Parked For Years: 1971 Ford LTD Convertible

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I’m not sure where this LTD Convertible has been parked for what is apparently many years, but it looks like it was somewhere pretty dark and damp, judging by the external appearance of the car. While it doesn’t look promising initially, the owner claims that the car has little to no rust for the new owner to deal with. The LTD is located in Port Orchard, Washington, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

The outside of the Ford has a fair coating of dirt, mildew and what looks like it could be surface corrosion on the hood and a few other spots on the body, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in the way of obvious rust. Having said that, it’s impossible to tell what is lurking under those lower trim pieces, so that will require investigation. One of the big surprises for me is the condition of the soft-top. It’s as tight as a drum, and apart from the rear window being cloudy, it looks like it would respond well to a clean. It would actually be interesting to see what the whole car looked like after a wash, buff, and polish. I think that the results could be quite a pleasant surprise.

A 429ci 4-V engine, automatic transmission, power brakes, and air conditioning, all occupy the area under the hood. This is where things become a bit of an unknown. The car is not a runner, and we don’t know how long it has been since that engine has run. In fact, we don’t get any indication as to whether it even turns freely. What I will say is that the whole area looks quite clean and free of any huge amounts of surface corrosion, so it may not take much to breathe new life into the car.

The interior is another area that produces a surprise or two. The condition is not too bad, although we obviously can’t smell it, so it is hard to tell whether it smells of rodents, or of damp. Both front seats have suffered from identical seam separation, but apart from the missing center on the wheel, the rest of the interior looks like it would clean up quite well. For that added touch of luxury, you also get power windows and power seats.

If this LTD Convertible is, in fact, rust free, then it would make a really interesting project. It is straight and complete and doesn’t appear to need much work to bring the body and interior up to scratch. The mechanical components are an unknown quantity, and you would have to hope that it could be revived, as that 429ci engine makes a substantial difference to the potential resale value of the car. These regularly sell for prices between $15,000 and $20,000. The owner of this particular car has set a BIN price of $4,500, which leaves a fair amount of room for a restoration project.

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  1. Todd FitchStaff

    Nice one, Adam! We had one of these back in the day, red with black interior and black convertible top. My Mom hated driving it across the metal-grate bridges in PA as the steering was prone to wandering. We were riding in it with the top down when the radio announced that Elvis had died. I love the two-tone interior on this one. The 428 with AC and power accessories make it even more interesting. Thanks for the memories!

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    • Jeff


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    • 72 Monte Carlo

      Are you speaking of the metal deck bridges that span the Delaware River?

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      • Todd FitchStaff

        Hey ’72 MC – The Allegheny and Conewango in this case! You could hold the wheel still and your trajectory would be straight plus or minus six inches, and the LTD seemed to take up 2/3 of the bridge.

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  2. Mark S.

    I had a 2 door coupe model for a winter beater back in the early eighties. Living in the rust belt, she was pretty rusty. As mentioned, the wide trim on the doors covered up a lot and didn’t look too bad from a distance. It had a 400 w/2bbl carb and did run well. Drove it for the winter until a rear control arm tore out of the frame.

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  3. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    Looks like a lot of potential with this ragtop, one that should definitely be brought back. What’s not to like? A big block convertible with some desirable options checks off a lot of boxes for me at least. If it doesn’t have a lot of rust and the motor can be revived, you’re looking at freshening up the mechanicals, paint and perhaps some trim and details as needed. Finding parts isn’t too difficult or costly, either.

    I like the ’71-’72 Galaxies, they’re were one of first cars I started out with and one I currently own. Good-looking cars that are roomy, comfortable and enjoyably drivers, especially with a big block. Another car I’d love to own.

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  4. bull

    Neat Galaxie LTD Convertible HOWEVER vastly overpriced given the work needed to make it ever a decent driver when compared to the price you can buy a completely restored LTD convertible!

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Very cool LTD. They didn’t make many of these converts. Mother in law had a galaxie, 71, and it looked great but the doors rusted out in like 3 years. One not from the rust belt would make a neat driver as they are so rare hear. Kinda makes one wonder why the seller didn’t spend a couple hours with a bucket of soapy water. Make sure its not flood damaged, nd check the frame real good. if it wasn’t so far away I’d be interested. Good luck to the new owner!!!


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  6. Maestro1

    Once it’s up and running this is a sexy ride. But why the Seller didn’t bother to wash it is beyond me.

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  7. W9BAG

    Didn’t realize you could get one with bucket sets and a floor mounted shifter. My very favorite body style. Love it !

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  8. z28th1s

    The 429/4V motor option is very nice. Most of these had the 400/2V motor. Bucket seats, console, PW’s and PDL’s are other pretty rare options on this car.

    Could be a nice resto project that would be a fun car when finished.

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  9. Tommy

    Looks like it could make a nice weekend cruiser without breaking the bank. My parents had a 72 LTD. 71 & 72’s were identical with exception of front and rear ends. Nice cars… Rode and drove well. Mom’s had the 400. Lots of power and nice low rumble with a set of ‘cherry bomb’ mufflers on it.

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  10. Del

    Rare beast.

    Wow 429

    This could be a blast. Not a Ford guy but this looks rare

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  11. Little_Cars Alexander

    My car from high school, right on down to the bucket seats and staple automatic shifter. Mine was painted Earl Schieb blue and rusted beyond repair.

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  12. BoatmanMember

    Anybody know what this sold for?

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