Parked for Years: 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

It’s hard not to love an original, unmodified Camaro Z28, and hard to believe this one was parked for years and still remains in decent shape. Wearing one of the best color combos there is with yellow paint and orange decals, the Z28 is said to run and drive and just need some TLC to be brought all the way back to life. The bodywork looks fairly sound and all of the requisite Z28 package air dams and vents are accounted for, and it looks super slick sitting on period-correct turbine wheels. This 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is listed here on craigslist in Belen, New Mexico for $8,900.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find. When you see stories like these, I always yearn for the photos of it sitting in a backyard or someone’s garage, the “as-found” pictures. The New Mexico climate has undoubtedly been kind to the sheetmetal of this Camaro if it was indeed left outside for decades, but the interior photos below don’t appear to reveal a cockpit that’s been parked in full view of the sun for eons. The smashed reverse light lens seems indicative of sloppy garage storage more than anything else, and the fact that those original decals aren’t faded into nothingness suggests indoor parking.

Now, if this Camaro was left outside for years at a time, I think we’d see the dash cracked into oblivion and the seat upholstery peeling right off of both buckets. But this just looks like the kind of wear and tear you see on a car that was entered and exited numerous times over the years, as the passenger side bucket doesn’t even have any real damage to speak of. The steering wheel is well worn, so this Camaro was definitely driven, although the odometer won’t tell you much since it’s rolled over and currently shows 22,000. The carpets don’t look bad, and the same goes for the center console and door panels.

The Camaro has air conditioning, but no word as to whether or not it still blows cold. The 350 is dusty but that seems to be the only obvious issue, as the car currently runs and drives. One would assume it needs the usual assortment of ignition and cooling system components to be fully sorted, but tackling deferred maintenance on a car like this fortunately won’t break the bank. The seller says he is letting it go for well under book value, calling it a “sacrifice” to sell it for $8,900. What do you think – is that price a steal, or are there too many questions about future needs to call it well bought at just under $10,000?

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  1. Skorzeny

    Belen is where my Doberman was born. Not too much of a town though…

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  2. Steve R

    The salvage title will hold down interest as well as the price. The interior is pretty rough too, at a minimum it needs dash pad, seat covers, seat foam, console lid and probably more. On top if that, there is an indeterminate amount that will need to be spent to make it reliable. Based on where it’s located, it’s not being given away.

    Steve R

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  3. NovaTom

    19K book value? What book is looking at?

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    • Todd

      Coloring book maybe?

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  4. CJinSD

    My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

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  5. OhioLou

    Hate to be that guy, but if this was near me, in the rust belt of Cleveland Ohio, I would own it. Agree with all the above remarks, but this is a steal in Ohio. Maybe not to Spicoli , but Mr. Hand would agree with me.

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    • jerry z

      Well his father was a television repair man!

      Seriously if the body looks is fairly rust free being that its in New Mexico, worth it.

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  6. ACZ

    No third pedal. Hard pass.

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  7. Reid Hall

    Hmmm,l think l 🤔would pass on this,one, alot,money to buy 🤔it,and 🤔, then alot 🤔money to upgrade,it,let alone a clean wash, 🤔inside, as well as outside, engine bay, ect.Hmmm,l think 🤔l would 🤔rather buy a cleaner later model car, for the money, and yes,they are out that’s why you go car shopping.

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  8. Al

    Had same year & color w/ T-tops , mild built 350/4sp, louvered back window & fact 5 spoke yellow mags. Had 33k on it when sold after using it 9 mos in ’85 for $7500. Was mint. Was the end of my muscle car era then & replaced it w/ an ’85 triple black roadster top, rolls grilled, loaded Eldorado w/ 6k miles, go figure.

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  9. george mattar

    A then close friend came into some money when he landed a very good paying job at Mars in Hackettstown, NJ. Ironically, my oldest daughter has worked there 13 years so far and is high up in management. I digress. In early 79, he asks me what options to order as he wanted a new Z28. I was eager to assist. We went to the dealer and I suggested the dark blue paint with light blue interior. He said ok. Then I said you want a 4 speed, a/c, t tops, the turbine wheels and we ended up telling the salesman to check every option on the list. The car was ordered and he was thrilled when it arrived. I detailed cars then, and still do now, so I waited a few weeks and put on what seemed like 10 coats of Blue Coral, for you wannabe detailers, that was a high quality wax, not this stupid spray on crap they use today. I then told him to get the car rust proofed. I had done rust proofing in college at the local Olds/Mazda/Cadillac dealer. We then covered the entire undercarriage in Fluid Film, an industrial coating used since WWII. I coat all my cars with it up here in northeastern PA, where salt is dumped almost every day from Dec. to March. He took very good care of it. But for some reason after 4 years, he had some issues and moved to Vegas. The car was destroyed by 1985. Neglect, beat the crap out of it. Never cleaned it. Never changed the oil. I knew it would be worth money some day, but in this case it was a sad ending.

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  10. Rob Norman

    My 79 , with transplanted 350 and turbo tranny is a fantastic dream to drive and a real acceleration kick ! Now cars and coffee gabbers tell me it can only go up in price– probably due to poor Chev rust protection and oval tracks nationwide.
    Low center of gravity really makes them “hug” !

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