Parked and Forgotten: 1968 Jaguar E-Type

This seller on eBay routinely posts barn find Jaguar E-Types for sale, and has discovered yet another forlorn example, this time in Florida. According to the listing, this desirable fixed-head coupe was parked under a tarp as a presentable driver-quality car and subsequently forgotten. Rust is mentioned but not elaborated on; find it here on eBay with a £19,000 Buy-It-Now. 

This seller always lists their cars’ price in Euros, as almost everything they do is intended for export. The Jaguar is described as being “…Florida located so not tragical rust, some rust underneath,” which is a pretty vague description as it relates to Florida rust. I’ve seen some Florida cars that have been parked for years with hardly any rot, and other cars with rust belt-levels of corrosion.

What’s harder to imagine is a desirable classic like a two-seater Jaguar E-Type being forgotten in a backyard with a tarp casually thrown over it. This example even sports the desirable and preferred manual transmission. It’s difficult to ascertain just how much of a project is is, as the interior looks relatively complete but the plant growth indicates just how long it’s been parked.

There’s no doubt this will be a massive restoration project, and that’s before we even have a clear understanding as to just how rotten it is underneath. Sitting on damp Florida soil has likely done the floors no good, but the vast following for these E-Types means almost any panel is available for replacement purposes. Can you imagine parking a car like this E-Type in your backyard and forgetting about it?


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  1. notchback

    “This seller always lists their cars’ price in Euros”

    ” find it here on eBay with a £19,000 Buy-It-Now.”

    £ is British Pound. € is Euro. Quite different currencies.

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    • Al

      That’s about $23,907 US$

      But do NOT forget shipping !

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  2. Walter

    This seems borderline “no resto, parts car material in my mind”.

  3. Roy L Fuchs

    They don’t say where in Florida the car is located. Do some research on salt air damage to cars and you will see what I mean. Location could mean nothing or could mean everything.

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  4. Gerry

    Seriously? For that boat anchor? Should be no more than $10,000 and even that is stretching it.

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    • Matt

      A 1968 OTS (open two seater/ roadster) sold last week on Bring A trailer for $100k even. It’s certainly possible to restore this for less than that, minus the purchase price. Ergo, not a parts car by a long shot. There really aren’t any more “parts car” Series 1 E-Types.

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  5. Maestro1

    Gerry is correct, market values notwithstanding, the car isn’t worth anywhere near what the Seller is asking.

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    • bob carroll

      how many cars are what “they are worth” that are listed. very few in my mind. however there is always that guy who had “that car” when they were young, have the money now and really don’t care what something costs. if I had the bucks, I would be right there with them.

  6. Bill McCoskey

    Current NADA value guide lists a “Low” condition price of $31,700.

    The low condition is described [in part] as: “Mechanically functioning condition, needing only minor reconditioning . . . Mostly usable as is . . . does not represent a non-running vehicle.

    If paying someone to do the work to make it as described above, costs could easily top $30k to $40k. If the owner did all the work, you’re still taking a minimum of $20k.

    Value is [at most] $10k. $5k if the floors & frame rails are gone.

    • Matthew Brockmeier

      Bill, don’t rely on those outdated guides. We have actual market data. Show me a running Series 1 E-Type for $31k and I’ll find you 10 buyers in a day.

      The smart play is tonbuy this to restore to better than “low” condition, which would cost appreciably more than $30-40k, but at the end of the day you’d have a six figure car.

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  7. Mike

    You know it’s bad when the tarp has disintegrated.

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  8. Fiete T.

    “Rust is mentioned, but not elaborated on…”
    Okay, here I go-“… this thing is eaten up. Plenty of spots present to practice your panel replacement skills and learn about the introcrasies of divorce proceedings.”

    Merry Christmas, everybody- you’re welcome!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks Fiete T. And a Merry Christmas to you as well. Nice post. Take care, Mike.

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  9. Gaspumpchas


  10. Bill Wilkman

    Rear window looks to be missing. Side windows look to be missing or down. This thing’s got to be a rust bucket. Parts car at best.

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  11. Doug

    Sad that the Gummint screwed up so many great designs ! The series 1 XKE with the covered headlights was a beautiful car the later versions not so much….

  12. Del

    Corn as high as an Elephants eye 🤣

    There will be no frame left !!!!

    Parts car

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