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Parked in 1992: 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

You never know what you are likely to find hidden under a pile of junk in a shed or a garage. In this case, what is hidden away is a 1967 Chevelle Malibu. It had been sitting there since 1992, but it has now emerged into the light of day. It will need some work if it is to be returned to its former glory. However, returning it to a roadworthy state in the short-term might not be a big job. The Malibu is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Interest in this car has been strong, and the bidding has pushed the price along to $7,100. At that price, the reserve has been met.

Below that dusty and dirty exterior is a Malibu that is finished in Emerald Turquoise. As far as popularity was concerned, this color rated in about the mid-range of those available on the 1967 color palette. A total of 28,329 Chevelles wore it, although it is all looking pretty weather-beaten now. It isn’t all bad news because the rust issues in this car are surprisingly minimal. The floors and frame wear a coating of surface corrosion, so there are no real surprises there. However, there is no evidence of any penetrating rust. As far as the exterior is concerned, there are the usual spots in the lower rear quarter panels and lower front fenders. These aren’t severe, and I believe that all of them could be addressed quickly with patches. If that does turn out to be the case, the buyer will not be faced with spending thousands on steel replacement. The glass looks like it is free from cracks, but the trim and chrome’s relative condition would be hard to determine until the car is treated to a good clean.

Time marches on, and it appears that it might have marched across parts of the interior in army boots. It isn’t all bad news because some careful cleaning might reveal a surprise or two. The seats will undoubtedly need new covers, and the carpet is headed for the bin. However, the remaining trim and upholstery appear to be in good condition, and the headliner is excellent. Even the dash pad has avoided the dreaded cracking issues, while the dash itself is unmolested. That means that whipping the interior into shape could be an inexpensive and straightforward undertaking.

I’m betting that a few of you were hoping to spot a V8 under the hood, so you might be slightly disappointed by what we find here. This is the 230ci 6-cylinder engine, while the buyer will also receive a Powerglide transmission and power steering. This combination would not have made the Malibu a muscle car. The trip down the ¼ mile would have taken a reasonably leisurely 19.6 seconds when the vehicle was new. Being a Chevelle, there are plenty of upgrade options available to the buyer if they aren’t concerned about originality. If originality is critical, then they might not be looking bad here. The motor doesn’t run, and the owner has not attempted to revive it. However, it does turn freely, and he believes that a check and clean of the fuel system might see it roar back into life. If that’s the case, getting it roadworthy in the short-term might not be a big undertaking. The colder months are on our doorstep, so spending them in the workshop tinkering with a classic car does have its attractions.

The Chevelle is a car that will always generate interest when it hits the market. This is especially true when they are relatively rust-free. This one doesn’t feature the most desirable drivetrain that you could imagine, but it has still attracted 30 bids to this point. That’s a decent indication that people have spotted the potential locked away in this forgotten classic. It makes you wonder whether the buyer will attempt a faithful restoration or whether they might transform it into something more muscular. If I were a betting man, I would probably put my money on the second option. What about you?


  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Ahh, another Chevelle. Boy, that’s interesting!!

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    • Steve R

      Moreso that some of the other cars which are featured on this site with more regularity, such as Cosworth Vegas.

      The cure is to skip the cars that aren’t of interest. Since new features are listed every hour from early morning to late evening the wait shouldn’t be excruciating.

      Steve R

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  2. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Fix the seat, clean the outside, get it mechanically sorted and cruise

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Had a 67 Chevelle 2dr hardtop. Same interior and exterior colors, even had the rear radio antenna. Dog dish hubcaps with a 283, 3 on the tree.
    IMO that was one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. Wish I had it still but the ex BIL got in the middle of a 3 car accident with it.
    Wish I had the room, I’d be checking this one out.

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  4. Steve Brown

    This could be a great base for a mild sleeper. Mildly built 350 or a crate engine with a modern overdrive transmission. Put a posi in the rear, fix the interior and drive it.

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  5. Desert Rat

    I seems odd to open the hood of a Chevelle and see a straight 6, seems out of place. For me I’d drop in a big block and munal 4 speed and never look back!

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  6. Ike Onick

    Said it before and I’m sayin’ it agin- First time a man lets somebody put a box of any type on his parked car, he may as well donate his pair to medicine cause he won’t be needin’ em any more. What has this society come to???

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    • Claudio

      I have purposely put boxes and stuff on my cars to get people going and to prove to myself that i will not get aggravated because of a scratch

      I have done it on my 69 camaro, 67 firebird,70 chevelle bmw , M z3,z4, boxster
      All topless cars

  7. Kuzspike

    Looks like 3 SS hubcaps and one Cadillac hubcap.

  8. Carnutjoe

    I am a betting man I’ll bet there is some corrosion in that trunk from the look of that sealant at bottom of back glass also evidence of touch up at bottom fenders. Conservative $20k restoration + price of car. $7500+ for rusty 6 cyl. plain Jane driver?

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    If a 230 six cylinder with power- glide isn’t enough nothing wrong with headers clifford or offy intake etc or maybe a little more engine mods and it would be a fun car. Had a 67 chevelle 4dr.with 230 and power glide raced a Chevy van with a warmed 350 and kept pace with it side by side and it was stock. Not every Chevelle needs a 454 or LS under the hood. IMHO

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  10. Carnutjoe

    Had 67ss backin 70s 396 went so I put in fresh 307 with solid cam double hump heads. Blew away 7s6 70 chevelle more than once guy was pissed! While he was spinning I was 1/4 way down the track and he couldn’t catch up. 3.36 gears 4spd. Shifting at 7500. Miss that fun!

  11. DON

    I predict another Red SS Chevelle will soon be popping up at the cruise nights !

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  12. ACZ

    Not an SS, so great candidate for a resto-mod. LS & 6 speed, climate control, a few assorted power options, discs, wheels & tires, suspension & have fun. Stock looking outside, modern under the skin.

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  13. Bob C.

    I would keep the six, because they are bulletproof, easy to work on, and just cruise and enjoy with reasonable economy.

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    • Steve Bush Member

      If the seller is, as he says, a licensed PA used car dealer, he should drain the gas tank, fix the carb, adjust the brakes and replace the keys, if he wants maximum value for the car. Don’t get when sellers won’t do a few minor things to get their car running.

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      • ACZ

        That’s not hard to figure out. Greed and laziness. A flipper doesn’t want to do any work and wants all the money.

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