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Original Survivor: 1969 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

Tastes and opinions change, and I am not immune from this. While I had always admired the stunning good looks of Jaguar’s E-Type, my classic car focus was mainly on American vehicles. That changed many decades ago when I had the opportunity to slip behind the wheel of an early E-Type 3.8-liter Fixed Head Coupe. Much to my surprise, I found a comfortable and engaging car that offered surprising performance for its engine size. The experience has turned me into a lifetime E-Type convert, and if my bank balance were healthier, I’d have one in my workshop today. For those who like their E-Type with a spot of practicality, this 1969 2+2 might be a good alternative. It is an original and unrestored survivor that is in above-average condition. It seems to need nothing and would make an excellent turnkey classic for its next owner. Located in Fenton, Missouri, you will find the E-Type listed for sale here on eBay. The bidding has worked its way to $20,099, but this remains short of the reserve.

There’s something that seems right about finding a classic Jaguar wearing British Racing Green paint. I know it’s cliched, but sometimes you can’t mess with tradition! The paint on this car shines beautifully, with very few flaws or defects. Any that are present are minor and wouldn’t require immediate attention. One of the great strengths and weaknesses of the E-Type is its styling. When the car is in excellent condition, it looks stunning. However, any panel defects or misalignments can stand out a mile away. There appear to be no such problems with this car because the panels are straight, and the gaps are tight and consistent. The owner doesn’t mention any issues with rust, and the prone areas like the rockers, rear valance, and the area around the rear hatch opening look clean. The lack of surface corrosion on other aspects of the car leads me to feel quietly confident. The exterior trim is in good condition, as are the beautiful wire wheels. The owner has recently fitted new tires, so that’s one expense that the buyer won’t face. There are no problems with the glass, and this car’s overall first impression is positive.

Jaguar designed the E-Type specifically as a two-seat sports car but added the versatility of a 2+2 version in 1966. While some purists decried the change, enthusiasts with small children welcomed it with open arms. It suddenly meant that an E-Type was a viable alternative as a family classic. This 2+2 continues to make the right impression when we examine its interior. The original owner ordered it upholstered in Black leather. Although the upholstery now wears all of the wrinkles and creases that are part of aging leather’s character and charm, there is no significant wear or other damage. The dash is excellent, while the gauges look crisp and clean. The carpet is slightly faded, but the lack of wear means that immediate replacement is unnecessary. As well as the versatility of four seats, this E-Type brings a touch of luxury to the table. The original owner ordered it with air conditioning, and the system remains intact. So far, then, things are looking pretty promising.

I’m always happy to tilt forward the hood on an E-Type to find a DOHC six-cylinder powerplant occupying the engine bay. There is nothing particularly wrong with the V12 version, but that motor is heavier and impacts the car’s balance. For pure driving pleasure, it’s hard to go past the six. This Jag features the 4.2-liter six that pumps out 270hp. For those who want an effortless driving experience, the original owner ordered it with the three-speed automatic transmission. This does impact the car’s overall performance, with the journey down the ¼ mile taking 16.5 seconds. Still, I guess we can’t have it all, can we? The owner states that this Jaguar has a genuine 52,000 miles on the clock. He doesn’t indicate whether he holds verifying evidence, but this would be worth pursuing further. It seems that the car runs and drives extremely well and is a turnkey proposition. It appears that the buyer could theoretically fly in and drive this one home.

While I am happy to admit to being an E-Type convert, I am also willing to admit that I am less of a fan of the 2+2 examples. That doesn’t make them a bad car. They just don’t suit my particular taste. From a production perspective, they fall right in the middle between the traditional Fixed Head Coupe and the Roadster with a build total of 5,326 cars in 1969. The Roadster total was 8,628, while the Fixed Head reached 4,855. This one appears to be in excellent condition as a survivor and seems ready to impart the classic motoring experience upon its next owner. The 2+2 variant does not command the same value in the classic market as the other variants, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it meet the reserve before it hits $40,000. If you are looking for an E-Type, this auction might be worth watching.


  1. TBone

    I was a child when a friend’s father had some kind of mid-life crisis and bought one of these and shortly thereafter walked out on his family. I only mention that because it is probably the reason I haven’t been a big fan of these cars. As an adult I look at this car in a new context and think it is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Some people really don’t like the 2+2 roofline, but it seems much more graceful than a lot of today’s designs.

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  2. RichardinMaine

    In my late 20’s I had a ‘67 2+2, blessed with triple SU’s and a manual. I found it a lot more roomy than the ‘64 coupe that had preceded it, a decent performer and much more comfortable on a weekend trip. I’d bid but a second Jag is proscribed in the pursuit of marital peace.

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  3. Tim Keenan

    “blessed” is a funny description for SU carburetors (spoken as the one-time owner of a 1967 Land Rover with a 2.6 L 6-cylinder)

    • laurence

      Tim: SU carburettors are easy to work on and synchronise, because they are so basic (patented in 1922!). Their basic-ness also makes them inefficient. This is why to meet emissions, as of ’68, Jaguar had to switch to twin Zenith-Strombergs, which did the same job as the triple SU’s, but were a lot more efficient and thermostatic (atomized the fuel more finely, received a bigger electrical zap from the upgraded Series II distributor).

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  4. Garfon

    My favorite dashboard. More gauges and switches than a B-29

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  5. Slomoogee

    This is probably the least expensive way to get into a e type that you’ll find. Sure it’s a 2+2 coupe with an automatic and rocker switches on the dash. But it still has that overall presence. The sore thumb that sticks out to me is the ugly rub strip on the side. Once you remove this, tidy up under the hood, and take a good look underneath, you could be a cars and coffee neighborhood hero if you choose.

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  6. Peter K

    strikes every button on my want list. ….. but its an automatic argh….

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  7. Solosolo Solosolo Member

    The 1961 Jaguar XK E Type did the 1/4 mile in 15.1 seconds whereas the 1948 Jaguar XK 120 took 17.5 seconds. Not a great improvement from 1948 until 1961 it appears.

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  8. laurence

    This E Type has a vicious ding on the passenger side of the nose. That awful glued-on protective side moulding has to go, but apart from that it doesn’t appear to be too bad for an automatic 2+2. I can tell it is an early ’69 because the seats have the full Conolly leather, as opposed to the perforated leather that came along a little later in ’69. Also, if the engine is 100% original this is a Canadian car, as it doesn’t have the early American EGR going from the rear on;y exhaust manifold into the inlet/intake manifold. If indeed an American car (the Heritage Certificate could clarify that), then the EGRwas removed. Either way the performance is better than with the EGR, as that early version of it robbed 19 bhp from the power at the crank.

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  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Jan 28, 2022 , 4:30PM
    Current bid:
    US $23,600.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 34 bids ]

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