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Ossi Blue Beauty: 1969 Porsche 912

When it comes to buying a collector car, most enthusiasts love to see a long but quiet history. One-owner cars are extremely sought-after, but the next best thing is a vehicle that’s at least been with one caretaker for some time. This gorgeous Ossi Blue 1969 Porsche 912 listed here on eBay has been with the same family for the last 20 years, and it was restored under their care. The 912 is an original blue plate California car that comes with its COA; bidding is just over $40,000 with no reserve.

What an amazing color. The 912 is no slouch these days when it comes to attracting enthusiastic bidding, especially when it retains its numbers-matching engine like this car does. Yes, it has been repainted, but that’s a rare factory color we’re looking at and it certainly presents far better than a car with faded or blistering paint. The classic combination of a long-hood air-cooled Porsche with Fuchs wheels is as good as it gets, and aside from what looks like a possible alignment issue with the front bumper, the 912 presents exceedingly well.

However, there’s no denying a restored car loses something in the process, and while we’re not dinging this 912 by any means, there’s still a feeling of it being a little too perfect. It depends on what you’re looking for. Some collectors only want a turnkey car with all of its warts removed; others of us like finding examples with some of its historical “markers” still baked into the paint. This 912’s restoration was likely done out of love for the car rather than someone who buys a project merely for the goal of flipping it.

The before pictures help to establish the sort of specimen we were starting with, and given its roots in California, one can hope this 912 has never been anything approaching rusty. The seller notes the floor pans and trunk were replaced during the restoration, which could be viewed as a cost of doing business when restoring an air-cooled Porsche. The listing claims the engine was refreshed and that all trim, rubber, lights, and chrome pieces were replaced at the same time. It’s a stunning car, and right now, it’s selling at a bit of a bargain price. Will it stay there?


  1. JE Vizzusi

    First off a 912 is basically a hopped up Volkswagen Beattle. Along with the 914 a poor man’s Porsche. 40k is insane. You can find restoration ready 911s for that price. Not that this ride wouldn’t make your grandaughter high school graduation present ecstatic but for real, back in my day these were dogs. jv – smash palace

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    • Euromoto Member

      “Beetle”. And, of course you’re right. We all know Volkswagens used forged internals, dual solexes, disc brakes all around, and outsold 911’s at a ratio of 4:1 for the first four years of production…

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      • bobhess bobhess Member

        Like you said….The engine designs were similar, the engines were not.

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    • CeeOne

      The 912 has better weight distribution than the 911. By your logic, the 911 would also be a hopped up VW.

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    • Robert lee

      Clue less

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    • Jack Quantrill

      Mr. Jacuzzi, wrote this to stir up the hornet’s nest. Haha! We know he’s joking.

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    • Gerard Frederick

      You sound like you hate Porsches, period. If so, why just keep your half baked ideas to yourselves and do all of us a favor. Thank you.

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  2. Steveo

    Pretty. Not $40k plus pretty, but would be a great sub $20k car. It’s not, because folks who can’t afford a ‘real’ 911amp up the price of a wannabe.

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    • Corky

      Show us a restored 912 for $20K…..we’re waiting.

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  3. bevis

    Ahhh; another sheep in wolf’s clothing

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  4. CeeOne

    I always think I should not have sold mine. I had a 68 and year later I’d put 15,000 miles on it. So 53 years later at say only 10,000 miles a year, it might have had over500,000 miles on it.

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  5. Malcolm Boyes

    As the proud owner of a 1968 912 let me set the record straight. There is nothing VW or “Beetle” about a 912. The motor is all Porsche and started with the last 356 model.It is not a poor man’s 911 either.The 912 came with over 90hp stock and can be easily tuned to way over 100 and it weighs two hundred pounds less than the equivalent 911.The 911 carries most of that extra weight in the extra cylinders in the far rear of the car. This makes the 911 more tail happy than the 912.The 912 is an absolute joy to drive.They are solid, nimble, certainly fast enough. You can cruise all day at way over 80 mph ( done it many times) and it will return 35 mpg.The engines are more simple than the 911 making them much cheaper and easier to work on.They are extremely reliable.My car was my late wife’s daily driver from 1981 til 2007 when I took over driving duties for her.It has covered literally hundreds of thousands of trouble free miles and finally got an engine rebuild($6000) about five years ago.

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  6. Robby C

    … and Lamborghini made tractors before they made sport cars. It doesn’t mean they didn’t make good tractors. It’s called development. Without one, you wouldn’t have the other. 924’s & 944’s are knocked all the time for not being ‘true Porsches’, without consideration for experimentation & contributing to the financial stability of an automaker for continued production of more desirable models.

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  7. Frank Barrett Member

    Could you duplicate this car for less money? Heck, no. Not even for $60-70K and probably way more.

    Seller doesn’t say it’s a four-speed, as per the certificate of authenticity.

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  8. Malcolm Boyes

    I’d say this will go for north of $60,000 and will continue to appreciate.Its a spotless 912 in a highly desirable colour with real Fuchs wheels….if its a five speed that’s the icing on the cake

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $44,700.

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