Parked Since ’79! 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

Dodge’s Super Bee package began in 1969, helping fill the niche created by its Plymouth Road Runner stable-mate. The Road Runner and Super Bee represented budget muscle cars for folks who wanted hefty performance with a light price tag, and eschewed pampering and fancy options. This 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee in Richmond, Texas seeks a new owner here on eBay where more than 40 bids have driven the market value beyond $12,000 and counting.

Though equipped with carpeting instead of the Road Runner’s rubber flooring, the Super Bee could not have disc brakes, air conditioning, or cruise control (thanks to for some details). Early ’69 buyers chose between this car’s 383 Magnum engine and the optional 426 Hemi. Later in the year an exciting “440+6” option slid in-between those two, offering 440 cubes and a trio of two-barrel carburetors. Tame driving utilized the center two-barrel, with heavy throttle pressure awakening the twin outer carbs, causing the speedometer to rise as the fuel gauge sank with equal authority.

The long-idled Texas two-door clearly enjoyed some protection from tin-worms, though the seller includes a description and pictures of some not-so-awesome looking areas. The black interior would have included bucket seats

“Ramcharger” script describes the functional air-induction system, apparently intact on this classic. The 335 HP 383 cid V8 turns freely but has not been coaxed into life. The original buyer splurged on the automatic transmission, but little else, all in keeping with the Super Bee’s no-nonsense mission statement. Compared to a 383-powered Coronet, the Super Bee will equal a greater reward, dollar for dollar, from any restoration effort. Sure finding a Hemi’ would be the icing on the cake, but that would inflate the price like crazy. What would you bid to put the sting back in this ‘Bee’?


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  1. RoughDiamond

    Super rare, yes. I think there is going to be a whole lot more rust repair than meets the eye.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Not on them floors or dash like GM products !!!!

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  2. cold340t

    Not true on the disc brakes. Mine had 383/auto/power disc./stripe delete/grabber hood. In the in the mid/late 80’s they were hard to find. They were Liver shaped pads I think. Love these cars!

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    • Dusty Rider

      I think the 6 pack cars had too low vacuum for the power discs, not sure though.

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      • pvdave

        Back in the day, serious drag racers wanted four wheel drum brakes as they were drag free when disengaged.(not true for discs).

        Good drums work fine at a drag strip, but suffer from fade on a road track and perform poorly when wet.

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      • Norman Wrensch

        I have seen a few cars with non power disc, and that worked good. Just need to size the master cylinder properly.

  3. Jeremy Saint

    First year of the Dodge Super Bee was 1968 just FYI.

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  4. steve

    Super bee pkg started in august 67. No buckets, no console.

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    • Robert

      R/T was 67, may have been a 68 Bee. I know 68 was the first year for the Roadrunner. Dodge did not always follow Plymouth. 70 was the first year for the Duster. Dodge got a similar Demon in 71. Wished I had the money to get this one going again.

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  5. Robert Brack

    I’ve seen Super Bees with a/c, the ones I saw were on ’68’s Rare, but available.

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  6. Keith

    Mopar Mopar Mopar Alert! Calling all Mopar Freaks! Break out your $$$! because it’s a Mopar!……

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    • Chris

      Keith, I see you’re still dealing with those same issues when a Mopar find crops up. Have you tried counseling? I don’t think the Mopar freaks are hearing your cries. Lol

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      • Billy007

        Obviously a bowtie guy, but to each his own. Funny thing is, back 30 years ago, Mopars had crummy value, esp at trade in time. What changed? Was it that silly late 70s TV show?

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  7. Del

    From comments by seller it seems that he is aware of buyers bidding a car up and then do not show or show up and start dickering again.

    Auctioning appears to have deteriorated into Gong Shows

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  8. Howard

    Ac could be ordered. I had one back in the day. When ac was ordered the 383 had a little different cam. Hsp., with ac was 330. I know that because Chrysler replaced my engine at 48,000 miles with a stouter cam

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  9. David stinson


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  10. David stinson

    It doesn’t matter how much rust in body this car is a super rare car u don’t see that many around often body is good need soda blasting this car if done correctly would be worth 65000 or maybe more depending on how bad one wants it rich person don’t care about price everyone

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  11. the one

    I love the almost Allison airplane engine sound of a full throttle big block 6 pac!!!

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  12. Woody

    Sounds like Keith has seen too many taillights of the Mopar that got away! Yeah they call that the Rapid Transit system! I’ve owned a few.

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  13. Bill

    Mopars are a good break from all those POS Chevy’s come on how many vets, SS and Impalas can you have let’s get real Chevy’s were not the only hot rods built

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  14. Patrick Shanahan

    My BIL bought one new like this, only a green 440, 4 speed. The thing was a rocket ship but it was always broken down.

  15. Bob G

    Column shift indicates it was a bench seat car with gauge package dash.

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  16. Del

    No use speculating . Its all on the fender tag. But its hard to read.

    High price for another Non-runner.

    But this one might actually be restorable.

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  17. Eben

    Just a little point of interest: the Super Bee was a 1968 mid-year model (1968-1/2). My Dad was a Dodge Salesman at the time. The Dodge Guys wanted a vehicle to offer similar to the RoadRunner.
    Bucket seats and column shift was a possible option. Might have had Buckets with center armrest.
    Super Bee was not released until mid-year and was a Base coupe or hardtop. More like a Coronet 440, rather than a DeLuxe (which would have been equal to the base Belvedere that became the original Road Runner).

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  18. 70 Swinger

    Bucket seats could be ordered and still have a column shifter, if a console was not ordered.

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  19. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    What Chris said !!!!

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  20. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Dec 21, 2018 , 7:45PM
    Winning bid:US $18,300.00
    [ 62 bids ]

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  21. Derfman

    They are right I owned a 69 bee ordered from the factory had 383 with ram induction, front disc brakes, bucket seats with console, roll down rear windows and a two tone paint blue with black top

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