Package Deal: 1975 Chevy Corvette Pair

This listing on eBay is for a pair of his-and-her Corvettes, claimed to be in exceptional condition and repeat show winners. Both are 1975 models with one an original four-speed car and the other an automatic. The seller notes the paint jobs on both vehicles are show-worthy, and while both vehicles were originally Orange Flame, the husband’s car has been repainted Torch Red. While 1975 models aren’t the most collectible ones you can buy, they make good, honest cruisers that are welcomed at any local car show you visit. The seller has listed the car here on eBay with a suggested opening bid of $17,000 and no action yet.

The wife’s car looks sharp with its deep orange paint over “Triple Chrome” wheels, and the seller claims it has just 18,000 miles. Of course, anytime a low mileage claim like that is made, you want to see corresponding paperwork that proves it, and the seller says the title paperwork provides the needed verification. No mention is made about the side exhaust pipes and whether it left the factory that way, but the seller does mention several other changes from stock which includes the deletion of smog equipment and and original aluminum wheels.

The husband claims his Corvette’s paint job is still a very reliable nine out of ten, and that the paint by itself has taken home several awards over the years. From a drivetrain standpoint, the red car is set up more to an enthusiasts’ liking, with the four-speed manual transmission, power brakes, and tilt steering wheel. Although details aren’t provided, the seller says everything “underneath” the car has been replaced, which I would take to mean the consumable suspension components. No word on any recent maintenance under the hood, however.

I never know how I feel about these package offerings. Is it a good deal? It depends on what the reserve price is in this case, which won’t be lifted with the opening $17K bid (if one is received.) To me, other than some deep emotional connection you have with wanting the cars to stay together (which is just weird, they’re not puppies), I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be more prudent to split the cars up. Regardless, if the seller’s claims are true that these are two of the nicest C3s you’ll find, more of a good thing is rarely a bad thing. Which one would you choose to drive every day?


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  1. ruxvette

    The suggested opening bid is very close to the recommended closing price.
    Nice cars but nothing special.
    And side pipes were not an option in ’75.

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  2. Coventrycat

    The whole “his & hers” thing just sounds dorky.

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  3. Tony Primo

    The two cars horsepower together is barely approaching muscle car territory.

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  4. Jack

    This is the second his and hers pair of vettes this year. The other was a pair of 84s. This year was the start of the 10 year low performing age for the Corvette.

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  5. Purple sky

    Hard enough to sell one at a time let alone a pair? Good luck on that.

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  6. Brian Scott

    That’s about 330 hp right there, just barely eclipsing a modern top o’ the line VW Golf. Partially why I have always snickered at Corvettes is because they sold best when they were at their worst (’79-’80), which ought to tell a person something. That said, early C3 models are my favorite because they just have the lithe proportions; cars preceding and succeeding do not have that, but rather look bloated.

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  7. Kenbo52

    Odd , no mention of A/ C .

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    • ACZ

      If you look closely, neither car has A/C.

  8. Bob McK Member

    They might do better if they sell them separately. Most people don’t want a pair of cars.

  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    It’s amazing that power steering was still an option in 1975. I had to look it up, and only 2 % of buyers chose not to take it.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Not only that, the vette STILL didn’t get the racing mirrors avail on f-bodies 5 years earlier!!
      The ’70 t/a got standard power steering & brakes, & a proper size racing steering wheel too, not as close to the chest.
      If the BFG’s have nice WHITE raised white letters, good chance they are older ones.

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  10. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Selling cars as a pair really limits the buyer pool. Most people buy their cars one at a time. They seem to be nice cars that were well looked after but they are Malaise-Era ‘Vettes and as such are more suited to folks who like the looks but don’t care about horse power. No A/C will probably further limit interest.

  11. TimM

    A pair of cars with no horse power!! So I guess you could have a pair of mini vans instead!!!

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