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Original Runner: 1970 Plymouth Duster 340

Chrysler had a hot property with their 340 small-block engine. It was good for 275 hp right out of the gate. In six years, Chrysler put 340s into 217,000 of their cars between 1968-73, including almost 70,000 Plymouth Dusters. The seller’s first-year Duster is one of those cars and it’s numbers-matching, so the automobile and engine have been together for 50 years! This one is mostly original, including the flaws you might expect to find after five decades. Available in Anderson, California, the car’s posted here on craigslist for $19,500. Hat’s off to Pat L for bringing this tip to us!

Plymouth rolled out the Duster in 1970 to help inject some pizzazz in their stoic Valiant compact line-up. As a semi-fastback, the car was an instant hit and would stay a part of the Chrysler family through the retirement of the Valiant series in 1976. The Duster 340 would have its best year in ’70, selling nearly 25,000 copies at the height of the muscle car movement. We’re told the seller’s edition began life in California and comes with documentation to prove it. It still wears its original green paint and no attempts to have been made to restore the car (other than the engine). The body is far from perfect but doesn’t appear to have any rust. It could pass for now if you’re in no hurry to make a show car out of it.

As Duster 340s go, this one was well-quipped: TorqueFlite automatic, air conditioning, power steering and brakes, and bucket seats. As the seller provides no photos of the interior, so we must assume that it’s on par with the exterior, i.e., tired and due for a refresh. The seller already purchased a headliner for the Duster but did not install it and it passes to the buyer to handle. Also, the seller bought a new green vinyl top, but didn’t put it on either thinking that the next owner might want one in black. We’re told the car runs well as the previous owner had the engine rebuilt. A mileage statement was not made.

The Duster has already been treated to new wheels (15-inch Rallye’s) and tires (BF Goodrich). The next owner will have a few things to attend to mechanically: the power steering leaks; the transmission leaks and the A/C needs to be recharged. The fender tag and build sheet are still with the car, enabling the buyer to verify its credentials. The seller apparently is a Mopar fans and would consider a trade for another car or parts from Chrysler. A really nice Duster 340 from 1970 can go for up to $40,000, so the seller is asking half that amount for one that’s in at least Fair condition.


  1. Avatar photo Steve R

    If it’s as advertised, there is no need to restore it. Just drive and enjoy.

    Steve R

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    • Avatar photo stillrunners

      Yep and gone gone gone……….

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  2. Avatar photo AMClvr

    Wow that was fast!! Ad already deleted! Looks like this was a pretty good one.

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  3. Avatar photo Skorzeny

    Wow. Posting deleted, that didn’t take long. I would HAVE installed all new interior, wash and wax, Tremec 6 speed, 16 inch Torque Thrusts, and drive. Looks solid from BF photos. Love these A bodies. Have memories of riding around in my dad’s’72. His had a leaning tower of thrown rod though…

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  4. Avatar photo irocrobb

    Not surprised to see it gone. Love cars like this that have not been messed with. I would just leave it alone and drive it.Nice car

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  5. Avatar photo Jerry

    I wish Al Bundy had a Chevette instead of a Duster because every time I see one I think of him coasting into his man cave with his! LOL

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  6. Avatar photo Troy s

    A quick ride for sure and an equally quick sale. Someone scored.

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  7. Avatar photo Lee

    No interior ,trunk or under carriage photos? Automatic on column or floor shift?

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    • Avatar photo Gus Fring

      Obviously, clean and dry. If it was a 4-speed it would’ve been $30K.

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  8. Avatar photo George Mattar

    Great cheap cars. A high school friend bought a 70 340 Duster in perfect shape in 1974. It was a trade in by a computer geek at the Chrysler Plymouth dealer I worked at in high school. The was brown 4 speed in pristine unmodified condition. The new owner destroyed the car within a year. Never cleaned it. Smoked in it. Wrecked it at least twice. Never fixed it. What a douche.

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  9. Avatar photo Roy Blankenship

    I had a friend who was a service writer at a Chrysler/Plymouth dealership. They called Dusters “water buffalos” because they leaked, especially in the trunk. I bought a ’74 at one point, it would drip water on my legs when it rained, but it was a nice driving car, slant six, Torqueflite. I think the 340’s were the best bargain muscle out there…

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    • Avatar photo Motorcityman

      Any relation to Mark from the old FRIDAYS tv show?

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  10. Avatar photo Dave Skinner

    340 small blocks are notable in that Chrysler never made a two-barrel variant or a “station wagon” version of this displacement. If it’s a 340, it’s a hot motor.

    I believe the 302 in the Z-28 Camaro was the only other small block displacement exclusively built as a Performance Engine.

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  11. Avatar photo john hugh

    20 K ? c’mon

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    • Avatar photo Gus Fring

      Obviously, you aren’t “in tune” with the market.

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  12. Avatar photo Terry Bowman

    Not so sure about a 15′ wheel with small bolt pattern.

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    • Avatar photo Gus Fring

      They look great. Much better than the 14’s.

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  13. Avatar photo erik johnston

    The 15″rallys are aftermarket,they look amazing.I have a set on my 71 duster. The rears are 7″ wide and tires are 285/60 That fit. Thats hard since dusters are not good with that kind of size. mine do.

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  14. Avatar photo Robert Lewis

    a/c was not an option on 70 340’s. I bought new in April 1970, still own it and have all paperwork. Rally dash, 727 auto w/console, hd package, 391 sure grip, lemon twist yellow, black vinyl roof, bucket seats.

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    • Avatar photo Vincent Plotino

      A/C was WITHOUT A DOUBT, AVAILABLE on a 1970 340 Duster with the 340. I have one and so does a friend of mine. We both have fender tags, window stickers and build sheets to support this. Maybe with the 3.91’s A/C was not available.

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