Perfect For Me: Driver 1963 Corvette Stored 40 Years!


Recently unearthed from a 40 year slumber, this 1963 Corvette convertible is exactly what I want out of a Corvette. I’ll tell you about why that is further down in the post. It’s located in South Hackensack, New Jersey and is listed for sale here on eBay, where the buy it now is $28,500 but the seller is interested in offers. Our own Josh found this terrific find, and I’m excited about it!


Ok, you perfectionists–this isn’t your car. Go look at the next barn find. I want a Corvette to drive, not to show. A C2 small block convertible in particular, with a factory four speed manual transmission. And if it’s a little scruffy, that just means I might be able to afford it! (Cristina, are you reading this?)


Yes, I’d replace the tires, go through the brakes, and probably even spring for a new top. But after going through the car from one end to the other, I’d leave it alone–which would drive some Corvette fans nuts! Needless to say, I’m fine with that.


Yes, the interior is a bit tatty. And I’m pretty sure that’s 129,468 miles rather than 29,468 that the odometer has actually racked up. But do you honestly think I’d care as I was driving down the road listening to that glorious noise and feeling the wind in my hair? I think not! Understand, I’m generally a British car/Ford/oddball kind of car guy. But that C2 shape, especially the convertible, is perfect to me. Never mind that it actually generates lift rather than downforce (or is that just a rumor?). I love it! Ok, yes, I’d ditch the passenger side floor mat just like you would. But that’s all!


Nor does the fact that it has a 350 rather than the original high horsepower 327 bother me much (although I’d rather have the revvy 327). It’s not like you can’t do an awful lot with a small block Chevrolet! Leave the show winning, authentic overspray wearing, numbers matching trailer queens to other folks–give me this one!


WANTED 1967 Chevrolet C20 4×4 I need a rust-free or easily restored cab for a ’67 small rear window C20 4×4. Contact

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  1. Rando

    So you think you’re going to drive it fast enough for the wonky aero to come into play? I doubt you’ll get there anytime soon in this one…lol

    I have read about that in the Grand Sport book. I don’t think at normal speeds the aero will affect you. Just like having the “fastest” muscle car options anymore. I doubt the cars will ever see much more of what made them famous. Too much at stake to be a hooligan with these old cars. Drive them, yes. Smoky burnouts and canyon carving? I doubt it.

    Just my thoughts.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      No burnouts or canyon carving? Huh? Why not?

    • Gino

      Dude, just go!

  2. Rich

    I like your style! I’d do the same as you with this one. The price isn’t too bad either! No guilt piling up the miles on this and risking a few scratches on her.

  3. Ronebee

    want those rims

  4. Bud Dudley

    I’m totally with you on this one.

  5. Bruce

    This time, this old body man agrees with you ! Clean it up, buff it out, check all the mechanical s, new top, or replace window & let er rip ! The price isn’t in the stratosphere, this car is “money in the bank” if you have proper storage for it..

  6. Capt Doug

    sold !! I hope it is now a present to Lady Christina.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Not this time. But it did spark some really interesting discussions last night. Good ones!

      • Capt Doug

        More wine!!

  7. Dan

    I completely agree with you. Fix it and drive!

  8. DRV

    Great deal on a driver with great potential, but drive it as you see it quality. I know it can be done as I have a neighbor that uses his all original 64 every day it isn’t snowing for at least the last 20 years.


    Wow somebody got a nice deal. I love the color combo and definitely agree, just fix what needs fixed and clean it up and drive it. A much nicer car for the money compared to the last one listed. Congrats to the buyer.

  10. Rick

    For $28,500 this car is a good buy!

  11. Jesper

    So much better car, than that white one yesterday, with nose damage.
    No compare.

  12. Bobsmyuncle

    I agree full on, perfect car and condition for a stressless driver. Except I’d find a hard top.

  13. Kevin Harper

    Yes I would like to have one like this, get the suspension set up as well as possible and warm over the engine, nothing drastic but entertaining.
    I have worked on a couple of these, both trailer queens. The one that I remember the most was a primrose yellow one with a 327 but saddled with a power glide automatic. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was also one of the worst cars I have ever driven, the suspension was crap and the engine and tranny were reading different books. So I need one of these to rectify that bad memory.

  14. Yellowjax Member

    This one is soooo… Nice “as is” I own MG’s , triumphs, and miata’s , but I sat in one once and said ” OMG this fits me like it was made for me”.

  15. Sid Member

    Peter Brock said me in person that he told Bill Mitchell that the front end styling was causing lift and the design needed a review. According to Peter, Bill’s reply was “its my design so zip it up”…. Or something like that.

  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Agree…..and what Rick said….

  17. ccrvtt

    Nassau Blue (?) best color ever for a C2. Guy I knew in high school had one of the first 427 versions. Coolest car in the world at that point, eclipsing the ’65 tri-power GTO convertible from the year before. American Racing torq thrusts are perfect. Wash it & drive it.

  18. Alan Brase

    Right answers! Sort it out first, then put a few goodies onto the engine to make it more like the 340hp.
    Except that modern cams, even hydraulics are much better than the old 097 “Duntov” cam. Much more mid range and still rev to 7000 or more. A real 340hp intake and carb (might already be there, that is a period correct air cleaner.) 340-360hp spec exhaust system.
    There’s your canyon carver!
    Somebody else recognized value there!

  19. Pete

    Now this is the way I like to find old cars. Just naturally aged. None of that stripped down half done resto, I fixed the body now you put it back together. Or the drive train rebuilt and the body falling off and interior shot. 100 % condition cars sort of scare me to own. I’d want an armed guard around it after I covered it in bubble wrap. Nope this is the ticket right here if your a Vette fan. Now if I could find a Malibu, Lemans/Tempest or Camaro in the same condition I would be in business.

  20. MG'zer

    Only other thing is new carpets. Everything else I’m with Jamie!

  21. Rocco

    I didn’t know Mickey Thompson (M/T) made wheels like the American Racing Torque Thrust. I guess I didn’t care back then. Well, they still look good, and they’re real magnesium, the seller says. Heck, M/T might have made them first for all I know. Oh well, nice wheels.

  22. Alan Brase

    I rather doubt many mag wheels were magnesium. Halibrands. Maybe the very first spoked wheels, but manufacturers learned better. Mag would tarnish and corrode. Aluminum is stronger and less active metal.

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