Pace Car Project: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS

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UPDATE 05/24/2024: Some classics are genuine mystery machines, which appears to be true with this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Pace Car Replica. We saw this classic last month, and its previous eBay listing indicates it sold for $25,100. That is where the mystery begins because the seller set their auction to open at $25,000 but chose the same figure for the BIN option. That begs the question of why anyone would actually bid when hitting the button would guarantee success. The seller may have fallen foul of a non-paying buyer because the Camaro is listed again here on eBay. They followed the same practice of opening the auction at $25,000 and again quoted that as the BIN price. Sometimes, fact is stranger than fiction, and it appears that the rest of the details for this classic remain unchanged.

04/24/2024: In 1969, the Chevy Camaro had the honor of pacing the field at the Indianapolis 500 for the second time in three years. Chevy built 3,675 replica convertibles with SS and RS equipment and badging to celebrate the occasion, with all painted Dover White with Hugger Orange accents and interior trim. This example is one of them, though it’s led a rough life and will need a complete restoration. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, this project is available here on eBay.

Not only did the ’69 Camaro pace the field at Indy, but it was also the official car of the “festival,” which meant the vehicles carried around drivers and celebrities during all the activities leading up to the big race. These were standout cars in their appearance, with both SS and RS features and Z28 stripes plus houndstooth seating. When buyers ordered one of the replicas, they had the RPO Z11 code on the cowl tag to support its authenticity. Most real Pace Cars and Replicas had 350 cubic inch V8 engines, though a few 396 editions were also built.

The seller bought this car as a project to restore it but has decided against it and found one in better condition to which they can apply their time and money. It’s not numbers matching, though the drivetrain is said to be period correct. Unfortunately, the motor is locked up, so if you have to replace the block, it won’t further deter the car’s value. The seller also has no faith in the TH-350 or 400 automatic transmissions being usable. A rebuilt 12-bolt rear end will be thrown in for good measure. Note to sellers: take photos in landscape, not portrait; they show off your wares better.

Given that most of the sheet metal is shot, the seller is sending along a bunch of new panels to facilitate a restoration. The hood has already been replaced, and it doesn’t look stock. It’s hard to tell if everything needed is there, but if something is missing that’s not specific to the Z11 option, first-generation Camaro parts are generally available. The VIN and cowl tags have been removed because new sheet metal was the plan. Since the seller has plenty of cars and motorcycles to work on, trades will not be considered.

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  1. Frog

    Driven hard and put away wet?

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    • Terrry

      “wet” is right considering all the rust. The car probably only weighs half as much as it did new.

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  2. JW

    Back in the day (late 70s) one of our “motorhead” group had one of these. It had a 396 with automatic, and if I’m remembering right…disc brakes on all four corners. Decades later, a friend of mine got a call from Texas, where a guy who eventually ended up with the car was trying to track down the original engine. My friend couldn’t help him, having no clue as to what had happened to it.

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    • CCFisher

      If you’re correct about the 4-wheel discs, your buddy’s car was exceptionally rare. The JL8 4-wheel-disc option was $500 in 1969, and 208 Camaros were ordered that way.

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  3. Marky Mark

    Pass. Too expensive for a non-numbers matching car in very rough condition.

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  4. I_cant_drive_65

    I have an unexplainable irrational love for these ‘69 model pace cars. I bet someone else out there is like me and may buy this regardless of the non numbers matching, numerous flaws and missing parts. Not sure what is up with the vin plates tho – that makes me pretty nervous. And I only wish it wasn’t automatic.

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    • Midway

      O boy, I like the look of the 68-73 camaros as well as the mustangs but 20K? if the glass was gone as well as the hood and trunk lid, it wouldn’t even be a parts car.

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  5. Yblocker


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    • Big H

      Parts car at best…$5000

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    • Danmohonk

      25 grand? Cowl tag has been removed? 25 grand for a non numbers matching “69 pace car? Engine is locked up, tyranny is questionable but the seller is throwing in the rebuilt 12 bolt rear. Gee thanks for that. Says seller has many car & motorcycles to work on so no trades. My question is why pass on a rare ’69 pace car if by the sounds of it you like to restore cars? My guess is that this car has serious issues. Like not worth 25 grand issues. Maybe if the seller comes out of orbit & back down to earth and puts the price in the not insane range, he or she will sell.

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      • James Moore

        Parts car way to much $

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  6. Eddie Pennsylvania

    Cool car, but $25k? For a car in shambles with a locked, non-numbers-matching engine? Clearly the quality of medical marijuana is far better in OK than in PA.

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  7. J

    I wouldn’t have an issue with how big this project is, but the price is outrageous. Also, the chances you’ll get all those parts, pieces with it go down after the seller gets the money. You’d have to be there and load it up yourself. Not saying the seller is crooked, but some people are forgetful.

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    • Terrry

      I’m wondering how a car that was basically a classic right out of the box was allowed to deteriorate like this. The thing must have been at the bottom of a lake somewhere.

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    • Frog

      Going for a second bite of the apple this time with the teeth in.

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  8. Charles M Jenkins

    I have to agree with most of the comments about this “offering”. I am a huge fan of ’69 Pace Cars, but not this one. I question whether or not it is even a viable parts car. A 396/375 4 speed car in this condition would be semi dreaming at this price. I wish the seller good luck with this, because he or she is going to need a ton of it to get even $3000 out of it.

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  9. Gtoforever

    I had one in 1980, awesome cruising at OCMD.
    To bad dad sold it when I was in the Army!
    Always gave him a hard time about it.

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  10. Don

    The seller was probably looking at “mint” examples when coming up with the opening bid, hoping to cash in on a rare specimen. But looking at the amount of work and $$$’s to put this camaro right, I think an opening bid of $15 K is more realistic given the history of the car. (JMO).

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  11. Pugsy

    It’s now certainly worth 25K as a bid has been placed.

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  12. Jay McCarthy

    I guess the seller has to start somewhere with a price.
    While there seems to be a good amount of parts that come with the hulk, I mean car. This is an ambitious project best left to either those that know what they’re doing or is a member of the More Money than Sense club

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  13. TRUTH

    Delusional asking price. Only a moron would pay it for a rust bucket with no engine. You’re better off building one from scratch.

    My guess is the only bid is the seller themselves trying to make it look like someone wants it.

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    • Jon

      Or he had his wife or a friend put in a bid..

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  14. Scott McConnell

    Joke. Wake up buddy

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    • Jon

      And your comment was directed to who?

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  15. BK

    Back in 88 I worked for a shop owner that had one of these that he bought new. He would let me take it on parts runs now and then, and even though it was less than 20 years old at the time, it still got a lot of attention.

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  16. Robert Atkinson, Jr.

    $25k for a body shell with more holes in it than a wheel of Swiss cheese, with a non-original motor and both the motor and transmission need to be rebuilt, not to mention that the GM data plate and VIN tag have been removed? It isn’t worth $250, let alone $25k! I could buy a new Dynacorn body and a “Connect & Cruise” crate motor and tranny directly from GM for that! Buy a rear end for it, while spending the same amount of money I’d spend trying to “restore” that money pit finishing the new body, driveline and interior with brand new parts! In effect, this guy is asking $25k for a data plate and VIN tag! No thank you! Not to mention that most state DMV’s/RMV’s take a dim view of swapping VIN tags onto new bodies. Most states call that fraud!

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  17. Mark S Holtz

    Agreed, someone pinch the seller I fear he is dreaming. Take at least 60k to make it drivable

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  18. Greg G

    Too much to put back together.l hope the buyer can do all the work needed, if they can’t. At 25k they’ll be under water before they get started.

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  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

    2 bids right now with 12 minutes to go, at $25,100.

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  20. PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

    SOLD for $25,100.

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    • The Truth

      This is a scam, there is zero reason for the vin and body tag to be removed from the car because no work has been done to it. Interior isn’t exactly correct, front end isn’t correct paint, the rear SS emblem is wrong along with it not being numbers matching. There’s so many red flags here. I bet if you check the vin stamped under the cowl, and the one behind the they won’t match tge vin plate. I have 69 z/28 in similar condition and I paid $7500 for it and the replacement metal panels.

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    • Robert Atkinson, Jr.

      Another member of the “More Money than Brains Club” has appeared to validate their membership in same, LOL!

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  21. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Is it funny both the vin tag and body tag are off ? Actually owned two of these….

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  22. Davey Boy

    My brothers landlord has a real one of those he lucked into for $5000.00. Definitely better shape than this one but neither he nor the previous owner knew it was an RPO Z11 until he removed the front cowl and found the white with orange stripes. He didn’t know what codes even meant, he just wanted a 69 convertible. The man just has the best luck in the world as in he not only got the RPO Z11 but it’s the 396 4 speed car. Unfortunately the motor and trans were gone but he had recently found, remembering his incredible luck, a “COPO 427”. The car took the better part of a year and about 14 hours a day but it is one of the nicest 69 pace car’s I’ve ever seen. So what it’s not numbers matching. It’s beautiful and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters. Really bummed about Barn Finds new format.

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  23. Terrry

    Actually the car will be listed again in 05/24/2025 according to the’s a car from the future!

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  24. Al camino

    This was on here a while back but I don’t remember if sold,I remember it by the ss badges being diagnal!

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  25. the rich guy

    About 2005 I bought a 69 Pace Car convertible with 350 and auto. It was in very good shape. But to bring it up to the level I wanted cost me $10,000. But about $2,000 of that was transmission repair after I’d owned it for over a year. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to transform this one and I wouldn’t want to find out.

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  26. Marshall

    This car was bought out of a salvage doubt.. pure junk..probably paid 500 the juk yard..

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  27. 914Shifter

    I have read all the comments, and it appears to me that many comments have missed the fact that this car is a “Tribute” or “Replica” and NOT an original pace car. Seems like that takes the value down even more!

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  28. joseph martin

    I bought this same model in 1969, mine had the SS RS package but a four speed stick, I loved that car, should have kept it. But this piece of junk hardly qualifies as a is a bad deal at any price, I know why the first buyer backed out, he came to his senses when his buddies found out what he bought and were rolling on the floor in laughter.

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  29. Ffred

    It’s pretty sad how were stuck searching rusted out or crashed remains of cars, we once could easily pick up for a few hundred bucks. I’m sure some of these are the remains of cars somebody wouldn’t allow you on the property to look at or proclaim “I’m going to fix it up”.

    I still know where a couple of those remains sit.

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