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Pepto Plymouth: 1956 Plymouth Belvedere

Here’s another great looking pink car, this one is a 1956 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe. From this photo it looks like it’s almost new, other than some faded/chipped paint on the roof. This forward-look Belvedere hardtop is listed on Hemmings with an asking price of $5,500. Would you drive a pink car? I sure as heck would, this thing rocks! It’s located in Waterford, California.

Good grief, the gas door and tail light lens are missing, this thing isn’t worth it! Kidding, I wonder if they have that missing gas door and tail light lens? I wish they would have taken a photo with the windows down to see that svelte hardtop look. In 1955, Plymouth thoroughly modernized their line, thanks to Virgil Exner’s “Forward Look”. It was quite a change, although in 1957 things were totally changed yet again. Ahh.. the days when car designers and car companies threw the rule book out the window and just went for it. Today, it seems like a lot of (most?) vehicles look basically the same, all like a melted bar of soap.

This car looks great, condition-wise. We could argue, I mean discuss, the pink paint scheme for days or weeks without a general consensus, but as far as this being a great design, I think that most of us would agree on that. For the record, this color is called “Briar Rose”. It reminds me of Dodge’s La Femme models for 1955 and 1956, boy those were sure colorful! The seller says this is a “rust free CA car that was purchased new in the Bay Area.” It was purchased by a father as a graduation present for his daughter when she graduated from Stanford. Dang, that’s quite a present. I paid for my own college and didn’t get a present like this, what a gyp! (cough)..

The interior may need more work than the exterior does. You’ll have to get in touch with SMS for possible upholstery matches and if you’re lucky, they’ll have some left. The door cards look fantastic and you can see that great pattern, I’d hate to go on the cheap and just do a velour here. The steering wheel needs help but new carpets are available and the trunk looks rock solid so hopefully the floors are, too.

The seller says that this 230 cubic-inch inline-six starts and runs fine. It should have around 110-115 hp or so, give or take, maybe take, after sitting for quite a few years “waiting for its turn for restoration.” Dodge’s version had a two-barrel carb for more horsepower. A 12-volt system was offered for the first time in 1956. I would want to remove this engine and detail the heck out of it, this car deserves it, in my opinion. What do you think of this one? Could you see yourself driving a pink car or would you have to paint it another color?


  1. Fred W.

    I’s have to paint it red. Wonder if the engine turns?

    • packrat

      Fred W., that would be my conundrum as a BoyChild. I wouldn’t want this to be my lead driver in this color, yet this one should remain as it is. I would love to have one in a black-, green-, or blue-and-white combination in this condition.

      Trivial curiosity: are there symmetrical divots broken out of the center steering wheel chrome on top? Or, am I seeing the results of a decision by Plymouth to inlet the steering wheel for a squared off horn ring while the chrome part finally designed became a different shape on top.

  2. Somer

    Those MOPAR sixes were great engines. Ran for ever,

    • olddavid

      Yes, they had great longevity, as did most straight sixes. However, adjusting those valves was torture as they were supposed to be done hot.

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice car. When I was a kid there were lots of these around, although if the pink color was chosen it was usually tutone with white. Strangely enough the vast majority of these in my region were powered with the 277 V8. I seriously doubt that you’d be able to chirp the tires when you floored the gas pedal at the stop light but you never know. One thing for sure: it will take you anywhere you want to go and bring you back….

    • Jerry HW Brentnell

      years ago there was a class in dirt track stock car racing limited to flat head fords and 6 cylinder engines if you chose to run a dodge or plymouth heres your engine! and those guys know how to suck horsepower out this 6! and 90 percent of portable electric welders and combines used this same engine! lots ended up in inboard boats too such as christ craft and century and others

      • philthyphil

        Grey marine engine…one in my neighbors 60’5 CC

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi Jerry. I sure remember the flathead sixes in industrial applications and especially combines. I think Massey Ferguson used the 265 version of this well into the 60’s, on the ’92’ and Super ’92.’ They were adaptable for sure….

  4. P

    Oh Belvedere!!!!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Come here, boy!!! (reference to Warner Brothers cartoon dog, in case someone’s wondering…)

      • P


        Only the astute caught that!


  5. Mark S

    I’ve always liked the style of the 55’s more, I thinks it’s because of the way they applied the chrome strip on the side of the car. It looks like they weren’t sure of how the trim should look so they applied this helter skelter mess to the car. IMHO this car has a nice long flowing design that is chopped up by that chrome if this were mine I’d remove the downward strip on the door and two tone paint the bottom portion of the car black front to back. I’d then repaint above the chrome pink with a black roof. It would match up nicely with the intirior using the black/ pink paint skeem. Both dodge and Plymouth used the the same chassies and drive lines which were a rock solid design. How ever in this era of car they were not that great on there fit and finish compared to some of there competitors. This car is a good starting point for someone on a budget to build a nice driver quality restoration.

  6. Cap10

    I owned a 54 Plymouth Savoy 2 door in baby blue/white. 217.8 Flathead with 3 on-the-tree. I can attest to the comment about adjusting the valves being torture. You put the right front up on a jack stand, pull the wheel, remove an access panel in the wheel well, and two access plates in the side of the block to get to the valve adjustments.

    Like olddavid said, you adjusted them “hot”… engine running! Just drink a couple cups of espresso to get your hands shaking in rhythm with the valves and you were golden.

  7. Ed P

    I would not change a thing. Just repair or replace the broken or missing bits and pieces. I would have preferred a v8 but the six will run forever, maybe longer than the v8.

  8. Woodie Man

    I’d drive it just to be defiant lol!

    Back in 1981 I was working at a lot in San Diego that had almost nothing but “old cars”. We had a ’55 Dodge LaFemme with all the accoutrements, umbrella , etc..two tone, just beautiful. Of course being a recent graduate school graduate I didnt have two rubles to bang together.

    Timing in life is everything. Damnit!

    • Thord

      I think I was lucky to see this La Femme in San Diego when I visited USA in 1985. It was about to be resored and it had all the accessories except the rain coat. Since a few years my wife own a La Femme and I have a tri-tone 55 Custom Royal Lancer in Pink, Black and White.

  9. David Zornig

    I had a `56 Savoy, with the same flathead 6.
    I converted it from generator to alternator in 1977.
    I saw it still on the road over 20 years later.
    Here’s a pic when I had it in `76.

  10. Billy

    So then you dump her? Are you missing the forest because of the trees? The flat head six was a dream of an engine, she would pull all day. Dad had one in a 55 Savoy that he said would pull stumps from the ground if asked to. The only problem I see here is the 2 speed automatic, a three speed would be best. BTW, that color would have to go, I say black with a red interior.

    • John D

      I’ve become intrigued with the two speeds. Aren’t they basically the GM powerglide that get used by so many drag racers? I also wonder what Chrysler transmissions will bolt to the flathead 6?

    • Ed P

      John D, Powerglide was a torq converter transmission, very similar to Buick’s Dynaflow. Powerflite used a gearbox setup.

  11. Kevin Wernick

    Sorry, I’m just not into 6 cylinders, I prefer the rumble of a V8. But I do agree with your choice of colors

    • Mark S

      These sixes have an excellent tone with the right muffler in place. A muffler that is loader than stock but not over the top load.

  12. Clay Byant

    Fresh paint in original colors would change people’s minds on the color. Saw one of the original 12 1962 Corvettes at our NCRS national meet in Breckenridge one year that the Shriners of Omaha had specialty painted by GM and that totally changed my thinking on pink.(fresh pink)

  13. glenn

    what is that vent thing on the right an air vent or radio speaker?

    • Clay Byant

      That’s the air vent. Shove a handle down on the inside and up came your “air conditioner. Even Corvette had them until 1962………….If you didn’t have the vent you had what we called the 2-55 air conditioner. Roll down two windows and drive 55 mph……………..

    • Dick Johnson

      Radio speaker on the dash. Vent lever in the footwell area opens a flap door. The cowl vent has a lever as well under the dash. The speaker on the ’55 was used for a radar scope when I was little.

      Glad all y’alls like the ’56. Ours is a 2 door post with 53,000 miles on it. It includes the ‘Model A garage’ right door crease.

  14. Rustytech Member

    Love the 56 Plymouth’s. Mark S I love your Idea for a color scheme. Some guys are put off by pink. I am confident enough in my manhood that not only does it not bother me, I like it! My favorite tie is pink. I had several of these flat 6’s back in the days, you couldn’t destroy it if you tried! Trust me, I tried. Wish I could bring this one home.

    • Mark S

      Thank Rustytech I think it would look killer with the pink/ black colour combo. Funny thing is pink is my least favourite colour but not in this case.

  15. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Wow….nice car….rare to see a hardtop Mopar with a 6 cyl….. solid pink wasn’t real popular either….could be a buy at under $4000,

  16. Jubjub

    My parents had one of these in pink but with the black two tone treatment and a V8. Traded in a ’55 Chevy that they had nothing good to say about.

    About that funky trim…my mom had only recently gotten her license when she was driving said Plymouth in Detroit when a Cadillac sideswiped her. She said it made an awful sound. She got out to look only to find the chrome trim on the quarter panel had been slid back and was sticking out about two feet at the rear. Apparently gently snagged by one of the bumper rivets of the Cadilllac. She was all mortified and thought she’d never get to take the car again until she took it somewhere and someone tapped the trim back into place. Don’t think she ever told Dad.

  17. Kevin Wernick

    They traded a 56 for a 55? Well anyway, I would’ve kept the Plymouth

  18. Jubjub

    Nah. Traded the Chevy on the Plymouth. They had a Hudson before the Chevy, so it had a tough act to follow.

  19. Howard A Member

    You guys are all missing the boat ( or you’re all married) I see a great chick magnet here. Throw a couple “Mary Kay” signs in the back window, and “SHAZAM”, be like a mouse on cheese,,,

  20. The One

    Grampa has a 57. He kept all his cars immaculate.

  21. CrazyGeorge CrazyGeorge

    Any sex with my girl is great sex weather she toots or not ! Any 56 Plymouth this different and this solid is a great 56 Plymouth ! I’d keep the color, clean and detail her and take my girl to the drive-in ! Then we’d have beans for dinner and see what developers ! Besides the fact that I love Pepto, with my ulcers’ it’s been a lifesaver ! I only wish I had the room for this rare beauty ! I doubt there’d be another one at any show you go to !

  22. Matt Bruns

    My 59 Edsel Ranger (2dr hardtop) is a light pink with white stripe and roof. The actual color name Edsel gave it was “Talisman Red”. Never cared about what others thought of the color. No one ever jokes about it, the only annoying thing is that non-car people see a pink car with white walls and then come up and complement my “pink Cadillac”!

  23. Kevin Wernick

    Love those Edsels, picked on back then, but highly collectable now. Love to get a hold of a Roundup, but hard to find


    back in the middle to late 50,s even in clothes, black pants with a pink shirt with white buck shoes was real cool, big daddy. lol i believe elvis wore that color combo and also had a pink caddilac he bought for his mother.

  25. Graham

    If it was mine: Restore the body and trim, redo the interior(factory), add a/c, upgrade the suspension, and disc brakes all around. And of course a nice set of wheels and tires, 16″ on front, 17″ on back. Paint wise, exactly as it came from the factory.
    Engine: 390hp injected small block, 727 3 speed transmission, rear axle 3:55 8 3/4, with sure grip(posi).
    I’d end up with a nice cruiser, and a car you won’t see too often at car shows.

  26. Airbrakemn

    Had a college,UNC-CH, buddy, Dick Smith, from New York city! He had a green four door ’55! He dated a girl Brenda, who was a high school/college, UNC-G, friend of my wife, to be! Smith’s ’55 had some kind of a mechanical problem during Christmas break. When we came back from holiday he was without transportation and wanted to go see his squeese over in Greensboro. Some body told him that I had broken up with my long term girl friend and was looking for a date. He called Brenda and she asked my wife, to be, if she would want go on a blind date with me and she agreed. I drove a gorgeous light blue ’58 Chevy Impala convertible and my wife, to be, enjoyed her date/convertible so much she agreed to date me again the next weekend. She has enjoyed 56 years of “wedded bliss” just because that Plymouth broke down! I now have a red white and white ’65 Cadillac Eldorado convertible just to make sure she never forgets what a great catch I was way back in the early ’60’s! Also have two good Plymouth stories about our double dating with the Smith’s. Once at “Jubilee” Smith drove to Greensboro to pick up Brenda and Jeanne and buy a load of booze for the party. Dick had an old army blanket and he would pick up libations for a large group of our friends when he made the trip. He got the girls and booze, ran the front bench seat all the way forward, laid the blanket on the floor and laid all those bottles of booze on the folded blanket wrapping the 10 or 12 bottles in the blanket. He then adjusted the seat to the position for Brenda to drive them and the booze back to Chapel Hill. He climbed in the back seat for a nap and the girls chauffered him back to UNC-CH. Upon arrival they stopped by the building where I was finishing my two Saturday classes and picked me up to go party. Jeanne and I got into the back seat and Brenda slid over to the passenger seat without moving the seat back for Dick. He was miffed about having to squeese in between the tight front seat and the steering wheel and without thinking rammed the seat back to it’s full backward travel! Yep, you guessed it, the sound of glass breaking was loud and clear! Every bottle was crushed and the blanket was soaked with all the different bottles of booze! Worse yet, Chapel Hill in those days was in a dry county and besides that most of us had spent our booze money and in those days you didn’t just call your folks and tell them what had happened and ask for money to replace your stasch of booze for “Jubilee”! To add insult to injury, on the trip to take the girls back to Greensboro and return to Chapel Hill Sunday night/early Monday morning, 1:00 am, the Plymouth decides to have a flat tire. We’re out in the toolies on I-95 and had to change the flat tire out with the spare and our only light was a flashlight with weak batteries. We made quick work of that chore, jumped in the car and hauled back to our apartment. Dick was wearing a three piece suit! He took his coat off and laid it across the car on the metal area between the back window and the front ofthe trunk lid. Not remembering this, he and I jumped back in the car and hauled butt on back to school because we both had 8:00 am classes Monday morning. Arriving at our apartment I reached into the back seat and got the light blue Palm Beach blazer I was wearing. Dick ask me to get his for him but it was no where to be found. He was beside himself and in his agony he decided it would be ok to call his dad who was a big shot with MET Life Insurance and see if their policy covered the loss of his coat! Can you say, Bad news/timing! It was just after 2:00 am! I can still remember, clearly, hearing his dad’s voice, at the top of his lungs, yelling, “Richard, there is “NO INSURANCE for STUPIDITY!” and slamming the phone down!

  27. The One

    these pink cars were made for ” the ladies”. They came with perfume, lipstick and a compact!

  28. John Duresky

    First car I owned was the same looking pink and white 56 Plymouth Belvedere. My parents gave it to me when I was a junior in high school in 1966. We lived near the river in Wisconsin with an old wooded garage with lots of bats. Bats would poop on the car, and the acid in the bat poop bleached the white and pink a lighter color, so in particular I had a pink car with even lighter pink polka dots all over. Thanks to the salt on the Wisconsin roads, the metal around the headlights was eaten out and the headlights were held in by Bondo. Floorboards were rusted out. Fastest I ever got it going was a long downhill run. Got up to 110 MPH (no seat belts) with blue smoke pouring into the interior through the holes in the floor. Wonderful car, great times, I’d love to have it back. If anyone gets this they have to keep the color combo as is, to paint any other color would be a crime. P.S. I couldn’t get a date in high school, and I blame it on driving a pink and white car with light pink polka dots.

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