Patina Ivy: 1950 Chevrolet Pickup

Appearing more like a rare plant that grows cool old trucks instead of flowers, this old Chevrolet 3100 is a one owner truck that hasn’t been touched in a “few” years. Clearly looking like a forgotten and neglected machine, this old truck still has a trick or two up its sleeve. With an even layer or surface rust, there is no major rot to be seen in this truck other than the long gone wooden bed. With 35 bids and two days remaining, this truck is currently sitting at $4,000 with the reserve not met. The buy it now option is still available for $6,000. Check out this neat truck here on ebay out of Santa Barbara, California.

The 216 cubic inch inline 6 almost looks petrified, but this is a California native, so maybe with a little luck it isn’t locked up? Neatly laid off on the valve cover, the factory air cleaner is present, but the carb is missing, likely pulled off  years ago to be rebuilt.

The interior is a bit rustic from the broken out windows, but the floors still appears to be quite solid. The electrical is probably completely worthless as are the gauges. The bench seat is still covered in vinyl, but I would definitely rebuild it to use regularly. Hopefully you are a fan of patina and surface rust, otherwise you have a lot of work cut out with this Chevy.

Despite its forgotten appearance, there isn’t any major damage present other than the broken glass, and a dented passenger fender. The wooden bed has long rotted, and some of the bed support structure looks a little iffy, but there. Only one cab corner can be seen, and it looks solid. There is no apparent rot in this Chevrolet, so perhaps it could be revived with a modern drive train, some interior and glass work. Although a bit rough, this truck is much nicer than most you will find in the east. Do you think this truck is worth the $6,000 buy it now price?

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  1. Blyndgesser

    Just needs some POR-15 and WD-40. Oh, and probably a full-oil-pressure 235 out of a ’55-62 model.

  2. packrat

    Four thousand plus on one that the bed’s rotted out of and’s been sitting with the glass out? I sure have waited too late to pick one of *these* up…

  3. Loco Mikado

    I had one in a lot better condition given to me in the early 70’s. Not fast but go almost anywhere. Another one I shouldn’t have sold.

  4. Howard A Member

    Coo-Coo, Coo-Coo, gotta love California. ( for driving the prices into the stratosphere) I guess there IS an element of entertainment here.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    It’s good to find one that hasn’t been rusted out. The bed floor didn’t do any justice to the crossmembers but that’s still pretty minor. The truck is mostly complete and that gives you something good to start on. I wouldn’t replace the drive train but that’s me; I don’t care to drive these beasts any faster than they were designed to go. Very worthwhile…

  6. TdF 83

    It is not Ivy, but instead Nasturtiums, nothing close to the dreaded English ivy. You can even eat them, leaves and flowers, very spicy. Nice old Chevy too.

    • Jeffro

      Ivy has nothing on Kudzu!

      • JimmyinTEXAS

        If it was half covered with kudzu when the picture was taken, the next morning you wouldn’t know it was there…

  7. Joe Haska

    It looks like a very sold truck, nice body, but obviously a pretty in depth rebuild. I just bought a 53 F-100, with a 302, AOD, late rear end and a Chrysler Torsion bar front clip. Paid 8K and I am building it for a customer. He will have about 20K when finished, and it should be a nice truck. I think it was a steal, It needs allot, but has one of the nicest rust free body’s I have ever seen. It was a very lucky find, but I don’t think this Chevy P/U is over priced, if you start looking, It is not easy to find a truck under 10K that is even worth the effort.

    • seth karpen

      Hard to find a good late model truck for 20k. Your customer will have a fun truck when you are done

  8. Bruce Jones

    Advertised as a 1950 model, but I believe it is a ’53, unless hood and doors have been replaced. Painted bumper and grille another clue.

  9. Dave Wright

    4-6,000 in Santa Barbera is minimum wage……..I lived there for many years, you might be able to live for 10,000 a month if you are careful…….I paid my boat crews with a wheelbarrow…… LCU worked for 12,000 a day.

    • Howard A Member

      So what are you saying, Dave? How out of kilter this country is? I mean, I live on $10,000/year and you say it costs $10,000/month in Cal( btw, I’m well aware of the cost of living in Cal, my kids live there.) How can a country survive with that kind of difference?( obviously, I’ve been listening to Lee Iaccoca) There simply can’t be enough money to go around, and we’re seeing the effects of that right now. Sorry, to me,( and others that may not want to ruffle any feathers) it’s just nuts to spend this kind of money on items like this, when the economy is melting down. Why do you think these people are asking so much for this stuff, THEY’RE BROKE, that’s why. People that have money, may not see it now, but rest assured, this silliness will come to an end, sorry, thanks for listening, I’ll go to bed now,,,,

  10. Jamey

    I feel it would make a great Rat Rod. Change the drive train and fix the rest just enough to make it dependable. Maybe lower it and you would have a cool ride it you like that sort of thing. Then again if you wanted to it could be redone but it would cost you , that’s for sure. It’s a good guess everything in the dash would need replacing. The body seams to solid, but I’m sure once you get into it you will find some.

  11. cyclemikey

    At last – an Advanced Design pickup without the godawful corner windows. It’s getting hard to find these standard cabs anymore.

    Throw in a late 235 (if you can find one – they’re getting thin on the ground as well), do the brakes, and run it. Patina, baby – just like me.

  12. Doug Towsley

    Just came back from our cabin in the hills, Private little community up in the Hills with a deranged HOA assoc. Theres a nice tidy little farm down the road and they have a late 30s or 40s pickup similar to this (But not exactly) But its sitting in their yard with landscaping around it and a flagpole. Clearly Yard art. I keep telling my wife we gotta stop and get a picture one of these times.
    I also told her we should take one of my rat rod bodies and take it to the cabin and do similar landscaping-Yard art. Make sure I drape a big American flag right over it,. When anyone complains, and complain they will,.,… I will just smugly retort… “Why do you hate our freedom??” I am thinking a couple replica skeletons inside or headless one with his arm out the window holding his own skull (Signaling lane change) and some artsy saying,,,
    I am thinking every house needs yard art like this. On this one you could have some overalls and boots sticking out from under it?

  13. Rolf Poncho 455

    Patina? It’s called rust.It is a nice looking truck

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