Outdoor Find: 1936 Oldsmobile F36 Sport Coupe

Considered an old Barn Find, this 1936 Oldsmobile looks a lot more like an outdoor find at this point. Despite it’s surroundings, this Oldsmobile appears to be a rock solid find. With a sharp appearance, I am sure we can all appreciate this great 30’s era machine. With several days remaining in the auction, bidding has risen to $5,536.00. Check it out here on eBay out of Marne, Michigan.

Although the headliner has given up the ghost, the interior doesn’t look too bad off. The bench looks very reasonable, as does the dash. It appears that the door panels are missing, but the seller has stated that the car is “100% complete.” Currently this Olds is not a runner at this time, but I would assume there is hope to revive the engine.

In the event that you were looking for more reasons to convince yourself to buy this Oldsmobile, then let me tell you that this sweet looking ride has a rumble seat. Something interesting you will notice is that there are no side cuts in the fenders for a spare tire. Instead the spare is stored vertically behind the bench seat.

Claimed to be rot and rust free, this Oldsmobile is already a charming machine, which sounds to be a rock solid start. There does appear to be some spray paint touch up on the driver side, while there is paint chipping off on the passenger side. I am not totally convinced that the paint is original, but there is a possibility that it could be. Being a rumble equipped coupe, and featuring excellent lines, this Oldsmobile is difficult to ignore. Would you save this sharp coupe?


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  1. Lee

    Rust free.. but, the floor pans need to be replaced?

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Yea Lee I saw that…as usual no pics of anything important. If the pans are gone hows the rest of the underbelly. same old song. Know
      what you are buying!! Didn’t even show a pic of the mill. The whole thing sounds highly suspect. Good luck to the new owner.

  2. TimM

    What a great car!! I would have to hot rod it!! It’s in great condition for a restoration but I would have to hot rod it with a small block and juice breaks!!! Sorry to the purists!!!

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  3. JW454

    Another candidate in the running for the worst pictures posted for a sale ad. From what we can see, it looks fairly complete.

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  4. Solar

    My father’s first car was a 36 Oldsmobile Coupe. A standard four seat non rumble seat form. He later had a 70 Delta 88 4dr hardtop that is still one of the most beautifully styled cars from end to end that I’ve ever seen. I’ve had a Cutlass myself. When the brands were built differently, Oldsmobile built a reputation for building the sturdiest cars capable of attaining the highest mileage with few repairs. The oldest of American auto manufacturers to have survived so long, it was a sad end when they shut their doors.

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Regardless which way it goes this one needs to be saved. You just don’t see cars like this that often, if at all.

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  6. Dave

    Tough call. I can’t recall ever seeing one of these so the desire to restore it would be strong. On the other hand, a restomod might well be a good path, with Wilwood brakes, 12 volt electrics, air conditioning, and no SBC here, but a massaged Olds 455 providing the ponies.

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  7. Del

    Yes. Definitely should be saved

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    From what you can see its a beauty. JW454 is right, worst listing ever. Beware, zero feedback; yes everyone starts with zero feedback, but that’s also the trademark of a scammer that would post a few pics and short description to see if he can hook a sucker. Been there. Good luck to the new owner. An early olds v8 as a 50’s rod would be very cool!!

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    • Tort Member

      The Old’s and a 56 Bird is for sale by the same owner on Facebook Market place and lives close to where I live. He is asking 10k on the Facebook site for the coupe. They are just going to sit if he keeps them.

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  9. Howard

    Beautiful old crate! Seller sure missed the boat with the pics, the front end is the view with the real oomph. I believe this was the last year GM used wooden framing for the body. What looks like an easy body to redo might turn into a nightmare. There were two of these around that I lusted after as a kid. One a family kept around as a spare, seldom driven. Another at a service station parked out in a field. It sat there long after the station went out of business and sunk slowly into the dirt and turned into rust. I don’t believe the paint is original as it’s peeling off the side trim. It was a common thing in those days to grab a bucket of paint and a brush and freshen up the old buggy especially in the war years when new cars couldn’t be had. It would be mine, but I can’t keep up with my 52 Olds. It’s time to go out and see if I can find out why her tranny is leaking. If this coupe was mine, I’d have to get someone I trusted to drive it so I could ride in the rumble seat. That’s a thrill that most haven’t been able to experience. Great fun

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  10. the one

    Old school 371 tri power, auto, see ya!

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  11. canadainmarkseh Member

    I would leave it stoke just so I could experience driving in the past. I’d get some thirties styled clothes and a flat top hat to add to the experience. This car would have been capable of keeping up with today’s traffic and hopefully it gets restored so it can be out on the road again. I have to wonder what’s under the hood it would be cool if it has a straight 8 flat head. I’m about a year out from finish my dodge with it’s flatty straight 6 and 3 on the tree. I can’t Waite to drive it.

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  12. Carl Aboff

    More clowns wanting to butcher a beautiful collectible car. Sad.

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    • Dave Mazz

      Carl Aboff did state, “More clowns wanting to butcher a beautiful collectible car”

      How’s this for an option? Restore thus Olds as a 1930’s circus clown car!! :-) :–) .

    • JBP

      spot on.. what a shame not to Keep it original… i Europe no one would ever resto mod such a Beauty. Keep it org. and it hold value, resto mod it, and in 10 to 15 years it is worthless, when something ells is hip… GET REAL……..

  13. Bob McK Member

    Love it. Someone please restore this beauty.

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  14. John S

    Now there’s a unique blank canvas! Very classy lookin’ ride. An Olds Rocket with an O.D. trans would pull it around nicely… Stock high end interior with lots of insulation for a quiet ride… hidden stereo so as not to interrupt the nostalgic cabin. Drop it down a little, keep the wheels with some wide white radials and smooth shocks. Shine it up & start gobbling asphalt!

  15. Dave

    I agree this is a cool car, but the ebay ad states it needs floors. Restore…. no, hot rod….eventually.

  16. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’m no Olds authority, but what caught my eye was this being a 36 F36. Prefer to see it restored to original condition, but if not do a drivetrain in such a way it could be put back original if desired without hacking the frame or body.
    I admit the thought of a new frame, drivetrain and suspension to make it more fun to drive is very attractive if achievable. I’ve seen too many hack jobs where someone tries to fit a new drivetrain and ruins the vehicle along the way.

  17. Brakeservo

    Current bid is $10,000!!??? I’ll bet dollars to donuts such bid is the work of ol’ Mr. S.Hill again

    • ctmphrs

      You don’t make any sense Brakeservo. Why would a seller have a shill jack the bid from 5600. to $10,000.

  18. Sal

    I am pretty sure this would be a flathead 6. I think you had to have a Buick to get a straight 8 (overhead valve at that)… but i’ve been wrong before.

    Either way, I’m sure it has enough power for everything this side of highway traveling.

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