What Would You Pay For A Von Dutch?

“How much would you pay for a Von Dutch?”. That’s the question Rick asked when he sent us a link to this glove box door he found on craigslist. Personally, I’d have a hard time paying the asking price, but there may be a few old hot rodders out there who would do anything to have those iconic flying eyeballs on their dash. If you didn’t already know, Von Dutch was a famous pinstriper and his work is highly valued today. You can read more about his work here. Thanks for the tip Rick!

Here’s proof of the Von Dutch connection. This photo is out of an old issue of Car Craft and apparently it’s of a custom ’51 Chevy that was once owned by the seller’s father. They don’t mention what happened to the car, but they do claim that the glove box door has been in their family for more than 60 years. Five grand may seem like crazy money, but people pay more for wall hangings all the time. What do you think? How much would you be willing to pay for a Von Dutch original?

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  1. Jeffro

    Something is only worth, what someone is willing to pay for it.

    • Nova Scotian

      …and if you buy it, pay you will. It will need documented proof. Don’t have any…no insurance coverage. Want it covered by home insurance? You know, just in case it’s stolen/ burned/damaged. Your gonna pay extra for that appraisal. And extra cost every day there after to keep it in your possession. Just saying.

  2. F.A.G.

    Before I even clicked on the link for the add I told myself “$300”. Boy I must be one cheap guy.

  3. jw454

    I wonder how the asking price was established?

    • LAB3

      Perhaps an outstanding credit card balance? Seriously though, it’s probably more a fishing expedition than anything else and as has been stated, it’s worth what someone’s willing to pay. If someone pays $5k for that piece then the custom painted door off the same car must be worth $20k, right? Well if it isn’t now it may soon be

  4. John D.

    I can see the value if I was decorating a man cave car garage. It would be an authentic touchstone to the beginning of hot rodding, just like a tanker racer. It could be a centerpiece for a nice hot rod art collection. Too bad I’m not doing that.

  5. Pa Tina

    How do you know if it is a real “Von Dutch”?

  6. Fred W.

    On American Pickers, Mike paid 21K for a Von Dutch Harley powered by a VW engine. It the bike is only worth 21K, the glove box door should only be a grand or so, IMHO.

    • Ed

      As American Pickers is staged, who knows what Mike really paid. Again, worth what someone is willing to pay, and even more if two people want it.

      • Rx7turboII

        All “reality” tv shows are staged…ironic huh?.

  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I like his work, but it is only worth about $10 to me. Some hot rodding history for sure, but I think we all know where values are heading. I had a matchbook from 1983 with the Brewers schedule on it. I offered to give it to a bartender at a gin joint I stop at on occasion. He is a huge Brewer fan. It was one year older than him, he looked at it and declined. I guess the moral is, get rid of it while you can.

  8. DL

    Likely to be a steal at that price assuming it is an original. His work has pulled easy 6 figures for years now and well, he’s not doing any new ones.. here’s some of the results from 2006 where a sign with the same infamous eyeballs went for $150K. http://www.hotrod.com/articles/0607rc-von-dutch-auction/#0607rc_03_z-von_dutch_auction-pin_striping

  9. michael streuly

    I want it just not for 5k

  10. Joe Haska

    Reading the comments, I think Ken Howard might hate some of you. It is true it’s only worth what some one is willing to pay. However, Von Dutch’s Art Work is recognized and a lot of it has been in auctions, so there is history. Pat Ganahl is probably as knowledgeable as anyone on his work and life, and I would think he could make a reasonable appraisal. I wouldn’t even be surprised if, Pat would know the history of the glove box door. If your interested he has written a book on Von Dutch’s life and art.

    • Pa Tina

      I would be more inclined to believe the story if there were a pinstripe or two on the glovebox door. It will be interesting to see what happens with it. We have also had the “craigslist” discussion on these pages before. if you had a piece you believed was a valuable “one-of-a-kind” wouldn’t you cast your net a bit wider?
      P.S. I think Ken Howard probably hated everyone. He had the soul of an artist.

      • Fritz T.

        I look at him like Enzo Ferrari when it comes to personality. Was such a D that I’ll never care for their work nor pay for it.

      • sluggo

        “I look at him like Enzo Ferrari when it comes to personality. Was such a D that I’ll never care for their work nor pay for it.”
        So Fritz are you more of a Norman Rockwell, Garrison Keillor or Joan Baez kind of fan???
        There is some well merchandised material for Von Dutch and of course The reference to Ken Howard hating you is to sort the cool kids from the chaff. But very few artists and creatives are Mr Rogers type personalities and some say Von Dutch struggled with mental health issues. But, In my experience MOST people involved with vintage vehicles and especially hot rods and motorcycles tend to wildly eccentric, abrasive or even offensive. My pal Hal sez that Norton people are like Studebaker people only weirder and that is a metaphor on several levels.
        Crazy,Ego and highly functioning goes hand in hand. Heck most musicians and performers are some of the most insecure and dysfunctional people you will ever meet.
        Not saying its okay to be a jerk, but lets be honest here. Call it what it is. And I can appreciate a persons talents despite their shortcomings and flaws. If people cant or wont, then what does that make you??? (insert mirror) Emphasise the positives while minimizing the negatives.

  11. sluggo

    Interesting but how can you be certain someone did not recreate it? Need more than old magazine article,, Of course if you do, then yep thats cool.
    But its an instance where just because of a name does not translate into instant license to print money. One of my wifes co-workers ran into Robert Redford at a pub in Montana a few weeks ago and they sat and chatted. Does that mean someone should resell the chair RR sat on and possible farted on for a bazillion dollars?
    I know of 2 motorcycles that are established that Von Dutch painted some of the pinstriping on and small art work. The owners would not dream of that much,. I had a chance to buy the gas tank of one for $500 and passed it up.
    Kind of like the tenuous claims people make about Steve McQueen anything, Hardly a month goes by that someone on eBay doesnt try to establish a far fetched connection to McQueen and its the stuff of auction legends……..
    Ironically that sale is here in Portland Oregon area…. a while back there was a BSA owned by Gus Van Sant at a shop. The sellers tried greatly to extort more moolah out of it. A local guy I know went in there and was actually interested in the bike, Not Gus, When the seller tried his schtick lets just say the buyer made some politically incorrect comments and how he would replace the grips and seat. Did not end well.
    I know another guy who had a Triumph Sunset tripper custom (Look them up) and he worked for Fleetwood Mac on several tours. Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood bought him the bike in thanks. Documented. Couldnt sell it to save his life….I thought it was cool just because of the Sunset tripper angle.

  12. Peter Boyle

    crack pipe

  13. That Guy

    This is definitely something that should be sold at auction. There’s just no way to establish a price otherwise.

    I think the seller knows it’s not really worth much and is hoping to find a sucker. If they genuinely wanted to sell at whatever market value is, they’d consign to an automobilia auction and take what they get.

  14. sluggo

    ” If they genuinely wanted to sell at whatever market value is, they’d consign to an automobilia auction and take what they get.”
    That is true in concept but not principle, Automobilia auctions are wildly inconsistent. I have attended some and have little faith in how they work. Plus depends on the auction company, sometimes shenanigans ensue. Despite my love-hate relationship with FeeBay, It is probably the best venue for something like this

  15. Ric Parrish

    That’s nothing the NFL is totally staged, as fake as Pro Wrestling, all legal since the early sixties. Pure ‘entertainment’ google it. Their season is created in the board room.

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