Is It Overpriced? 1965 Porsche 356C

Yeah, I know, these aren’t the best pictures. But this 1965 356C might actually be realistically priced. It’s currently in a storage unit in Ramona, California, and after owning it since 1975 and collecting parts for all that time to restore it, the owner has decided to sell the car. It’s for sale here on eBay with a buy it now of $40,000 but even lower offers are being considered.

Although we don’t have a good shot of the entire car, the seller describes the body as “pretty much rust free.” Although we can see some damage in the left rear, I’d certainly rather deal with that than some of the rust buckets we’ve seen for sale lately! Who knows, considering the car was taken off the road at only 10 years old, this might even be the original paint!

Looking at the inside of the door, I’m not sure though–if it is that medium blue-gray color I’d go back original, because I love it. Who knows, though. I love that steering wheel!

I had to show a close up of that steering wheel. If you look very closely, the odometer is showing 5,150 miles. However, the seller states in the auction listing that it has 120,000 miles. I’m not sure of either! The other thing I find odd is that the radio looks newer than 1975 to me. But what a classic look (and I love the steering wheel…but I said that already).

Hmmm.  Something missing here. Lots of somethings. Actually, an engine is included, with a counterbalanced crankshaft and blueprinted connecting rods. It also has a rebuilt transmission and Weber 44s. However, the seller has an interesting tactic in the ad by listing a bunch of spare parts they have that are “extras that can be purchased.” I guess they have accumulated a lot of spares, and I don’t blame them for selling them separately, it just comes across a little odd to me in the auction listing. Maybe it’s just me. So, more importantly, is this the 356 project for you, and is it worth the asking price?


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  1. Max Wedge

    Is there a passenger door?

  2. Scot Douglas

    Nope. I love the 356, but they’re getting priced out of the stratosphere – and for no reason other than folks with money are buying them up.

  3. kenneth

    That crank above is no cv crank.

  4. AFM

    Interesting approach

    Sell the body minus parts then sell the missing parts for more money.

    • Dave Wright

      I thought that too at first glance but the extra parts listed are spares. The car appears to be selling complete. I am looking for a C or SC project right now but without a close inspection, this one seems high or full retail price. Photos are not really useful…… wife is headed down there tomorrow, may have her go buy and look at it……there is a make offer option.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Let us know what you decide, Dave!

  5. Rx7turboII

    Why does everybody with cash to burn constantly over pay for these old Porsches? ITS JUST A CAR PEOPLE. I love cars, but i also have a brain and some logic left in it to know that car prices lately have gotten out of hand! It’s not fun anymore to buy fix and enjoy cars if you are required to mortgage your life’s savings to get one you like…I’m so glad I’m into reasonably priced affordable cars that are fun to drive and you don’t need to cash out your 401k in order to buy them. STOP THE MADNESS! Lol.

    • Dave Wright

      This is a collector/hotrod forum. Why would you make a comment like that here…….with that attitude you need to buy a Prius and be happy.

      • Rx7turboII

        My comments are my opinions and are the truth…like it or not Dave. The hobby has gotten expensive. Oh and keep your Prius comments to yourself, I wasn’t attacking you personally and I don’t expect the wise crack replies in return.

      • Dave Wright

        The hobby has always been expensive…,. Porsches have never been cheep…. I paid 5,000 in 1970 for my 67 911S…,,minimum wage was 1.35 an hr.and gas was .28 a gallon

  6. Jeffro

    I’d pay that but, it has no patina. Post again when it’s rusty.

    • billy

      Thats funny! It would be even funnier, if it were not true. Foolish people spending easily gotten money. Of course, these are not average people, more like Dave above who can mention the minimum wage and a three year old Porsche purchase in the same paragraph…totally out of touch with the average fella. BTW Dave, if you quintuple for inflation, $5000, its only 25K in today’s dollars. Not bad for a three year old sports car. I think the car prices are way too inflated, way beyond reason, and not a good investment, but if you can afford it and it makes you happy, why not. (Its not like a guy like me would ever be able to afford a Porsche anyhow, so go for it)

      • Jesse Staff

        I wouldn’t assume that the people who can afford this are foolish. The majority of America’s rich are self-made and it’s probably safe to assume they are more intelligent and harder working than average.

      • Dave Wright

        Billy……, you can buy a nice 996 for 25K today…,,

  7. mark

    It’s all about where you look! 3 years ago a neighbor sold his Dad’s ’77 911, complete with a few spots of Bondo under newer paint, in perfectly fine driver’s condition for $10K, maybe less (I didn’t have an extra ten large at the time). It sat for sale for months until the right buyer came along. So although Porsche prices have recently entered ‘Beanie Baby’ territory, I suspect there are still deals to be found. If you want the true bargains, wait until the stock market takes its inevitable swan dive; these will flood the market as brokers scramble to cover their losses. Everything is cyclical.

  8. ROTAG999

    Never was a Fan of the 356 i agree with Dave something newer less money and a runner !

  9. Steven

    Well Janice Joplin her Porsche sold for well over a Million dollars at Auction..

    • Woodie Man

      From the grave and with a repaint, not the original psychedelic paint scheme she commissioned. In which case, while each to his own said Mrs O’Leary as she planted a wet one on the cow, I think that buyer was foolish. Generally speaking as a long time car nut and the past owner of some 70 cars, most of which are incredibly average but incredibly expensive today, I’m with those who think people spend ridiculous amounts of money for cars I deem not worth what they pay. But hey, as I’ve said before, I’m just going to have to live long enough to catch them as they plummet in value :)

  10. rustylink

    why not just pay an additional 10K and get a driver and the Super 90 motor? This thing will need 20K just to get it near this one..

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