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Original Paint: 1970 Chevy Corvette


Sometimes, we all just have to admit that dealers and restoration shops have the upper hand. They’re the first ones to get a call about a barn find project, and they sure as heck can put together an ad that makes you want to press “buy.” The seller of this original paint 1970 Corvette here on eBay is a restoration shop, and the amount of fact-checking done on this car is impressive. 


Still proudly wearing its period-correct Motion stripes on top of verified Cortez Silver paint, this ‘Vette looks like a perfect candidate for a patina’d restoration – preserve the exterior and freshen up everything else. The original motor and transmission are still with the car, and all major date-coded parts reveal that not much has changed since this Corvette left the factory. It also sports the factory hardtop, which I can’t claim to having seen too often.


The interior isn’t perfect, but it does reveal another selling point: this is a manual transmission-equipped model, which just makes this ’70 model even more appealing as a resto-driver candidate. Obviously, the interior will need some work, but that kind of work is at least easier to manage rather than trying to track down a period-correct (but non-matching) drivetrain. In my view, the hard parts are accounted for in this example.


As you can see, the engine is already out of the car. It’s not mentioned if it came to the shop that way or if they removed it to do the exhaustive detective work performed (the only thing they seemingly didn’t verify is whether the cam was original, as it’s still in the motor). The only parts said to be missing are the rear sway bar and thermostat housing – does this look like a worthy project candidate to you?


  1. sparkster

    Lots of great pics on Ebay

  2. Mr. Bond

    $34,900 seems high. He must have paid $33,500 for it.

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  3. RayT Member

    I’d bet this will get a full resto. Considering its likely value, can’t see a serious collector going for a “patina look” or make-it-driveable repairs.

    And I wouldn’t blame ’em a bit. I’d do that, too. And then drive the daylights out of it! Can’t imagine letting those 370 ponies sleep….

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  4. costas v fabian

    I agree with Ray. I would not only want to do a full resto on the car, but I would drive it every day, or almost every day. That car should NOT be a trailer queen

  5. chris lawrence

    price seems a bit high, but i’m betting someone will take it.

  6. 68 custom

    70 LT-1s are fetching big money. if it came from Motion it will go higher I bet.

    • Ron Bajorek


  7. Dolphin Member

    THE SCM Guide says the median price paid for 1970 LT1s at auction has been $39,400.

    OTOH, the high price ever paid at auction for any ’70 Corvette was for a LT1, and it sold for $112,200, so they can bring very good money, as 68 custom said.

    • 68 custom

      LT-1 the small block that runs like a big block!

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      • hhaleblian

        Correction, runs better than a big block!

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    • Rick Gaskill

      The ’70 LT1 coupes can be found in nice shape for under $40,000 but the convertibles are going for well over $45,000. A lot of the nicer ones aren’t selling because bids of $50,000 or higher don’t meet the reserve.
      If a buyer wants to settle for 300 up there are plenty available under $30,000.

  8. erikj

    If that is a motion car the sky is the limit as for price. I think it would be neat to fix the mech. and keep it a driver,that paint is weathered ,but to look at orig. paint as bad as it is ,cool.

  9. DRV

    I had this motor in my ’58. It was stolen when I took it out to replace with a correct and numbers matching 283 four barrel. The original Really is a truck block.
    This car is in incredible original shape.
    For the glass to not have seperated/ warped/chrystalised starting with the front apron and headlight surround to the fender bonding strips is rare for an original paint C3.
    Do it mechanically perfect and seal the original finish.

  10. ruxvette

    IF it was a Motion (and it’s not) it would be worth big bucks. You can buy nice drivers under $40K. Cool car, but no. Too expensive.

  11. Ck

    This seems like a lot of $ to me.I’m with ruxvette ,they say it has Motion stripes painted over the paint.Don’t think this is a real deal Motion car . Nice car though needs to be restored back to original and driven,not by me though. I’d look for somthing in beter shape for that kind of $.

  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    1970 LT1, not quite the Holy Grail but very nice cars. Not sure why you would put a later model mirror on the right door. It was a dealer installed option, so who knows. And please, as long as you have a shop, turn on ALLLL the shop lights when taking photos.

  13. Eric Dashman

    I have a question. The other day I saw a Wheeler Dealers episode where Mike bought a very nice C3 convertible (’69 or ’70 red w/ 4 speed) for $19,500. No rust and the paint was excellent, but needed some mechanical work. I think the original show was in 2015. Have the prices exploded so much that a car needing complete restoration (although perhaps not a frame-off) could cost almost double what a nice one went for a year or so ago? I doubt that the show got special dispensation on the price. If I were that seller, I wouldn’t give them a discount. So what’s the explanation for the price difference?

  14. Ron Bajorek

    zone 35 dealer 134 is HB Chevrolet listed in college Point NY, dealer trades were common back then and this dealer is not located that far from Sunrise Highway. Any Motion Mods? Any owner history? The paint is poor, but this could be a really really nice car

  15. RollerD

    An 1971 LT-1 car would not have a rear sway bar.

  16. Zebebad

    I just bought a 1970 LT-1 silver convertible like this with some missing original motor parts like the transistor ignition and the smog pump got lucky paid under $20,000

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