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Original Paint and Interior!? 1933 Ford Tudor

Cars like this 1933 Ford punctuate how subtle changes transform a nearly all-stock people-mover into an enviable street machine. However, the original paint and interior makes this particular Tudor Sedan in Calhoun, Georgia especially interesting. Though the car entertained numerous owners, its historical records date back to the original sale! Offered here on eBay, it wears what most would call tasteful updates that could be reversed if the new owner thinks the world needs yet another perfectly stock ’33 Ford. More than two-dozen bids have driven the market value above $24,000 without meeting the seller’s reserve.

Anyone who dutifully maintains their car’s paint will confirm that horizontal surfaces bear the brunt of weather, and this may well explain the difference between fenders and body on the claimed-original paint. The seller only washed the finish, and it might really shine if carefully buffed out.

Looking much like another claimed original ’33 interior on this similar car, the comfortable-looking seats and door panels attest to a long life of gentle use and (we might presume) continuous care.

A flathead V8 replaced the original four-cylinder, though a V8 was available in ’33, highly-touted by Ford in its sales literature. Just paying some attention to this fine-looking Tudor has me wanting one. The stance and rolling ear looks about perfect to my eye, though I’ll pass on becoming Chief Curator of the original paint and interior. What number would you type after clicking “Place Bid?”


  1. BlondeUXB Member

    Hood and front fenders suggest this is a ‘34…

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  2. S Craig MacDonald

    DO NOT TOUCH this car. Everything about it is perfect just like she sits. OK, maybe do something to protect the wiring to the rear of the car and some floor mats, but the stance, the lights, even the faded fenders scream “Too nice to change.”
    I’m trying to figure out how to market my firstborn so I can bid.

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  3. Tony T

    a ’33. Grill side view is “scooped”, not “straight”. Ultra-sweet, in any event.

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    • Stillrunners

      Been Ford sale of late…not sure if its being flipped again or was a no sale.

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  4. bobk

    Not in my wheelhouse, but a beautifully maintained example of it’s time. The seller deserves everything that the market will allow.

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  5. Ronald

    I love it

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  6. EDO

    Surface rust on rear fenders was not uncommon. Henry Ford experimented with soybean oil paint primarily on the rear fenders. It looked good at first but just didn’t hold up. In any case this is sweet original even with the 4 cylinder changed out.

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  7. John S

    Wowie Ka-Zowie!!!

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  8. Joe Haska

    This is a 33 ,the hood and grill are 2 of the biggest changes and easyest to spot, these two difference’s along with about another 20 things, from the pictures I could see, there are no 34 parts, on this 33 Ford.

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  9. bigdoc

    If only I had been born rich instead of good looking.

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  10. Ken Smith

    I would make this my daily driver !

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  11. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice, nice, nice!

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  12. TimM

    Perfection!!! The flat head is done just the way it should be!! The stock interior gives you that period feel when your inside the car!!! I would really like to find one and build it myself but this is just the way I’d do it!!! This is a guy I commend on his ability to take care of and build the car the way it really should be!!!

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  13. canadainmarkseh

    I’d repaint the fenders and buff out the rest of the body. Other than that I’d leave the rest alone.

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  14. Jim

    Somewhat common on these 33-35 Fords that the body paint held up nice but the fenders became dull over time.

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  15. Del

    Wow. So perfect

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