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Our TVR Finally Shipped Out!

TVR Headed Out

After weeks of waiting, a truck finally picked up our TVR  the other day and hauled it over to its new owner place. Justin was happy to have the car in his garage at long last and quickly got to work. We may have started the rescue process, but he has really started to dig in and address all the little annoyances. We are happy to know that the car has gone a good home and look forward to his future updates. Here’s the most recent one in his own words:

TVR At Home

Just wanted to give you the latest on the TVR. When it showed up, it had a bad miss. I thought it might be old gas, but then I heard a rattle that wasn’t coming from underneath. I popped the valve covers off… learning curve… but I can do it quick now! Some one had done a great job avoiding leaks by applying lots of Ultra Blue RTV, but made it hell to get them off. I bent them both pulling and prying but managed to straighten them nicely. The number one intake pushrod was just laying in the bore, hence the occasional clinking. I figure the great sealing job was indicative of a lack of valve adjustments. Most of the valves were not too out of whack but adjusted them and it runs so much better.

I put a little Tri-Flo on the passenger door latch and it opens and shuts freely and nicely now. Eventually I’ll adjust it so it doesn’t stick out at the bottom and rub the fender. I also dropped some Tri-Flo on the signal contacts and they work reliably now. Love that stuff! I adjusted the hood striker and it shuts better now. In time I need to figure out a way to rebow the hood so it fits between the fenders nicer with a better gap. Oh, and sand the drips on the hood bulge and cut the orange peel. Whoever painted the hood didn’t do a very good job.

Next project after I return from New Orleans next week, I’ll get it up on jack stands and scope out the clutch linkage and hydraulics. Then I’ll move on to the rear suspension to change out the worn out bushings and so on. I was wondering what the hell I’d done at first as I should’ve put the money towards a new truck. But it’s coming along and gets better with every little bit of tinkering I do.

Earlier today, I moved it out of the garage and into the alley so I could tidy up a little. The alley backs up to a shopping center with a lot of foot traffic and no less than five people came along and asked about it. That’s pretty cool! Have a good one.


  1. gwizzzzz

    Clad it went to a good home love TVR;s if i had the ready cash i would have nabbed it myself

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  2. jim s

    hey, i wanted that car, but not enough to outbid the new owner. since the car has now gone down the road to the new owner i guess i can put my money back in the saving account! i am glad the TVR went to a good home. i hope that you will keep us updated. time to do the numbers on this project then get started on the next BF project car. great fun.

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  3. Doug Towsley

    Yes, i followed this at first but lost track when I didnt see updates. I thought the plan was to chart projects and see how they pencil out. I think that is a good plan and do the same myself. I start a file folder for each project at the beginning.

    Please update on these projects, I think many of us would like to see that.

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    • Dave Wright

      Yep……..I suspect the only way it penciled out was if no labor or time was accounted for. For a hobby, that is fine but if your expressed interest is to make a profit, it makes a tough way to pay the rent.

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