Pampered: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Look at that length! At just over 19 feet long this Continental isn’t a land yacht, but it certainly is a boat! These cars possess exceptional style for the era and this particular example embodies almost everything an American luxury car should have been in 1978. With what is believed to be only 58,258 actual miles, this pampered Lincoln has seen nothing but love and is the definition of a cream puff. It is being sold by Ross’s Valley Auto Sales in Idaho and can be found here on eBay with bidding at $3,788.39 with reserve not met. 

Although this Continental does not have leather seats, it is still very luxurious. The seats look very sofa-like and the faux wood grain pattern is very easy on the eyes. This car has functional factory air conditioning, power windows, power locks, and even a power sunroof! If you can’t see yourself golfing at the country club with your partners from the firm in this car, then I’m not sure what you’re interest is in it! All joking aside,  the interior of this Lincoln is ridiculously nice to the point that it is hard to believe it has as “high” of miles as it does. According to the ad, this car has the optional factory dual 6-way power adjustable front seats, Cartier clock, “Miles to Empty” gauge, electric trunk release, and currently non-functional power antenna.

This Continental is equipped with the optional larger Ford 460 cubic inch V8, as compared to the 400 V8. This is a factory four barrel car and has its original intake manifold, carburetor, valve covers, air cleaner, and exhaust manifolds. The 460 is attached to a three-speed “Select Shift” automatic transmission which the seller says is smooth. According to the ad, this engine runs very strong and the car drives well.

This Lincoln is loaded with options (it even has cornering lamps!) and in fantastic condition all the way around. The seller has included nearly 100 pictures of the car as well as a video, which can be found here on YouTube. There is no doubt that this car has seen exceptional care, and hopefully it ends up in the right hands to keep it living the lifestyle it is accustomed to!


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  1. rich

    Wouldn’t it look better with whitewalls?

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    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I think some white on the tires would do a lot for it!

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  2. Rick

    My first car was a 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. I think the 72 was more attractive with better lines and did not looks as boxy as the later years. The Lincoln’s of the early seventies were quality built cars that were fun and comfortable to drive. I miss my 72 and hope to get another one some day.

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  3. Superdessucke

    An odd footnote to Ford’s history. The Thunderbird and Mark IV used to be built on the same chassis. In 1977, Ford switched the T-Bird over to the mid-sized Torino/Montego platform but actually made this car even bigger, which definitely went against the grain of the times.

    In 1980, however, Ford killed its style by building it on the new Panther platform, which led to a 1,000 pound lighter car with very odd proportions which never looked quite right to me.

    • Ralph Terhune

      The Thunderbird was downsized for ’77, but the entire car was narrower and shorter than the previous year. Lost roughly 800 lbs. after downsizing. In ’80 the Thunderbird was downsized even further, but went to the Fox platform, based off of the Fairmont, not the Panther. The Panther platform was introduced in 1979 and the full size LTD and later Crown Vic went to that chassis, along with the ’79 Mercury Grand Marquis, ’80 Lincoln Town Car and Lincoln Mark VI.

    • Garryoc

      .The ’77 Tbird was shorter than the ’76 by a foot. I had a ’75 and a ’78.

  4. Mlaw

    White boat anchor look good in a crusher.

  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    Look, these cars are rubbish compared to ones made just a few years earlier – saying that, the condition and price will make this an attractive deal

  6. Adam T45 Staff

    19 feet long!? There are suburbs that are smaller!

  7. Stephen Dycha

    I had a signature series. Amazing ride.

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  8. DrinkinGasoline

    I’ve never owned one of these but I have owned a 77 LTD, a 78 LTD, and a 78 Town Car. If the Mark has any of the characteristics of the above three then it’s a very comfortable ride. And I agree…3/4″ whitewalls or Vogue’s would do it some serious justice. A boat anchor ? Crusher ? I think not. But opinions are like….well, ya’ll get it. Everyone has one or in some cases….is one. :)

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  9. craig m bryda

    I remember seeing these cruising down the interstates with the front bumper filler flapping in the breeze, comical. I had 2 friends that owned earlier Marks, ones was a red/burgandy the others was a sort of goldish light brown. They loved ’em.

  10. Oldcarsarecool

    Love the ’77-79 Mark V ! One of my favorites. The car’s lines are virtually flawless. That car seems like a good deal at $4k.

  11. dickenson

    I am a fan of the cars from the 70’s they had style and body lines unlike the bathtub shaped cars they make now. All the newer cars look the same….

  12. Maestro1 Member

    It’s a lovely car with the wrong tires, should be whitewalls. Also, I’m against white for this size car because it looks like a refrigerator going down the road. All that aside, buy for what it is. You won’t be disappointed if it’s a straight car.

  13. James Turner

    That is an absolutely beautiful car I was a Lincoln Mercury tech. used to work on them check out the 1978 Diamond Jubilee .

  14. Nova Scotian

    First, the cars of this era never fills the wheel openings IMO. The wheel axel needs to be longer and tires need to be larger. Just look at the last photo… Second, that red hose in the engine compartment has to go!
    This is a great deal $3500.00 is peanuts for a safe, running jet cruiser this nice! Surprised it hasn’t sold yet! If your going to do car shows, ride to them with “style”…not some kidney rattler hot rod! Lol.
    Just be sure you got clearance to swing open those wing sized doors fully open when docked!
    Love it!

  15. TVC15

    I drove mine into Manhattan in the late 90s once and tried to park it in a Midtown parking garage on entering the parking guy told me the car was too big and wanted to charge me an S.U.V price !

  16. rmward194 Member

    up to $5,100 as of now, but the price on Hemming’s is $9,900.

  17. Robert G.

    I agree, this vehicle won’t sell for nearly as much without the white walls.
    I have one just like it and the difference is profound.

  18. Garrett Nagle

    Overpriced and especially if you washed and shine it !

  19. irocrobb

    Still seems cheap to me and I like it. My neighbor had a green one in the 1980s and he always said it was not so good on gas,lol

  20. Robert G

    How do you consider $9900. as cheap for this vehicle?

  21. Robert G

    I feel that the vehicle is very near the top of bidding at $5100. As the years go by it may be worth much more, assuming it is properly preserved.

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