Original Survivor: 1950 Ford Business Coupe

This 1950 Ford Deluxe Business Coupe is said to wear both its original paint and original interior trim. It has been owned by the same elderly gentleman for more than 40-years, and he has decided that now is the time to part with his beloved Ford, along with a substantial stash of parts (many new) that he has accumulated. The Ford is located in Severna Park, Maryland, and is listed for sale here on eBay in a No Reserve auction.

If the owner’s claim that the Ford’s body and paint are all original is true, then that’s pretty impressive. I can only hope that I look this good when I’m 69-years-old, but I don’t hold out much hope of that. There are a few minor dings and marks on the car, but it generally just looks clean and rust-free. For the entire time that the car has been in the current owner’s possession, it has remained stored out of the weather, and this shows in the overall condition of the car. If I bought this, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the look of it, and the fact that it has some imperfections just adds to the character of the vehicle.

The interior is just as impressive as the exterior of the Ford. The original plastic was only removed from the seats a few years ago, and what you see is the original upholstery. There is a mark in the back of the driver’s seat, but the upholstery in both the front and rear seats, as well as that on the door trims, looks close to perfect.

The original 239ci flat-head V8 engine and manual transmission still hold pride of place under the hood. The owner says that the car starts, runs, drives, and stops perfectly and that it cruises effortlessly on the open road. The engine doesn’t look perfect, but it looks exactly how an engine in a car of this age should look. The only thing that I might want to change is the battery. I think that it would look a lot better under the hood if a battery with a more period appropriate appearance could be sourced. The car also comes with a substantial stash of parts, many of these are NOS parts that are still in their original packaging. You can get an idea of what’s included in the photo below.

The Ford has certainly generated some interest since it was listed for sale. After opening at $100, bidding has now reached $10,600. Finding original survivors like this Ford is like finding a little hidden gem. It is an original car that is completely unmolested. It would be easy to take this car and restore it to its original glory, and that is what the new owner may choose to do. Personally, I’d leave it exactly how it is, and just drive it and enjoy the experience.

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    My older brothers first car was a 49, with a flattie, and 3 on the tree. His was rough, but he loved it. I did too. This one is beautiful, and worth every penny of the current bid of 11k. At least in my opinion
    Love it.

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  2. j liu

    Look at that perfect steering wheel…this car is stunning. My father had a 1949 coupe in light green, seafoam green? I can barely recall that one as I was too young.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Breathtaking original- I can hear that Flatmotor Purring right now!! Good luck to the new owner!!


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  4. Tom

    I have a 50 Ford 2 door sedan and I used to have a 52 Chevy business coupe.The Chevy did not have a back seat, just a factory plywood floor and factory plywood separating the trunk from the interior. In other words, a place for the businessman’s business. I’m wondering if this Ford is not a business coupe but just a coupe.

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    • Louie

      My dad had a 51 Ford business coupe and it had just a platform in the back also.

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  5. Bob S

    I love the Ford and Chev business coupes, and although I like the dash of the 51 Ford more than the 49-50 dash, I would love to have this car.
    I would keep the flattie, and put period correct speed equipment on the motor. The only other thing I would do, would be to change the wheels to reverse chrome and add radials.
    I would also look at raising the rear end, but think it looks great the way it is sitting.

  6. jw454

    I’d replace the right hand radiator hose with a correct molded one but, otherwise…. it would stay just like it is.

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  7. Kenneth Carney

    What a great cruiser this would make!
    Haven’t seen a ’50 Ford at Oldtown yet
    and I can tell you that if it were mine,
    that’s where it would be. Would have to
    teach Sis how to drive a 3 on the tree, but
    that’s a small price to pay for owning
    such a wonderful car. Hey Jw! Maybe
    there’s a correct hose in that big stash of
    NOS parts you’ll get with this car when you buy it. Hope it finds a good home!

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  8. David Rhoces

    one of the coolest cars ever made

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  9. JP

    My dad had one exactly like this one & it was one of my favorites! Thanks to this owner for preserving this one & keeping it original as possible.

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  10. Wayne Thorpe Member

    I can see Robert Mitchum tearing up the roads in NC with a load of moonshine as the feds were chasing him in the movie “Thunder Road” in an Ford like this one. His son, James Mitchum, played the role of his younger brother.

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    • Robert White

      Thunder Road is technically the first hot rod car movie that predated Elvis the pelvis hot rod car movies like Spinout. Two Lane Blacktop is the best of the bunch IMO.


    • Ron Farndon

      Yes…….and I remember that movie. I also have a 1950 Ford Club Coupe ………a black one, just like this one. All original.

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  11. RexFox

    Robert Mitchum drove one in Thunder Road. Doubt this one has a oil tank to spray the road when being chased by the cops, but I’d like this car a lot.

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  12. Wrong Way

    Bump and bruises isn’t a bad thing Adam! I am old, lots of bumps and bruises here! Just shows experience and character! :-)

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  13. 64 Bonneville

    This isn’t a “Business” Coupe, but a Club Coupe, since it has a back seat. Still, I would give my eyeteeth to have it. Age and deterioration, on my part, not the car, would prevent it.

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  14. Vance

    I am past the bumps and bruises period, I have moved into the fractures, failures, and replacements. This is such a nice vehicle, the story and parts and condition just makes it more special. Somebody is going to be a lucky owner.

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  15. Bob Member

    You guys are making me laugh. It is so much fun to read peoples comments about their age. What happened? I thought we would be young forever.

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    • Wrong Way

      Well Mr Bob, I don’t know about the others, but I just had a birthday, and was just babied and pampered by a bunch of pretty girls, including my daughter in law! I am 80 now and looking back, I wouldn’t have lived my life any different! Have a great evening, Bob

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      • DavidL Member

        “Inside every 81 year-old is an 18 year-old asking ‘What the hell just happened?'”

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  16. Merrill Newman

    Looks to be as honest as they come!

  17. glenn

    I still own my first car and its a 49 Club Coupe that I bought from the original owners nephew in 1970 for $250.00 that I had saved since I was ten. I wanted a 49 Ford since I could talk, drove my folks cazy! It made it through high school with one major fender bender and my then girl friend now wife of 44 years learning to drive stick shift, by my side. Its part of me and I will drive it to my grave! wife says shes going to bury me in it! Lets hope not! One of my grandkids will get to carry it onward!

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  18. Vance

    I usually don’t make more than one comment per vehicle, but that’s an awesome story. It has the feel of the old Maxwell House coffee commercials. Not only is my body getting decrepit, old age is making me get emotional too. Oh well, better than the alternative.

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  19. Yellowjax Member

    Thanks for the stories guys.

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  20. Bobinott

    I didn’t know that they made a Business Coupe version of this model. When I was born in 1954, my dad bought a 1950 Ford Tudor with a flathead and 3-on-the-tree (or as it was called back then: normal gearshift!). He still had it when I reached age 7, and was allowed the “privilege” of holding the trouble light while he attended to some problem or other in the evening, so he could get to work in the morning. It seems I absorbed a lot from that experience! Seeing a ’50 Ford always makes me think of my dad, so thanks BF!

  21. bog

    Growing up, my Dad had a dark blue ’50 “Fordor” with the same powertrain, which he eventually traded for a ’54 “Fordor” that had fancier trim and was tan over medium brown. When I was 12, he decided it was time for me to learn even more about cars, so he bought (with my $ 100.00 in savings) a ’50 Club Coupe for me. Someone else mentioned “Seafoam” green, and that was the exterior, medium tan cloth interior. Good ol’ Flattie w/3 on tree. His teaching method was thus: show me, with me helping, one brake rebuild…I’d have to do remaining 3 by myself with him checking work. Rebuilt entire engine and seemingly every moving part. I miss him and that car !

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  22. glenn

    Good to read how these great cars that saved Ford have had such a place in so many of us old baby boomers lives! Mine just turned 100K, the flathead has never been opened in the 49 years Ive owned it! Cant wait for spring and to get my 49 out and keep building the memories!!

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  23. Glenn

    I’m getting all teary eyed after reading all these great stories again, Lets hear more, Thanks!! I’m about to tear the 49 apart for a complete repaint this winter. Hope it doesn’t turn into a multi year affair, though Kathy will be happy I’m out of her way! She’s not used to having me disturb her routine and under foot now that I’m retired!

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