Personal Junkyard: Classics for Sale in South Carolina

A seller on craigslist claims to have his own personal junkyard full of classics ready for new homes. The collection seems extensive, with a heavy emphasis on Plymouth Barracudas and other Mopar products. Still, it seems there’s something here for everyone, even fans of captive imports from the 1980s. Find the collection here on craigslist in Sharon, SC or go here if the ad is archived; thanks to Barn Finds reader Alan in Michigan for the find.

The seller notes that he has a wide collection of vehicles up for grabs, including the following: 1955 Studebaker, 1956 Plymouth Savoy, 1964 Dodge Polara, probably a dozen Barracuda cars from the 60’s, 1965 Chevelle SS, 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury, 1973 Buick,
1966 International One Ton, 1974 Pontiac Granville, 1966 Belvedere, 1971 Vega, 1972 Chevelle, 1978 Camaro, 1971 Riviera, 1968 GT Torino, 1966 Plymouth Fury, 1972 Satellite, 1956 DeSoto Fireflite (x2), 1972 Scamp, 1964 Plymouth Wagon, 1952 Studebaker Champion, 1956 Chrysler, 1955 Dodge, 1968 Ranchero…and the list goes on from there!

This is my personal favorite, the captive import I mentioned: it’s a rebadged Mitsubishi Galant Lambda, of which very few remain today. When I see cars like this, it spikes my interest even further – because if he’s got a car this obscure, what else is hiding back there? The seller lists a few other models in his personal stash, including: 1965 Barracuda, 1965 Ford Falcon (x2), 1970 Mustang, 1967 Dart GT, 1950 Oldsmobile V8, 1963 Valiant, 1973 Roadrunner, 1966 Fairlane GT, etc and many more.

He even has this collection of random Japanese motorcycles! There’s some serious variety here, and if you’ve got something other than cash to exchange for a new project, it seems like there’s a good chance a trade can be worked out: I’m a Mopar man and would like to trade my Fords, Chevys, etc for Mopars of similar value or condition. Will consider trade on vintage Mopar cars (2 door only unless wagon or old enough to have suicide doors) or trucks. Especially looking for a two door 1961 or 1962 Chrysler Newport or 300 and also a 60’s Dodge A100 van project or International Metro or comparable COE project.

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  1. Classic Steel

    Man that super bee 🐝 and the road runners and mustangs are too wild 😜
    The sunbeam alpine tiger collection is choice too

    The rare collection tbirds are killer too.

    Okay maybe the coupe or the bikes but the rest is JUNK 😏

    $200 scrap metal each heap for no title parts picked over and busted sections to get their part off 👁

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  2. Beatnik Bedouin

    The Plymouth Savoy looks almost saveable, perhaps one or two others, but the rest looks like scrap, sadly.

    As for the bikes, the Honda CB350 twin looks like a possibility, but I already own a ’72 K4 model that’s a runner and registered for the road… ;-)

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  3. mike D

    it looks like he was wise enough to keep at least some of them up off the ground, and , as some of you know, my pet peeve, piles of leaves on the cars! why can’t he take two minutes to brush off the leaves? some may be savable , but most are parts cars at best . it would be an interesting collection if they were in decent shape .. I wouldn’t even give him scrap value

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  4. Pappy2d

    Stems and seeds….

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  5. Doyler

    You’re not the only one who wants that Mitsubishi

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  6. CCFisher

    The photo labeled “mustang” isn’t a Mustang. It’s another Mitsubishi Galant Lambda clone. A Dodge Challenger, if I’m not mistaken.

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    • NotchNut

      You are correct! It’s an early 80’s Dodge Challenger.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I think it’s the Sapporo that he mentions in the ad.

  7. Mike B

    Over a barrel & drumming up business?

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  8. gord

    looking at the ad…. not sure where the 1 dodge challenger went but… the blue one IS a dodge challenger as well as a 2 tone one later in the pix in the ad… great cars… 2.6 oil burning but silent shaft engine, 5 speed, 4 wheel disc brakes, velour interior, some had plaid, some were talking cars

  9. SlickB

    I had a 1971 cb 350. great bike heres a pic of it

  10. SlickB

    I had a 1971 cb 350. great bike here is a pic of it

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  11. Jay E.

    I’m not sure what he seller actually thinks he has here… Oh, wait, there is a Jet Ski, if it runs its worth $500.00. The rest, I have no idea.

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  12. Richard

    Wow. Just spectacular. When I first went through the awesome photographs, taken in totally flat light, I remembered as a kid walking through an east coast woods and stumbling on a 100 year old forgotten cemetery. Needs music from The Blair Witch Project.
    This entire “junkyard” is a beautiful art installation. An ode to the American automobile on the planet Earth. I would not move a thing, and charge admission.

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  13. michael h streuly

    Just a bunch of rusted out junk. Melt it down.

  14. Neil G.

    I want the ’64 Dodge Polara

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  15. Tyler

    Personal junkyarder = hoarder

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  16. Kenny Burns

    I’ll take the red Dart for 100.00. If he has a 70 b body plymouth I’ll take that one also for 150.00.

  17. Harry

    Why Oh Why Oh Why do these guys do this to these cars? What ARE they thinking? Revenge of some kind? Shaming us for not buying a Cuda in the 70s? I wish that the finders of these lots would inquire of the owners: WHY?

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