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Package Deal: VW Karmann Ghia & BMW 2002

We tend to be wary of sellers that set hard-to-reach terms in their advertisements, so tread carefully with this one: a package deal-only sale of a 1974 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia and a a 1972 BMW 2002. Both cars look quite nice despite the seller describing them as barn finds, but we suspect that’s just a marketing gimmick. Find the pair here on craigslist where the seller wants $20K firm for the pair. 

The Karmann Ghia looks decent, but the seller doesn’t elaborate much on whether the paint is original or a respray. Sadly, this is an automatic example (or Autostick-equipped?) so I’m not sure the value is here like the seller clearly anticipates. The chrome bumpers look nice, as do the wheels – and the seller does say the engine will turn over. The nose seems to exhibit some surface rust poking through.

The 1972 BMW 2002 is clearly the more desirable of the two cars, both because it is equipped with a traditional manual transmission and it is an early round taillight – or “roundie” – model. The early cars also sported prettier chrome bumpers, although it looks like the front bumper has been removed here. It’s hard to tell if an air dam resides in its place, but we dig the big Hella 500 driving lamps.

Out back, the period rear spoiler (possibly a Kamei piece, or a Zender) will be a turn-off to some, but I like it. The seller is correct that early 2002s are on the rise price-wise, but at this juncture, he’s a bit ambitious with his expectations. The big dollar cars have typically been the more sporting 2002 Tii’s, which this car is not. A rising tide may lift all boats, but the seller would be wise to loosen his terms if he truly wants to make a sale come together.


  1. Mike H. Mike H

    Never been much of a fan of the later K-G’s. The big bumpers and lights were a turn off to me, and I feel that they really lost the flavour that they had prior to 1967. I’ve owned two: a 1963 and a 1966, and the ’66 was dreadful as it was a transition year and had many one-year-only items that were very difficult to find.

    The roundie there looks good, though. Not enough to make the value of this deal sound nice; the roundie is worth $10k if it’s as nice as it looks, but the K-G is a $5,000 car at best. Since there’s a mandate to take them both I’d peg my price at about $11,500.

    • Francisco

      Isn’t 10 + 5 fifteen?

  2. 77MGB

    I smell a “flipper…”

  3. Salt Man

    The elusive “kharmann guia!”

    Way overpriced.

  4. redwagon

    Photographs taken at sites that do not match, a bring a trailer auction that closed for the BMW at ~$45,000, anda a sale almost in the middle of New York City where the seller provides no real reason for selling the cars ……

    Looks and sounds like a phishing expedition.

  5. Barney

    Wouldn’t want to deal with the guy just because of his attitude. If he doesn’t want to sell them, then don’t waste other people’s time.

  6. Adam T45 Staff

    Lousy photos with no interior shots of the K-G. A seller with an attitude problem. And for some reason that I just cant quite explain, the paint on the K-G doesn’t look factory original. “Reel it in. Something smells fishy!”

  7. Greg Mosho

    that is the most ridiculous ad I have ever seen! ” only sell as a package – no exception – and i am firm” – having bought and sold a ton of cars over the years – I cannot believe how pathetic that ad is!

  8. Joe Howell

    What about the Scirroco in the background?

  9. KevinR

    The BMW in the Bring A Trailer pic IS NOT the same car. That car had an S14 M3 engine conversion, among many other improvements. If I give the seller the benefit of doubt, I guess he is trying to imply his car could be worth that much.

    Way overpriced and questionable condition of the cars. Stir in the seller’s attitude and it’s best to just keep moving on past.

  10. G-Rod

    Time for this seller to put down the crack pipe! I love when sellers show pictures of and sales figures for totally sorted and beautifully restored cars to suggest their turd is really a diamond. Maybe it’s time for an intervention. :)

    The 02 looks like a great starting point for a restoration project, but WAY OVERPRICED when lumped together with the Karmann Ghia for $20K!

    Anytime I read an ad with statements like “no exceptions and I’m firm” or “I don’t mind if they don’t sell, I’ll keep them and grow the value,” or “serious people and collectors only, don’t waste my time” I know the seller is not a real seller. Merely someone on a drug trip or a fishing expedition for a sucker who will undoubtedly be a real “peach” to deal with. Run away as fast as you can!!! Life’s too short to deal with such people.

  11. George

    I call bull corn. Rusted floors and no title on the VW, no interior shots on either. Reminds me of the GTI seller in DC area that almost burned my son. Good thing Dad decided to fly up and visit.

  12. charlie Member

    Having driven both such cars in the 1970’s, the Karman Ghia was fun to drive, low, handled well, cornered flat, but very underpowered, compared, for example, to a Corvair which handled just as well – and far better than any other common US car of the day. The BMW was a dream to drive. Although the greenhouse looks tall, the center of gravity was very low, and it would go around corners like no US commonly sold at the time. Saved my life taking a corner much too fast one night, it went around like it was on tracks. Corvair would have lost the rear swinging out, any other common US car would have just slid off the road into the woods. It lasted 15 years in New England, but was garaged. Rust got it.

  13. Rex Kahrs Member

    Yeah, it sure is a goofy ad.

    Big whoop on the “roundie” aspect… with the bumper gone, lame-O air dam, stupid spoiler, dumb steering wheel, and non-original seats, there isn’t much originality left to this 2002. And it’s a repaint, and the photos don’t really show how bad that repaint is…or do they?

    The only way to find out is to make an appointment with Guido, drive in to New Jersey with 20 thousand in cash, and have a look. NOT!

  14. Rube Goldberg Member

    Well, I’m not the biggest fan of German cars, but I’d think the VW would be the better choice. The K-G was a cool car, probably the coolest VW made, kind of a poor mans P1800. Simple, fun, great cars. BMW, nice, but wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Parts, if around, must be through the roof. Looks like the VW has a little coolant leak,,, :)
    And I know this is a blog, and people want to express their maximum dissatisfaction with an exorbitant price, but I wish people would stop using drugs as for the reason it’s so expensive.( or doesn’t fit their taste) This country has a HUGE drug problem, and has nothing to do with the high price someone is asking. thx

    • Anthony

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Rube,
      Great comment all around !!

    • Miguel Garcia

      The iconic bmw 2002 has a cult following just like it’s rival the alfa romero gtv… are not the problem, but the Prices kinda are………it was a real force in touring car and indurance racing during its time except in USA trans am series…..but I wouldn’t touch this particular 2002, too pricey, and too shady.

  15. charlie Member

    Unless the KG had an engine swap with a Subaru (not a bad thing, at least 50% more power, but I don’t think it would fit – it does in the vans and there are dozens, if not hundreds here in CA going up the hills with traffic) it is air cooled, so no coolant leak, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid

  16. Mike

    This was the laugh of the day for me. Thank you for sharing. 😂

  17. Russ

    this is a joke right ?

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