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Original Survivor: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

The owner of this 1964 Galaxie 500 says that you will struggle to find a nicer one on the market today. When you look across the entire vehicle, it is hard to argue with this claim. It is said to be an original survivor, and it has 38,000 genuine miles showing on its odometer. If a classic 1960’s Ford is high on your wish list, this is one that is worth a closer look. Located in San Jose, California, you will find the Galaxie listed for sale here on eBay. While bidding has reached $14,350, the reserve isn’t met.

Finished in Vintage Burgundy, the Galaxie is an eye-catching classic. The paint holds an impressive shine, and if it is as original as the owner claims, it has survived exceptionally well. The cautious side of my personality does wonder whether it has received a repaint at some point because there isn’t so much as a stone-chip to be found. The panels are perfect, and the gaps are as tight as I have ever seen in a Ford of this vintage. The chrome and trim appear perfect, and the glass shows no evidence of chips, scratches, or cracks.

While the owner emphasizes the Ford’s originality, he doesn’t expressly state that it is a numbers-matching classic. What we find under the hood is a 352ci V8, backed by a 3-speed manual transmission with overdrive. This V8 should be producing 250hp, which is enough to propel the Galaxie through the ¼ mile in 16.9 seconds. The engine has received some cosmetic upgrades, and it does present superbly. There is no evidence of any fluid leaks, while the painted surfaces appear to be perfect. The listing doesn’t indicate how well the vehicle runs or drives, although the owner says it needs nothing. He also claims that it has 38,000 genuine miles on the clock, but it isn’t clear whether he holds evidence to support this claim.

Opening the doors reveals an interior that presents nearly as well as the exterior. I can spot some wear on the driver’s door trim where an arm has been rubbing on the vinyl, but that’s about all that I can criticize. The remaining Beige upholstery is close to flawless, while the carpet looks to be in as-new condition. The dash is free from issues, and there are no aftermarket additions. It isn’t a car that is weighed down with luxury appointments, but it does come equipped with air conditioning, an AM radio, and a clock.

There is no arguing the fact that this 1964 Galaxie 500 is a stunning looking car. You could be guaranteed that it would attract plenty of attention wherever it went because it presents so well. For me, the big question is whether it is as original as the owner claims. If it has been babied as he suggests, then it is a definite possibility. I can’t spot any evidence of repaint work, although that would also be true if a repaint has been performed to a high standard. What do you think? Is it original, or has it received some form of restoration? More importantly, is this a classic that you would be tempted to bid on?


  1. Moparman Member

    Some years ago, I had a neighbor who was given a nice car like this one, (only it was black) who couldn’t learn to drive the “three on the tree”. I tried to teach him, but he just couldn’t get it, and offered me the car for $250! I simply didn’t have the space at the time, and so I had to turn him down. *SIGH*…if only! GLWTA!! :-)

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    • Tango

      What does GLWTA mean?

      • Bob S

        Good luck with the auction

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      • Mayor

        “Good luck with the auction”

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  2. Bob

    No buy it now ? Here fishy fishy.

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  3. Tango

    What does GLWTA mean?

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    • Skorzeny

      Good luck with the auction.

  4. Michael

    My parents had the same car but a 4 door. Out of all the cars they owned when I was a kid, this was my favorite.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Great looking car. Hope someone that appreciates it will get it eventually.

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  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Actually had the same car with the 352 and three on the tree but no OD. Fun car with a that bench seat……..

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  7. jerry z

    Beautiful car! Make it a 390/4 spd and I’d be all over that like gravy on potatoes!

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    • Gus Fring

      Why a 390? That’s a boat anchor truck engine…a 427/428 is the same exact thing externally.

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  8. Howard A Member

    ’64 Galaxie always hits a nerve. My friend across the alley when I was a kid, his brother was single, had a good job, lived at parents, came home with a ’64 Galaxie 500XL R code. As a kid, none of us ever saw anything like it. I got one ride in it, and even for a 10 year old, it was a fast car, the sound was deafening. He got too many tickets, and traded it on a new ’66 Mustang with a 6 cylinder. As one of the non-stacked headlight cars, these were my favorite. Lot of great stock car racers drove these, when stock cars still had wing windows and cigarette lighters.

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  9. Jeff

    This car is sporting trim I’ve never seen on a 64. The hood ornament, the rocker moulding, and the side trim just above the rocker moulding. It would almost seem to me a repainted car with added trim. Maybe some Ford experts can weigh in.

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    • Ryan Hilkemann

      Both of my dads cars have the rocker moldings.

  10. Frank

    I must agree with Jeff. As the former owner of a 64 Galaxie 500 (4 door) with a 352 V/8, mine did not have that hood ornament. In addition, I originally figured this was a 6 not a V/8 as it is missing the engine flag on the front fenders! Not 100% as it appears I fear.

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    • Ken

      352 did not have “flags” until 1965.

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      • Tony

        I was expecting bucket seats and an automatic with a floor shifter an console. I just assumed that was in the XL package

      • Frank

        Sorry Ken…I must disagree as one who owned a 64 with a 352 and the flags. I believe others have agreed as well.

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      • Galaxie owner

        That’s right, the flags were the Thunderbird for the Thunderbird V8, both the 390 and 427.

  11. Barney

    Beautiful car that I would be proud to own but everything about this car screams restored. Chrome valve covers, hipo air cleaner, chrome radiator shroud. I don’t necessarily doubt the mileage but I think the car is a pretty high end restoration. I owned a couple of 64’s in the past and I don’t recall ever seeing the hood ornament or the extra piece of side molding but I’d defer to a Ford expert to clarify that

    • Kenneth Rankel

      The hood ornament was an option, I had one for my 63 galaxy convertible

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      • Ronald Harris

        Same with the rockers. The options included bumper guards & skirts also. There were NO flags for engine desig. for a 352 cu. in. engine. 63 had flags only for 390, 406 early, & 427 whin the 63 1/2 autos. 64’s only had 390 & 427.

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  12. Chris J.Romeo Member

    Wow….this is one pristine, extremely well cared for and loved Galaxie! I hope that the next very lucky owner will continue to preserve it as nicely as the original owner did.

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  13. Mountainwoodie

    Super Sano!

    As I have written before, I worked for a garage as a teenager and the owner had a ’64 XL500. It was this exact color but with buckets and an unfortunate white ( palomino I guess) interior. It was fast once it got going!

    This looks to be a really nice example…
    ……you know the old bromide (unless you’re geomechs or HoA)………… the best you can afford. :)

    Now if only I had been wiser……………..

  14. Robert V Venters

    Back when i was 18 i worked at a local gas station i was driving a 64 ford convertable 352 4 bl. My bos wanted to race me for my pay he had a dodge pic up 318 3sp so i beat him made 12 the he went home to get his 65 Buick rev. i beat that made 24 he went and got his buddy with a new chevy Malibu lagona made 48 they couldnt beat my 64

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  15. Rich Whitting

    In 1967 my first car was a 1964 Galaxie 390 with a 3spd and OD. The OD was an electric unit. Could be activated in any gear as long as the mph was above 40. The hood ornament is not original and the A/C unit is from a later model Ford, probably a 66 model. The crossed flag emblems on the front fenders are missing. All V8 equipped Galaxies had them. With the 390, 4 barrel carb and duals it was a fast car, but the weight was the limiting factor. Sure miss mine.

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    • Bill Hall

      The AC under the dash is original to a 64. In 65 with the Complete Redesign they were built in.

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  16. Johnny D

    My father bought this exact same car in 1964 only it had a 289 ci, 195 hp engine. No A/C but had black interior. I loved that car and being 16 years old couldn’t wait to drive it. When I turned 18 I asked him if I could take the car to a dragstrip out on Long Island to “watch” the 1/4 races. I ended up dropping the exhaust pipes and using hanger wires holding them. We used Johnson’s white shoe polish to “decorate” the family car and raced in class H/SA. I won a trophy… Drove home with pipes wide open and when I got home he was livid until he saw I won a trophy haha..

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  17. sourpwr Member

    What’s a genuine mile? Is it like a nautical mile but different?

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  18. Bob Mck Member

    My Dad had one exactly like this one except ours was a 4 door and no hood ornament. I would love to buy this one, but would probably get tired of it too fast.

  19. Courtney

    I did a close up view I will call BS on the seller. First looking at the photo of the engine compartment the body shells were painted prior to assembly therefore the firewall would be body color with grease pencil markings with some factory info. Second the windshield washer reservoir where that is normally located there is not so much as mounting holes. And no washer reservoir in photo. We go to the cars don’t exterior lacquer paint would not be in that condition after 54 years unless it was in a atmospheric perfect environment most of its life. Next let’s look at the front not even a bug blister or stone chip. Sorry but back in 1964 there were far fewer paved roads than there are today. Also in winder they used sand not salt I see no evidence on the paint that should be there. To the interior the carpet is not original it appears to be a good quality single loop not the double loop that would have been there from the factory. No V8 logo and no holes where it should be never would it have left the factory that way. A professional restore would have put the emblem in its place secondly no holes for it to be mounted I am thinking aftermarket repro front fenders.

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    • CraigR

      I don’t think they sand and salt in the winter in San Jose CA.

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  20. Darwin Mickleborough

    At age 20 in 1968 I bought a 1064 Galaxie 500 4 door sedan. Three speed automatic with 352 motor undr the hood. Great car quiet and good ride. Paid $1600.00 for it. Drove it until 1973 and then bought a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 2 door hard top for $950.00 from Ford Salesman. Another good car. Ah where are they now?

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  21. Howard

    My favorite Galaxie! My brother in law had a four door with a 289 with the 3 on the tree with overdrive. I loved that transmission as a kid and teen.

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  22. Ken

    This car is NOT an XL.

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  23. Lewis

    Love a old 631/2 or 64,but never owned one. Boy at work had a 64 with a 390 with automatic,nothing special. It’s was in 75,so his car was already 11 years old. We left work one day and got side by side,we was doing about 50 maybe 55. I was in a 69 roadrunner 383. He kicked first, and it wasn’t much of a race. Beep beep and I was so far out in front,couldn’t even see him in the matter of seconds. Lol.

  24. Mitch Jackson

    Very correct, 1964 352 DID NOT have flags, only 390 and up

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  25. Steve RM

    I’ve always loved the 64 Galaxies (and the 64 Impalas). When I was in high school in the early 70s, my step brother had one with a 289 4 barrel and automatic. A great cruiser that was also pretty fast. We had a lot of fun in that car. Whether original or a restoration it’s a beautiful car. Would look great in my shop but it’s full. My brother’s was a white 2dr with a black interior. I remember he punched a couple of holes in the muffler to make it sound “better”.

  26. George Gill

    Good morning 64 galaxies i have had 2 new 64 hood molding is factory option as is the rocker molding’s and lower side mounding really nice car but it is not a org ford color I have a org 4 dr hardtop I got married in a great car the 352 did not have badges on the fenders Galaxie George

    • Bob Mck Member

      Our new 64 was this color.

  27. chrlsful

    3speed OD, a new 1 on me:

    so hada take a look. Love these ‘pre-muscle’ cars as those who recognize my posts, the straight lines (B4 the over-the-wheel-humps of the mid/late 60s muscle) the large displacement (455, 428) multi carb, etc. Enjoy~

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