s had the nodular rear ends.

    As for the transmission, the 351W had a small block manual transmission whereas the 428 had a big block manual transmission. Just like the small block Mach 1 had the FMX transmission and the big block had a C6 transmission. No small block Mach 1 came with a C4 transmission, they all had FMX transmissions, period.

    The brakes on the Mach1 was an upgrade from its previous siblings, they had bigger pads with wider drums. You can put 69 drums on a 1967/68 Mustang to get the benefit of the wider brake pads. For a 351W 2bbl car, drum brakes were sufficient but for a 4 bbl car or bigger, you would definitely need/want the power discs.

    The Magnum 500 wheels were an over the counter option in 1969 as they came on a Boss 302/429 Mustangs. The rear window slats were also an over the counter option.

    Hope that helps!

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  18. John Deebank

    I’m wondering if the blue interior deal may have been special order. Special orders on cars make people scratch their heads at car shows with plenty of opinions to go around.

  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Sep 18, 2019 , 9:38PM
    Winning bid:US $42,500.00
    [ 45 bids ]

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