Parked 49 Years: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

UPDATE – This garage find Camaro has been relisted. The previous auction reached $8,000, this time it’s up to $5,600 with a little over a day left to go. If you missed the last auction, you can find it here on eBay. So, how much do you think this one will go for this time?

When one of the major automakers makes a move, the others tend to follow. Case-in-point is the 1967 Chevy Camaro, a direct response to Ford’s insanely successful 1965 Mustang. The Camaro would remain a bridesmaid instead of the bride until 1977 when the Chevy would finally overtake its Ford counterpart in the sales arena. This first-year Camaro sport coupe is said to have been off the road since 1972 and will require a complete restoration. Hopefully stored indoors all or most of the time, it’s located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and available here on eBay where the bidding sits at a flat $8,000 with an unknown reserve.

While the Mustang still sold 472,000 copies in 1967, the Camaro would come in at 221,000 units, solidly in second place. More than 195,000 were 2-door coupes like the seller’s car and has a V8 engine which is likely an L30 327 cubic inch “Turbo-Fire” motor which produced 275 hp and saw its way into some 25,000 cars. Its transmission is probably a 3-speed manual with a floor-mounted shifter, of course.

Since the car has been dormant for nearly 50 years, is the odometer reading of just under 22,000 miles legitimate? Or could it be that it was driven a lot in its first four years and the clicker has turned over. The exterior of the car looks complete except for the rear window. The back bumper is bent, and the car’s white paint has been largely replaced by surface rust (or more). There is a nice crease in the roof on the driver’s side where a large tree limb may have fallen on it at one time.

The interior shows its age, and we assume the floorboards are shot as an entire new pan is provided, just waiting to be welded in. Several other pieces of metal and trim may have been intended for a mild customization. Other than recovering the seats, the rest of the passenger compartment might be okay, but the photos were not taken in good light.  If you pop open the hood, the engine seems to be all there although the radiator is missing.

If you assume that this car is in Fair Condition, which is a minor stretch, Hagerty estimates a ’67 Camaro that is not an RS, SS or Z28 is worth $14,000. Fully restored and brought back to Concours would bring that number closer to $40,000. At what dollar point would you jump off the bidding bandwagon?


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  1. Connecticut Mark

    Driven 4 years ? Needs all that work. I doubt it, unless left in a swamp.

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    • Joe Bru

      Maybe the 1982 sticker fell off, looks like bondo on pass side quarter panel lip & driver quarter back lip looks crooked like a bondo job. Looks like old repaint. Torn seats like that spell 100k+ miles

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      • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

        Isn’t there supposed to be a piece of trim underneath each quarter window? That’s some oversight by the bondo man.

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    • Psychofish2

      I used to have a friend who had one in 1972. That was a late model back then and it still looked like one, even in Iowa after four winters.
      The BS is deep here.

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  2. Bultaco

    A high school friend had a ratty 67 Camaro with the 275 hp 327 and a 3-speed, and boy did that thing win a lot of illicit drag races. It wasn’t the fastest thing off the line, but the first gear was sooooo long that it felt like he shifted into second at about 80. No tach, so he just shifted when it ran out of acceleration.

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  3. Psychofish2

    Parked for nearly 50 years ?
    22,000 miles?
    Nothing less than 122,000 miles
    But let’s part out that actual 10,000 mile 58 Cadillac from the other day because it’s “too far gone” and would “cost too much to ‘restore’ “.

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  4. Sam Shive

    On A Quiet Night You Can Hear It RUST. Can’t even lift the radiator cap and put something else under it……It don’t have one. It looks like it spent some serious time at the beach, MAYBE Even some time in the water.

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  5. Terrry

    What does it need? What doesn’t it need? I’d pull the radiator cap, slide a decent car underneath it then buy a new radiator cap.

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    • John S Dressler

      Yes, but if you love these first-gen Camaros (and a ton of people do) you could make a beautiful (and powerful) ride out of this car. Assuming you could do the work yourself, rebuild that 327 into the chesty engine it’s capable of being, replace the 3-speed with a four-speed, drop in a 342 posi and you’re halfway there.

  6. losgatos_dale

    Flood car

  7. SeaKnight

    I bought a 1967 Camero right after I came back from Vietnam Same color, same interior. Had 21,000 miles on it. Car was stolen 2 weeks after I bought it. I was stationed in New River, NC. I am wondering if this is my car….

    • John S Dressler

      SeaKnight, I think that would be super cool if you could get the VIN and find out!

  8. Kenn

    Yes of course losgatos _dale.

  9. Comet

    That musta been a rough five years.

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