Parked Since 1999: 1969 Dodge Dart Custom

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Hiding under this cover is an American classic that has hibernated for nearly a quarter century. It is a 1969 Dodge Dart Custom, and its condition is impressive. The dry climate and storage mean it is a solid vehicle that could make a rewarding revival project for the right person. The Dart is listed here on Craigslist in Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada. It could be yours for $10,000, and I must thank Barn Finder Pat L. for spotting it.

The seller is this Dart’s second owner, and they retain the original paperwork verifying its history. It has spent its life in Nevada, with no exposure to snow or rain. That has allowed this classic to remain rock-solid and rust-free, meaning the grinder and welder can stay in the cupboard during this revival. There is, however, one mystery requiring clarification. I don’t believe the existing Bright Blue Metallic paint is original, although its condition looks respectable below the dust layer. There is evidence of a repaint, with the engine bay wearing Code B3 Light Blue Metallic. Either shade would look good combined with the spotless Black vinyl top, but a quick glance at the Fender Tag should reveal the truth. If a color change has occurred, the buyer might choose to reverse it or retain the Dart as a tidy driver. The panels are straight, the trim looks excellent, and there are no glass issues. Therefore, it appears this Dodge would need nothing structurally or cosmetically before hitting the road with a new owner behind the wheel.

The original owner ordered this Dart powered by a 318ci V8 delivering 230hp. They teamed the V8 with a three-speed TorqueFlite transmission, adding power steering for an effortless driving experience. Although the Dart Custom was not a high-performance variant in this form, its ability to cover the ¼ mile in 15.9 seconds before hitting 122mph was considered respectable for a car capable of comfortably seating six. The owner parked this Dart in its current location in 1999, and it hasn’t moved an inch since. It is unclear whether its numbers-matching V8 runs or if it turns freely. The physical presentation is tidy below the dust, so if it turns, it might roar back to life with little effort. It is worth noting that the same dry climate that preserves steel can also dry out perishable items. Therefore, the new owner will probably face the prospect of replacing seals, hoses, and belts to ensure the Dodge is mechanically roadworthy and reliable.

This Dart’s interior is an unknown quantity thanks to the limited photos and the blanket covering the front seat. Some upholstered surfaces are wrinkled but may stretch back into shape without requiring replacement. The wheel is badly cracked, and the carpet is worn, but the dash and pad look okay. It appears the original owner ordered this classic with air conditioning, and although the interior components are intact, I can’t spot a compressor under the hood. There are no visible aftermarket additions, and while it isn’t highly optioned, the factory AM radio should relieve boredom on long journeys.

This 1969 Dart Custom ticks many boxes that make it desirable for Mopar enthusiasts. A life spent in a dry climate means it hasn’t succumbed to the rust that can plague these classics, while the original drivetrain adds to its appeal. There are a couple of aspects requiring clarification, with the most obvious being whether it has received a color change, as I suspect. If I’m correct, the new owner might consider whether to return the car to its factory form or if retaining it as a tidy driver is their best path. If you found this Dart in your garage, what would you do?

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    Once agai – pull it out of the garage and take some
    decent pictures.
    This looks like the kind of car that I’d love to find
    in someone’s garage (but get it for a good price),then
    fix it & clean it,drive it & keep it.

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  2. Maggy

    I’m not a Mopar guy but I like this car.Hoses ,belts,tune up ,carb rebuild, fuel pump ,all fluids,fuel and air filter, brake hoses ,check brakes and front end and you should be good to go…tires too.I think it’s a good price.I’d throw headers and dual exhaust on it too.

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  3. Greg Gustafson

    A/C compressor is gone.

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  4. Richard

    I agree angliagt completely on this issue, how much of a bone head are you to take a photo of a car in a garage with a cover on it?
    I’m looking for a car just like this one to create an L-023 clone and when I find one close to me here in North Texas I’m going to grab it up and begin blowing it apart.

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    • Tony Primo

      Showing the car with a cover on it tells me that the owner cares about his vehicle. Most people with garages don’t bother to invest in a cover. When my hobby car is not being driven, it is parked in the garage, with a cover on it.

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    • Spudoo

      Photographing a car with the cover on it is part of the “staging” that sellers seem to feel compelled to do nowadays. Personally, I feel that it’s a waste of pixels, and particularly silly for a site like Barnfinds to waste time and bandwidth with the covered photo. Readers don’t come on this site to see staged pictures…we come here to look at actual cars.

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  5. Gary

    It looks like the fender was replaced as I don’t see any holes for the missing fender trim. Was it hit? Front clip replaced? Pull the motor, 509 cam, aluminum intake and 600 Holley and reseal/detail it. Repaint the engine compartment and body in black, repair the interior, new carpet, headers, dual exhaust and a set or ralley or
    five spoke wheels

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  6. Rainer Beran

    Id buy it in a minute for that and drive it on the weekends. Great looking ride. For the money its a steal with the 318 in it. You could actually go places without costing you a second mortgage at current fuel prices. 318,s are bulletproof motors too..Id also install dual exhaust maybe a bigger carb Holley 4412 ,500cfm 2 barrel ,mag wheels ,air shocks in the rear like we did back in those days. Nice car,wish i had it. Gotta sell that Corvair trike of mine first. It will sell quickly at this price.

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  7. bone

    “evidence of a repaint” – Ya think ? You can see the Pentastar on the right fender has been painted over , the right fender has been replaced but the paint matches the rest of the car , and both of the right side makers lights have been filled in ( or possibly the front fender is off a 67 Dart)
    And nobody would order a Dodge Dart , unless it was a performance model. A 318 Dart Custom would have been at every Dodge dealership , you just had to pick a color you liked

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  8. Dr Ron

    Someone wasn’t exactly very adept at hose routing and wiring.
    Seeing this rat nest, duct tape misapplication and zip tie fest is enough to question everything else about this thing.
    And… the aforementioned is probably why it was parked and forgotten when they fubarred everything else bumper to bumper.
    A very close personal inspection would be in order…
    And a lowball offer would be in order as well.

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  9. Gary Jones

    They said it was a 69, but from what I can tell, it has taillights from a 68.. I owned a 68 Dart.. They didn’t have a pic of the front grill so I couldn’t confirm it to be a 68, or 69.. Nice car though….

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    Ahhh highly suspicious for 10k based on the pics – go see it first if you can – I took a roll the dice gamble 6mos ago after a few additional pics and info on a 1969 M code mustang convertible at same price and it worked out great but do enuf 2 convince yourself – some things here are off (new cover pulled in garage is like staging a house) – I try and refrain from posing but don’t over opinionate when I sell something

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  11. cold340t

    Arrrg…. just lost out on that green ebay GT dart last night. Now this to temp me! What to do? At least it didn’t meet reserve. My wrecked 69′ Swinger is going to find its drivetrain in one of these soon. If this keeps up. Just that the prices are getting a little high for these non- 340 GTS/Swingers Darts. Still so tempting.

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  12. cidevcoMember

    The word rust free always sets off the red flags with me. This car came from Dixie Dodge. I dont think there are any dealers with that name out west here. Secondly, if you look at the vinyl roof on the right side pictures there is rust bubbling below. So much for rust free.

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  13. Connecticut mark

    I think it’s a 273 engine not a 318.

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