Parts Hauler: 1963 Olds Dynamic 88 wagon

Part of a field find collection that is getting liquidated, this Olds wagon is a bit rough, but it has some highlights and possibilities for sure. The Dynamic 88 wagons are great looking cars, and the single torque thrust like wheel certainly gives a few ideas of what could happen with this wagon project. Offered for $1,200 this wagon project may be just what you are looking for. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Medford, Oregon.

Untouched, and covered with dried leaves, it is clear this Sky Rocket 394 V8 hasn’t run in quite a while. Despite the dingy appearance, there is little rust to be seen, and this wagon features power brakes and power steering. There is no word on the condition of the drive-train, but if you were you judge this book by its cover it would seem there is a strong chance that the engine could be locked up.

Much like a junkyard after getting hit by a tornado, the interior is a bit crowded with parts. Looking past the chaos, there are some highlights to point out. The dash and steering wheel are in fair shape, but there are a few cracks present on both items. The door panels are in place, but could use some tidying up as well.  The front bench looks to have been a rodent feast, so it will need some work to say the least. Pictures have been taken of the floors and door jambs I guess to indicate a lack of rust? I would have pulled back the floor mats to give better evidence of this, but I suppose that is what the seller is indicating. Also the seller mentions in the ad that this wagon is mostly plagued with surface rust. The wealth of hubcaps(including the Mercury ones) and parts inside do not appear to all be parts for this wagon, or even for Oldsmobiles. So the interior contents are a bonus I suppose?

The photos don’t paint a real solid picture of how solid this wagon may be, but from the images provided there is no visible rot to be seen. Hard to say what may lurk underneath? For the most part the body seems fair minus being clipped in the passenger rear quarter, and on the driver front corner as well.  Hunting for rust, one thing I will make mention of is that the bottom of the tailgate is solid, where it can often be heavily rotted. A lot of the exterior trim is missing, but I am hoping that it is inside with the bonus parts stash. With no cracks or visible delamination, the glass looks to be in fair shape as well. By no means a cream puff, but this wagon looks to have some potential for a restomod, patina queen, or a restoration if you feel so inclined. Would you save this wagon?

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  1. 68 custom

    I like the style of the 63 Olds Dynamic wagon but this one looks more like a parts car to me. if it runs and drives then 1200$ might be a fair price but I am guessing it does not run, so I would run in the opposite direction.

  2. Steve

    Like the 67 Imperial behind it more.

  3. Woodie Man

    This is a handsome wagon that judging by the roof rack , wind deflectors and ps and pb was well appointed. The intervening years of obvious neglect have nullified its advantages. Perhaps the number written on the glass is a more appropriate sale price.

  4. angliagt

    Looks like it’s part of an estate sale.
    Click on “Other Items”.

  5. Boss351

    By no means a cream puff!! Maybe it will buff out. If you need some hub caps, this wagon is loaded with a bunch in the back.

    Starting bid price is too high as a I don’t think this one has run in a while.

  6. Skip

    When I worked at Rix Funeral Home in Odessa our backup ambulance was a ’63 Olds wagon like this one…minus the luggage rack. Our first out unit was a ’61 Pontiac wagon. I liked the Olds better than the Pontiac. But the Olds stayed second-out. It had the siren under the hood and the roof lights were magnetic, going on top only if we had to make a call. To call the boss “cheap” would’ve been an understatement. He was afraid of drilling holes to mount the lights on the Olds because he thought it might affect the trade-in or resale value. Regardless, it was a much better unit than the Pontiac. And speaking of Pontiacs, that ’58 Pontiac wagon shown in the background of the pictures posted here looks interesting.

  7. Howard A Member

    I always got a kick out of the name, Dynamic. I mean, they were good cars, but hardly dynamic. Very limited appeal, and if so, they have to be nice to begin with. There’s better classics to rebuild.

  8. Wayne

    I want the 67 Imperial!

  9. mike D

    they all look pretty beat to me, and.. and… actual ” barn find” judging by the hay on all of them the 68 Vista Cruiser and the 73 Cat Wagon pique my interest, supposedly there are even more than what is seen in the ad ( beyond other items for sale)

  10. Wayne

    I always liked the style of these cars. Transmissions were dismal!

  11. whippeteer

    It looks like the person who owned the property had a thing for wagons. There are quite a few of them visible in the background.

  12. Michael

    Seven years and 70,000 miles of my youth was spent riding and driving a 1963 Olds Dynamic 88 nine-passenger fully optioned with power everything and factory ac. An entire cub scout den could ride in the back with all the seats folded flat. 4X8 sheets of plywood fit. Fond memories. I do remember it would chew through bias-ply tires every 10, 000 miles. They claimed it was because of the extra long wheelbase. But I knew it was my Mother’s lead foot.

  13. Dovi65

    $1200 is a bit of wishful thinking. If its solid, & complete it would be a nice project. For a few hundred bucks

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