Oval Window Project: 1956 Volkswagen Beetle

What an interesting story this ’56 Bug must have to tell: the seller notes it sat behind a VW dealership for decades, being robbed of parts and generally falling into disrepair. It’s a shame because it’s an early Beetle with the oval rear window and all sorts of other details unique to the oldest models. The seller describes as a no-bondo car that remains quite honest despite its bedraggled appearance and even thinks the engine may be the matching unit. Find this 1956 Beetle here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $9,999.99 and the option to submit a best offer.

The Beetle has a canvas sunroof, which is obviously in tatters, but you can begin to see how sweet it would be if it were restored back to original condition. Now, you’ll have to track down numerous parts to get that done, as it was robbed of the following while it sat behind a dealership awaiting God-kn0ws-what for servicing: the driver’s seat, tail light housings, spare wheel, ignition key, part of the air filter housing, the headlights, visor, and rearview mirror all went missing while it sat idle at dealer. Gee, you think the service squad used it to keep other Bugs on the road?

Wow: that interior captures just how long this car has sat deteriorating. The spider web alone is a work of art, indicating the critters haven’t been disturbed all that often. The seller notes that it will need rust repair in the heater channels, floors, spare tire well and some of the fender wells. That’s not entirely surprising, as all of those are vulnerable spots even in cars that haven’t been languishing outdoors for years. The seller notes he is the third owner and has had the Bug in his garage for four years, and isn’t going to get around to restoring it.

The reason he believes the engine to be original is for a few reasons, one of which is he apparently has evidence that this engine was still with the car in 1971 (dealership records?) Another is due to the engine number, which correlates to the same month the Beetle was built. It’s not outside the realm of possibility if it ended up parked outside a VW dealer for years, and at the very least it seems to be correctly date coded. Early Bugs trade for a fair amount of money, so I’d say for an offer under the asking price, this ’56 Beetle could be a project worth bringing back to life.

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  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    I am a long time beetle fan, and I know this is an oval window model, but 10G for this rotted out hogwagen parts car, oh my gosh!

    • Classic Steel

      Evidently 2020 means throw out normal pricing and just put 10k for a parts car worth maybe 2-3 k . It’s at best just a picked over car that will most likely never be original again.

      I can’t wait to see another rusted hull classic with a tree growing in it for 5999. when its another bargain day baby 🤣😂😉

      I know it irks some stating this ..
      but looks like more gaga over BJ or mecum auctions with folks seeing dollars 💵 in their junk.

  2. TimM

    I never thought I’d see the day when a beatle with no interior no headlights or taillights and the motor and transaxle needing to be rebuilt would have a buy it now of 10k!!!

  3. jerry z

    Maybe a split window bug may command this price but not an oval window. Seems owner is throwing that price against the wall to see if it sticks.

  4. Stangalang

    I LOVE the interior photo..looks like a scene from Annabelle or It..

  5. Racingpro56 Member

    I find it hilarious that someone took the time to blur out the license plate. SMH…at least they didnt do the “finger in the pic covering the plate” thing. I dont get it.

  6. steve

    It’s a plan, see…We are short of Gogs… We need more than the old system could produce. Listings like this leaves us all AGOG…
    Problem solved!

  7. Steve

    Dude probably thinks he’s a millionaire with all the Bug stuff he has in the background.

  8. Gaspumpchas

    Picked over like a turkey carcass after thanksgiving. You would have to look at this and see for yourself if its worth the coin. Unless u have a parts car or lots of parts lying around, forget it. No pics of the underside. Bet the floor pan is non existant. Worth a buck 3 eighty maybe. Good luck.

  9. vintagefiberglass

    This car is worth the roof clip and a few parts? Like I said before you could buy a nice driver like this for like $15K. Not worth fixing this one??

  10. bobhess Member

    Qualifies for the “you’ve got to be kidding” award of the week.

  11. Dale

    I have the very same ragtop model that is complete, original motor, etc, that runs, missing the side mirror and one pinhole in the passenger floor. Has an original Memphis safety sticker from the “60’s”on interior windshield. If you compare to this VW, I must have A 16K + car! Just sayin’. 🇺🇸

  12. Ron Daily

    Let’s see 10k for this heap. Wow, I just had a quote to paint my 1955 Beetle inside, underneath and outside, with the bodywork completed , for $12k. If the same wholes true that would put you $22k into this car plus mechanical,electrical, interior, etc. so roughly $45 to $50k for a car that’s worth maybe $30k on a great day. Auctions make everyone with a pile of parts think they have won the lottery.


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