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Parked For 30 Years! 1969 Sport Fury Convertible


This super clean and original 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible is just down the road from me in Clinton, North Carolina. It’s been rescued from 30 years of storage and some work has already been completed. The seller has listed it here on craigslist at a price of $11,000.


My wife has fond memories of a 1969 Fury growing up and I can see why. I did find another car online with the same red, white and blue rectangles on the rear fenders, and that ad also stated that only 1,769 of these cars were produced, making this one quite rare, I suspect. I know I haven’t seen one lately!


I can see the homecoming queen waving on the back deck now; can’t you? The paint looks very shiny and I don’t see any rust, although there is a spot on the lower passenger side front fender that is troubling. It may be something else, though–the photographs, while nice for craigslist, still don’t offer the resolution necessary to tell for sure.


While the dash looks nice, it’s pretty obvious you’ll have to do something about the seats! These folks offer reproduction covers for $400 and up. The seller has already added new carpet and a new top with new back glass and top lift cylinders. I don’t see any cracks in the dashboard, either. I’m guessing that’s an aftermarket air conditioning system under there, and the seller doesn’t tell us whether it’s functional or not–which probably means it isn’t.


While the seller does not specifically mention the 383 Super Commando engine’s condition, other things in the ad lead me to believe it’s in pretty good shape. When it was new, it was rated at 330 horsepower and 425 foot-pounds of torque! The seller has also improved the car by adding new tires, a new steering gear box, brake shoes, master cylinder and battery. I can’t believe they would have done all of that work if the engine didn’t run as well; it even looks like new tune up parts are present in this picture. When I started wondering about value, a quick look up here leads me to believe that the asking price may be somewhat reasonable, especially if the body checks out upon close examination. It’s a shame I’m not in the market, but are you?


  1. Bill

    Nice ride!
    I’d reupholstered the seats and enjoy!

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  2. Fred W.

    Marsha, Marsha, Marsha….

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  3. Bobby Member

    I believe the spot of the bottom of the right fender would be the Chrysler pentastar.

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  4. Mitch

    That place on the fender that seems concerning looks to me like the Mopar Pentastar that was applied there on all Mopars of this vintage.

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    • The Walrus

      Yes, that’s a curbside medallion for sure.

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  5. Dan

    Definitely the Pentastar

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    • Puhnto

      Why isn’t there a Pentastar on the other side?

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      • fordfan

        They all had them on the right side only

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      • Ed P

        It seems odd but, that is how Chrysler did it.

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      • The Walrus

        The official name for it was ‘Curbside Medallion’. Started around ’66 through ’70.

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      • Rando

        I read somewhere that it was the V8 cars that got the pentastar on the right side only. But I think that may have been disproven of late.

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  6. JW454

    It seems to be priced fairly. If I was in the market for something like this it would definitely be on the short list. Some new seat covers and replace the kick panels and the interior would be done. Then it would just need a good clean up and you’re off to the cruise in.

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  7. Eric Dashman

    I want to know why everything on the car looks sooooo good, but the upholstery is a complete disaster. Has this car been resprayed? No mileage mentioned. Clinton is halfway to the beach from the triangle area and is sort of in the sand hills of NC (mild climate, no snow/salt). Has it spent it’s life there?

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  8. ron h

    Bobby hit it right off. The pentastar went on the lower right fenders only. I never knew why and couldn’t have cared as chrysler was cranking out so much cool stuff in the 60s and early 70s.

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    • The Walrus

      Right… when people ask why they aren’t on both sides, one needs to conjure their best Nigel Tufnel impression, and in a voice as equally puzzled as ‘because this one goes to 11’, state ‘because it’s on this side’.

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  9. Steve B

    Correct, pentastar on the passenger side only, maybe to be visible to people as they walk by when parked? Awesome find, perfect for summer cruising

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  10. Ken

    Had a ’67 Sport Fury convertible back in the ’80s and loved it. With the top down, it was like an aircraft carrier and I would haul a 17-foot canoe upside down on that deck with the bow tucked under the windshield and the stern barely hanging off the end of the trunk.

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    • Charles

      How did you see to the right of the car? Although, I have to admit I have seen others doing the same thing. Even saw a guy one time hauling about 10, 8 foot, 2X 4s tied together!

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  11. Roselandpete

    I’m amazed at how the exterior looks so nice but the interior looks so rough.

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  12. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Want, want, want. Wrong side of the country.

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  13. Myron

    I bought it
    Had one in high school ( First ride) 35 years later the wife asks are you having a mid-life crisis? Reply Maybe but still cheaper than a women half my age.

    Towed to Danville VA where it had new exhaust installed and a new Brake booster. Then Drove it to Virginia Beach.(200 miles) Not a hicup. Power steering pump leaked heavily but has since been replaced. Driven to work occasionally So far it has proven to be a solid car worthy of resto, Previous Amature Paint job is in need of a DO OVER and Interior rough . Both are part of my vision for it. I wont to a ground up on it but plan on having fun with for a while

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