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Original Survivor: 1969 Shelby GT350

This 1969 Shelby GT350 is an unrestored survivor and has been with the second owner since 1984. They have listed it here on Denver’s Craigslist, with an asking price of $63,900. Price’s for later GT350s have plummeted in the past few years, which leaves us wondering if it’s really worth this kind of money. Does the original condition and Shelby name really add up to this kind of money?

By the time this Shelby was built, Ford had taken over complete production of the Shelby Mustangs and Carroll Shelby had very little involvement with its design. The car grew both in size and weight considerably, losing much of its bit. Instead of using the highly tuned 289 V8 found in earlier cars, Ford switched over to a stock 351 cui V8, which was rate at 290 hp. The most drastic modification made to the engine was the aluminum intake and Cobra valve covers, which help make this engine look more aggressive. We aren’t sure if the Ferrari sticker will help with performance, but it’s worth a laugh or two.

This interior looks great and the seller claims it’s still the original interior. The interior used in the GT350 was the Deluxe interior from the production Mustang, but with Shelby badges. The four speed manual was standard equipment, as was the 8000 rpm tach and 140 mph speedo. The seller claims this car has only seen 54,000 miles, which we are inclined to believe given the shape of the car inside and out.

With prices for early GT350s easily exceeding $150,000, this car seems like an affordable alternative. It’s a great looking car, but wasn’t the point of the Shelby cars to be a car that could tear up the streets during the week and then win at the track on the weekend? We have no doubt it’s a fun car to drive, but do you think it’s really worth this kind of money?


  1. Faygo

    Beautiful. But 50k, tops.

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  2. paul

    Always nice to see a classic that had very few owners & one that didn’t abuse it. That alone makes it worth more in my view, is it worth over 50 with the engine bay looking like it does?

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  3. Dolphin Member

    This car has been around on eBay and Craigslist before, and is now listed at a reduced asking price since it only made it to $58K on eBay recently. It’s not worth that much to me, and I guess it’s not worth $60K + to anyone else right now. A good ’65 or ’66 GT350 is worth far more than this ’69, and that may be influencing the seller to keep listing it for more than its current value. At this point in the sale process you can either keep putting it on free listing sites with little hope of a sale, or put it into one of the big commercial collector car auctions and hope for your price. The risk is that if you don’t get your price you are out the shipping and commission too, and you might have been better off waiting until the market catches up with your idea of its value.

    Assuming that ot is a genuine unrestored survivor, best thing to do might be to just enjoy it for a couple of years by driving it sparingly on perfect days to keep it exercised but not add too many miles. That will keep its ‘original survivor’ status intact until the right buyer comes along. Good luck to the seller. It looks like a very nice original car.

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  4. Al Neri

    Yes, it would be worth the money to me (if I had it). You won’t find many in this condition and I always liked the 1968-69 models.

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  5. john

    It looks like the drivers side door may have been repainted!

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  6. Horse Radish

    there is a lot of details that spook me….
    not a $64k car to me, unless he’ll detail it, and see how it comes out ??

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  7. Marc Robertson

    Rare color.

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  8. Rancho Bella

    Would rather have a 69/70 Boss 302…………..There are only three years of true Shelby’s and they ain’t the three………….

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  9. Gnrdude

    I dunno where they are getting there figures from this Car is Underpriced by about 10K. the only other 69 GT-350’s I can Find for Sale are in the 70-80K$ Range & have been Restored. This is an unmolested Original Very hard to Find on a Shelby Most of those have been Ridden Hard & put up Wet.

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    • Loits

      Send me your number I want to sell you cars! Had I been the owner and offered $58k I’d have ripped his arm off and given him a bunch of flowers. Yes it is loveley to see a “mostly” origional low milage car like this but the current economic climate dictates a degree of realism. Shelby by name not by nature, and is it BROWN?????? late $40’s is more on the money

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    • icanspell

      What’s with the Random Capitalization of Unimportant Words, Anyway?

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  10. Mark E

    The ’69 Shelby is my favorite year but this price is still high enough that I’d want it authenticated by someone who knows Shelbys really well. Just from these pics I see a couple of things I’d want to ask the seller about. If this was the mid-70s and the price was 5% of what it is now I’d snap it up but for over $50k it’s definitely not an impulse purchase.

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