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Parking Lot Scars: 1966 Corvette


This once lovely ’66 Corvette was caught up in a bit of a parking lot brawl back in ’93. It lost a door handle and gained some scars from the fight, but looks to have fared the incident well enough. Apparently the owner felt it was too beat up to keep on the road though, so they parked it in their garage and that’s where it has stayed ever since. It appears that someone started making repairs, but just never finished. I think it’s time for this Corvette to see the road again! If you agree, you can find it here on eBay in Houston, Texas with a current bid of $12k.


As you can see, the damage was contained primarily to the driver’s side door, but it did run over a bit to the rear fender. Given the fiberglass construction, it should be that difficult to fix the problems. Getting everything to look perfect again could be a challenge, but I’m sure a professional could smooth it out and have it looking perfect.


The seller doesn’t offer us a ton of information in their ad, but they do provide lots of photos and a video walk-around. The car is said to start, run and drive, so hopefully all it takes is some cosmetic and interior work to get this Corvette back on the road where she belongs. So would you take on repairing this garage find?


  1. Joe

    Nice ‘vette! This will definitely sell way higher than the $12k current bid. Body damage looks easy to address. The paint color is a nice change from red.

    Scars is spelled scars, btw.

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  2. gord

    you mean SCARS not scarEs!
    though the owner was probably scared and then scarred for life

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    • Josh Staff

      Sorry about that guys! I was trying to get this one done quick and didn’t even notice that I did that. It’s been fixed! Thanks Gord!

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  3. jcs

    Driver’s side frame rail appears a little dicey. Like the seller states, it does need attention. I’d replace that rail and give the rest of the frame a thorough going over.

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  4. JohnD

    The frame rail is the scare!!! Kudos to the seller for mentioning it! Shame on BF for not mentioning it! This is a job . . .Reasonable minds will differ, but this is where the body comes off the frame, and, probably, another frame is sourced. I’d probably never be comfortable with the rest of it, if I just replaced that rail and the kickup.

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  5. Irish Bill

    I’m with John D on this one. A different frame is needed. They are around but you need another $8-9 k to purchase one but you would be on the road to a nice car at that point.

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  6. Mike

    For a car that sat for half its life that’s a lot of rust damage to the frame.

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  7. jimjim

    That frame looks scary. I wonder if those are real knockoffs. If so, they are worth a pretty penny alone and they look like they’ve been on the car awhile. Otherwise looks like a pretty base level automatic.

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    • JBones

      Mentions they are Western Wheels, Kelsey Hayes were the original supplier for GM and then the tooling was sold to Western Wheel. They are re-pops

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  8. roger

    I would find another car.
    Frame rust out is baaad news.

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  9. Blindmarc

    By putting a new frame under it, and transferring all the parts, you’d get to know it intimently.

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  10. Rock On Member

    Don’t think that I’d want to put so much effort into an automatic Corvette. As long as both of my arms and legs are working, I think that I will stick to a manual.

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    • Barry

      when your car is a manual, the crack head kids today can’t drive them , it’s an added measure of security that your car will be there in the morning!

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  11. John H. in CT

    For all you manual “purists”. buying an auto car is smart because it can be converted to a 4sp, oe even better to a 5 or 6 speed Tremec for under $5K. Crate up the auto, and you have a very desireable matching #s car with the value of a manual car. Only thing you can’t do is NCRS.

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  12. Joe Haska

    Never done a Corvette, but this looks like it would be a great one to do. Seems if it goes near that 12K, you could spend some time and money, and have a great car, and not be upside down in it.

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  13. Marty Burns

    Big blocks are great and I loved my 1967 big block 427 435 hp coup which I had for 10 years. True big blocks are a crowd pleaser ( who cares realy), but are a lot of work to maintain ,first they were built to run on 105 octane which is available ( and I bought it in 55 gal drums)but with a 411 rear end mileage was terrible (even if you didn’t put you foot in it to impress your friends), two ,they hate hot days and you are always looking at the temperature gauge, three, they were hot inside the coupes . My 427 was driver by mr. Corvette himself Zora Arkus Duntolf -Duntov at a Corvette weekend on Martha’s Vineyard. My car was bought by a collector and went out west. The best Corvette I ever owned but it was bear to keep up with and most problems I had were self inflicted by me showing off and making my friends believers about the power this motor put out. I now have a 1967 roaster 327 350 hp matching number car which is a driver and still fun . No more smoke shows in forth but a Corvette has been and will always be in my garage.

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