Parked For 45 Years: 1957 Mercury Colony Park

The Colony Park wagon was made for 34 years which is a relatively long time for a car company to keep a nameplate alive, especially a station wagon. There were other models that had a longer run, of course, but this first-year 1957 Mercury Colony Park wagon would be a great project. This car can be found here on eBay in Edgemoor, South Carolina with a single bid of $2,295 and there is no reserve. Thanks to Ben S. for sending in this tip!

This 1957 Mercury Colony Park is designed to the Nth degree, or I should maybe say styled because it’s a pretty busy design. I like it, I like it a lot. Simple is my preference for architecture but for a mid/late-1950s wagon? Give me a car like this highly-styled Merc anytime.

The Colony Park was made from 1957 until 1991 and the later models were similar to the Ford Country Squire. Mercury also offered a six-passenger and nine-passenger Voyager station wagon but for those who wanted the best, the Colony Park wagon was the way to go. You can see that this car will need a lot of work so get that welder tuned up, you’ll need it. There is rust around the bottom edges and on the tops of the fenders, but then again the rockers look pretty solid.

The dash padding appears to be a little over-inflated and as with everything else on this car, the interior will need a total restoration. You can see that all nine passenger spots in the front seat, rear seat, and the seat in the cargo area will need work but parts of them look like they could be saved. The cargo area is probably big enough to haul a lot of what a modern SUV will haul.

I believe that the engine should have been Lincoln’s 368 cubic-inch V8 with 290 hp but the seller says that it’s 312 cubic-inch V8 which I can’t find as being offered in this car. In any case, it hasn’t run in decades and it’ll need to be gone through. This could be a really nice car for someone with a big garage and some restoration skills. Can this car be saved?


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  1. OGK

    This is one hideous vehicle…. I LOVE IT!

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  2. JTHapp

    Yes, it looks like something out of National Lampoon’s Vacation movies… only it’s REAL!

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  3. TimM

    Not in to bad of shape for a 63 year old car!!
    Definitely not a car you see at ever car show!! I think I’d ditch the white trim on the sides and tailgate slam it to the ground on air ride with a more modern running gear and fresh interior!!!

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  4. DayDreamBeliever Member

    When I saw the photo of this car in the BF listings page, I had to come and take a closer look. HAD TO!

    This time-shifts back to the days when automakers seemed to be vying for attention by being more outrageous than the others. By being more Blatant, more Obvious, more Distinctive, more Aggressive, and in many ways more Brutish than the competition, they would win sales? The 50’s were a lot about that, IMO, and this represents one of the last of the monster front (and rear too) treatments. I mean, look at this car! It appears to be snarling just sitting there; imagine it coming towards you at speed! ((Yikes! Help! Save me!))

    So much attention-grabbing presence. Unlikely, but maybe someone will restore it, or at least bring the body back to a relatively stock appearance so that it’s Demanding, Commanding “LOOK AT ME” challenge to anyone nearby will live on…. We can only hope so….

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Too late to edit: Sold already, the auction ended at $4250. Man, I hope this finds the road again, and before too many more years pass it by.

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  5. Howard A Member

    Since it’s gone, no sense commenting on this particular car, but looking at it today, you really have to wonder what the designers were on. Car makers were pushing the 4 headlights, and in ’57, some states still did not allow them. The single headlight versions looked just as goofy. But like DDB^ sez, the late 50’s was a happening time, almost anything went, as if to say, I drive a more outrageous car than you do, unlike today, where most scoot around in black or silver look alikes, as if to say, DON’T look at me. I’m amazed someone went for this, it’s in pretty poor condition, and a restoration will cost a fortune, but we’ll never see cars like this again. I suppose, those that didn’t grow up with these cars, makes it worth it to some. It is a great start for a very unique vehicle.

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    • Tman

      Nothing like being blinded by 25/35 watt incandescent bulbs.

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      • DayDreamBeliever Member

        I’ve gotta stop drinking coffee when I read comments… Another wet keyboard!

        (Good one Tman)

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  6. Bultaco

    Probably not economically worth restoring as an original, but it would make a really unique resto mod.

  7. On and On On and On Member

    My parents bought one brand new, a 1957 with the quad headlights. We drove it to California when we moved there that year and I remember the drive out on Route 66. He had one of those desert bags hanging in front of the radiator. I still have one of the original California yellow plates from that car, I found it in his garage when the old house was sold.

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  8. Will Fox

    This baby deserves a full restoration. The rare trim parts seem to be there; the ‘woodgrain’ ash-like framing is in tact which helps. If this had the 368 engine, there should have been a round medallion on both front fenders saying “Turnpike Cruiser”. However, it DOES have the dual quad headlamps which were an option
    and most wanted them. The simple pattern of vertical stitching on the seats make restoring those a bit easier. And there is a strong following of these in the It’l. Mercury Owner’s club for help restoring.

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  9. 370zpp

    What a beauty this one was once upon a time!

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  10. Kenneth Carney

    I think so. And yes, you could have a 312 in these cars. A friend of Mom’s had a ’57
    sedan with a 312 in it. Basically, you could put any Lincoln Mercury engine in
    this car so long as it’s from a ’57-’69 era
    car. These engines were known for a good deal of horsepower and were real
    torque monsters as well. I like the 4-door
    hardtop styling that set them apart from
    anything on the road at that time. This
    thing just oozes that cool space age look
    and all the optimism that was the late ’50s. I could see it running an Edsel E475
    or a ’60s model 410 running 2 4 bbl carbs
    and dual exhaust. Back that up with a C-6 automatic and you’ve got a winner.
    Upgrade the brakes because if it’s gonna
    go, it’s gotta whoa too. Really like it!
    Great find!

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    • Tman

      Yes. And the good old days of .19c to .27c per gallon gas prices, oil at the service stations in glass bottles ready to pour non detergent stuff for .29c qt. Already containing dirt and water in them

      • Howard A Member

        Actually, adjusted for inflation, gas is cheaper now than in 1957. As for the non-detergent having dirt and water in it, just isn’t true. It was regular oil without any additives, like “Z-7”. We used it in our lawnmowers and such. What WAS iffy back then, was reconstituted oil. It came 5qts. for a buck, and every oil burner had a couple quarts in the trunk. I think it was just filtered waste oil.

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  11. Pete Phillips

    Wow, I would have paid $4,250 for this car all day long! Go find another one that solid and complete for anywhere near that price. And when you’re done with the restoration, you can just about name your price and probably get it because these are so rare and so spectacular when finished.

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    • Ben S

      Car is still available, high bid was a deadbeat.

  12. stumpwi

    Look how close the fan is to the radiator. Doesn’t look like there’s enough room to change the belt.

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  13. Peter J Weinzierl

    I love the air bags on the dash- What a kool ride for the buyer

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  14. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I bought a 57 Mercury 2 door post for my mil back in about 1971. It was a 312 with automatic that was push button controlled. Yes dual headlights were an option on these cars in 57, but hers had singles. Paid $50.00 for it, put new spark plugs in and drove it away. Transmissions were the weak point on these cars, and hers gave up after a couple years. This wagon being top of the line will be an exclusive when restored. It may be the only surviving one left.
    God bless America

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  15. Barry Evans

    It has a 312 ci V8 in it .

  16. Claudio

    Yup, better have a huge garage
    A lot of parts to take off for a restoration
    And this one has a lot of big parts

  17. Jeff

    312 V8 was standard on all except turnpike cruiser and the 368 V8 standard on the turnpike cruiser and optional on others.

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