Package Deal! 1937 Ford Tudor With Vintage Trailer

Here’s an interesting package deal, it is an all original 1937, Ford Tudor, with an unlikely, one wheel “vintage” trailer – more on the trailer later.  Owned since 1966, and only driven 2,000 miles since then, the seller has decided to part ways with his Ford and the trailer, that has been in his family even longer. You’ll definitely want to check this opportunity out. Located in Champlin, Minnesota, this combination is available here on craigslist for $14,900. Thanks to Rico for this tip!

The seller tells his audience that the one-wheel trailer was pulled by his family’s 1937 Ford back in the ’40s and ’50s. He has even included an image of it attached to that family Ford sedan. The trailer’s single wheel advantage is the ability to back-up without jack-knifing. No doubt about it, it is a very old, rarely seen, design

The Ford Tudor, overall, appears to be sound. The 85 HP, 221 CI, flathead V8 was rebuilt by the seller’s father years ago using original Ford parts. There is no specific mention referencing operations, but the assumption is that the motor starts, runs, and drives. Unfortunately, there is no included image of the powerplant. The seller further states, “I am just in the process of replacing the hoses, ignition, fuel pump, etc. to get the engine running again after it has sat a while, but am not finding the time to finish. The cylinders were kept well lubricated, the Stromberg carburetor is already rebuilt, and I have all the other parts new on hand, so I will work that out with the buyer”. He also suggests that the mechanical brakes may need some “lubrication” or a conversion to a hydraulic system. As expected, a three-speed manual transmission is in place.

The interior of this Tudor is original but quite worn. The seller suggests that it will need complete replacement to improve its appearance. The original gauges are in place and have that great ’30s art-deco flair but there’s no claim as to their functionality. The upholstery fabric is torn in places and there is evidence of water damage having occurred to the door panels. There is not a clear image of the floors so we’ll have to go with the seller’s word regarding the absence of rust and this Ford’s overall solidity. The seller adds that this Ford has its original radio, plus a spare unit, that is included with the sale.

Moving outside, we find a mostly dent and rust-free body finished off in Henry’s favorite shade. There are a dented rear (passenger side) fender and a rusty driver’s side running board but that’s about it. The seller mentions that he has the missing tail light lens. The trim all seems to be present but replating will be in order if a future restoration is in the cards. The glass looks OK except for the passenger side windshield which appears to be cracked. Regardless, originality is the key to this Ford.

Back to the trailer, I can’t imagine using something like that, especially in this day and age; it looks like an accident waiting to happen.  The originality and the storyline are great but I’d think long and hard about using a trailer of this design at anything approaching current road speeds, especially while under load. The seller suggests that he’d like to not separate the pair so he really wants to work a deal and his “hope is that this will go to someone who appreciates its heritage and wants to keep it original”. What do you think, might you be that someone?

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  1. moosie moosie Member

    Neat old car, all it needs in my estimation is a sympathetic restoration on the interior and one to take the bumps and bruises off the exterior. Any ideas of what the device is hanging off the drivers side interior roof in picture #5 in the ad ? I like this car, reminds me of my ’40.

    • A.G.

      Picture 6 shows it to be a fan.

      • John S.

        That is clearly a vacuum powered fan up there on the upper driver’s side… I have 2 and they actually work if cleaned and lubed… (like anything else)

    • Bradford Austin Sr

      Looks like the sun visor that can also swing out to the side.

  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    moosie…Looks like the control for a spot light hanging from the wire.

  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    …. or the wire hanging off the control bolted to the roof structure. Maybe it snaps loose so you can use it out the driver’s window.

    • moosie moosie Member

      @ John S. Imagine that, a fan that blows by sucking, LOL.

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    You can just take this car to my place; it might give me solice to a ’38 Std. Slopeback I lost (boosted) some years back. I always liked this era/style of Ford. I would fix it and drive it, as bone stock as I could get it. The trailer? Well, it’s part of the deal. Fix it up and hitch it up to take to shows, but I seriously doubt if I would take it on a long trip…

  5. Dave

    Somewhere, I have a photo of my grandmother and grandfather standing next to their Packard with an identical trailer in the 30s.

  6. Dusty Rider

    Our family had a trailer almost like this but the swiveling wheel was suspended on a trailing link with coil springs on either side of the wheel. Two hitches were clamped to the ’47 Studebaker Champion’s rear bumper. Pulled it from Kansas City MO to Rochester NY. and back.

  7. Turbo

    Neat car. Knowing the history of the car back to 1966 is pretty cool. Then you realize it had been around 3 decades before the seller bought it. Kind of mind blowing that we can drive stuff that’s older than grandma.

  8. TimM

    I really wish this was a little cheaper or a little closer!! What a great looking car!! I’d get my sand bag and body hammers out and get those dents out then start on the drive train!! The pre war fords were some of the best looking car ever in my opinion!!!

  9. Jay Morgan

    I agree, as bone stock as possible on this one, or two because of the added original trailer.

  10. Bob C.

    I don’t know, but the car in the old photo seems to have a bit of a hump in the trunk area compared to this car. Anyone agree?

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I saw that too. It seems that there weren’t a lot of Slopebacks compared to Bustlebacks. I prefer the Slopebacks…

    • Wayne from oz

      One car is a 4 door, the other one has 2.

  11. Joey Machado

    Car in picture and ad are different cars. Was just to show trailer.
    Ad, a Tudor, different quarter windows, 4 door as opposed to the Tudor in ad.
    At 75 years old, me, I want to finish my last 2 here.
    But, I got an offer for one of mine for a restored Nascar Champinship winning car. Will not discuss details yet.
    Just finished a TV show and am goin on the road again the 18th.
    My trip to Ona, West Virginia is a race and a dealer promotion and will be about the 8-9th of August. Then North Carolina to visit some old friends from Nascar from the 60’s and 70’s and deliver a car and pickup a car.
    Then Florida to be with daughter redesigning her property for fun.
    Love this 37 though. The trailer I would restore. Ice chest and off to shows, mechanical brakes, et all. Plus XM Satelite radio, a must 50’s on 5

  12. DON

    This is the same model and color Ford my dad had when he signed up to fight in WW2 , right after Pearl Harbor .It was waiting for him at his parents when he got home in 1946 with a war bride in tow. He was an electronics salesman, and he drove my mother around in it during work to show her the U.S.A ( at least CT. and R.I anyway. ! ) It served him well until 1949 when he bought the new design Ford ; the 37 ended up being purchased by a guy who bought for $25 bucks to make a stock car out of it to race at Thompson Speedway.

  13. Bruce M

    Don’t want to burst your trailer bubble but single wheel trailers for towing behind RV’s and small trucks are still available and widely used. just for one example.

  14. Jim

    Had one of those one wheel trailers back in ’62 & brought it all the way from N. Maine to W. Nebr. on a trip. Had to replace the tire enroute & that was it. Pulled it behind a ’60 Studebaker Lark.

    • Dusty Rider

      I posted earlier about the trip from Mo to NY, it was my dad that did the driving and the trip was in the 50’s, probably around ’55. I remember the trailer sitting in the yard for a while so I got a good look at the suspension, they sat high and I was pretty short. I was about 5 at the time. Hadn’t thought about that trailer in a long time!

  15. Stevieg Member

    I just love the sound of a flathead Ford V-8! What a cool car, and the owner/seller has owned it since 4 years before I was born! I would love to buy it from him, and to have the opportunity to sit and talk with him. Very cool!


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