Parked in ’88! 1965 Chevy Corvette

This 1965 Chevrolet Corvette convertible has been parked in a garage since 1988, and owned by one family starting in 1965. The Corvette sports some cool period modifications, and the seller has left those in place and simply gotten the car running and driving. It is a desirable manual transmission example with a knock-free 327 under the hood. Find it here on eBay in a no-reserve auction with bidding approaching $20K.

While I’m not sure of the total extent of the customization efforts, you can see here that the headlights have been modified from flip-up style to fixed units in the lower fascia. The side exit exhausts were certainly a common Corvette modification, but these appear to be after-market to me. The bumpers have been deleted and the wheels are staggered.

The interior remains in very nice condition, and while the seller feels the exterior could use new paint, I’d leave the cabin alone. The carpet may be a bit tired and I can’t quite tell what’s going on behind the shifter, but overall, for being parked since ’88 with the top down, this isn’t bad at all. Both hard and soft tops are included with the sale.

No word on whether the engine is numbers matching. You can also see here blue was not the original color; who knows if red was, either, but it was certainly painted at least once. The seller says it runs and drives with no leaks or smoke and the transmission and clutch are healthy; where do you think bidding will land for this custom ‘Vette?


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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I never could understand why someone would take off the bumpers on a street car. First time you park it, someone will undoubtedly try to park by feel then there goes your car. Discussed this very thing this summer with a guy that had a Willy’s at a car show minus the front bumper. Ironically he said he never ran it on the street and trailered it to shows and never drove it on the street for that very reason. Sorry but if you can’t drive them, it takes all the fun out of them IMO.
    I’d pass on this one unless going to convert it back to bumpers, which means restoring the headlights too. Too much work for me at this time to consider.

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    • RBatsch

      Interesting comment about bumpers because when I last looked, cars haven’t had bumpers since the late ’90s. Does not look like those bumpers would protect that body very much anyways?

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  2. JohnD

    A lot of work. The gauges are earlier, and an odd thing to change . . .

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    • ruxvette

      I agree. Plus, it is either a ’65 disc brake delete car or a ’63-’64.
      While it cleaned up surprisingly well at $20k it is at the top of it’s value.

  3. doug

    I think Johnnie Cash owned this one. It’s a ’63,’64,’65,’66,’67.

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  4. 327 365

    That is not a Corvette any more it is ugly what a p,o,s

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    • Pat

      Not an expert on these, but what happened to the windows? I don’t see any crank on passenger side, nor a button on console, if there would be one there? The vent window as well, where’s the lever to unlock and open it? What is all over the side exhaust? Looks like tape.

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  5. 327 365

    If ln fact they are the owners since 65 what the hell were they thinking ? sickening

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  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Surprised it doe’s not have the Impala tailight treatment. Four 9’s on the tripset and broken speedometer needle. Mileage may vary.

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  7. Don

    This car is a 63 with parts from a few other years, and with that information & the seller claiming it’s a 65, I would leave it alone & walk away from it.

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  8. Michael Babinetz

    No way this wreck is worth 20 K. 63 seats,63 or 4 dash that not held in by any screws,no windows,door handles or locks.youd have to get in like the dukes of hazzard.front and rear mods only done after wrecks. Run away from this disaster.

  9. jerry z

    This is the kind of Vette to restore mechanically. I wouldn’t waste money bringing it back to its former glory. Drive it and have fun. Piss off the Corvette purist!

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  10. bigdoc

    What happened to the carpet between the seats? This car presents way too many questions than answer.

  11. Wayne

    Early Vett hot rod. Who cares? You drive it in the summer and have fun. Maybe even take it to an auto cross once in awhile. If the mechanicals work properly, then the engine should make all the right noises to find some twisties, put the top down and enjoy the noise, road and scenery. Only if you have a collector car need you worry about originality. Drive the damn thing and have fun!
    We will see in about 4 hours what a blast down the twisteis by the twisted is worth. I realize that I am in the minority here. But driving a V8 manual transmission Corvette is about DRIVING FUN. You can’t see the car while you are driving it. So just enjoy the drive. Besides, this one is past the collectible status anyway. THIS A DRIVER!

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  12. v

    all cars in this world are owned by unique 1 of a kind people. no 2 are alike including people. and living in this country we are allowed to project our personalities in our cars. that is one of the things that makes this country great. thankfully we do not live in a conformists world. not all our personalities have to go by 1 persons thinking. if this car were made into a ceiling fan. the owner of the car or personality is entitled due to ownership to use there property in a way they seem fit. not all of us will like the idea but that is our countries gift to each and every citizen. we should not speak with disdain towards another persons thinking . this right is fought with american blood every day somewhere in this world. imagine the bullit mustang being turned into 50 toasters. it would be the owners right . and we will endure our countries fight for the free choices we enjoy today…peace to all and thank you for freedom of choice.

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  13. dogwater

    It looks like a good project its all there replacing the bumpers is no big deal
    body looks in good condition have fun drive it……

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  14. TimM

    I say it on here all the time!!! Some ones idea of what’s cool!!! Unfortunately for the majority of people what they thought was cool we despise and wonder what they were thinking!! Most of what I like about older cars was the fact they had bumpers and chrome!! I definitely don’t mean plastic with a chrome surface either!!! It’s going to cost quite a bit of $$$ to undo the idea of what’s cool!!!

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Oct 31, 2019 , 6:43PM
    Winning bid:
    US $21,100.00 [ 61 bids ]

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  16. George Mattar

    The truth is many Corvettes ended up modified like this one. Wrong door panels and seat covers. Not to mention the hideous headlamps. It is not a 65. The side exhaust is Hooker or some other aftermarket POS. Too much noise for me. Yeah looks cool, and sounds great at idle, but take it from someone who drove a 435 hp 67 with factory side exhaust and 4.11s. I was screaming to get out after 15 miles. It is unbearable with the windows rolled up. Walker made the system for GM. Despite that, this is a driver to have fun with. The cost to make it NCRS far exceeds its value.

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    • v

      an honest appraisal of even the most wanted car. its to late to turn the clock back on this one. but not to late to be still enjoyed. i dont care for corvettes that much most owners are 2 picky and they only have 2 seats. now a 1969 pontiac bonneville station wagon with a 428 and seating for 8 . now thats a car. the back backwards seat in those wagons were always fought over in my family.

  17. Del

    Mods due to previous accident damage ?

    I would not have paid 20 without a complete in persin look

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