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Pickup In Paradise: 1952 Studebaker 2R5


Seemingly floating on air, this 1952 Studebaker has been off the road since 1964 according to the sticker on the black plate. Yes, it’s a former California barn find that’s just begging to be put back on the road. It’s currently found in the wonderful sounding location of Paradise, California and is up for sale here on eBay where bidding is rapidly approaching the buy-it-now price of $6,000. We have frequent finder Jim S. to thank for uncovering this cool truck!


This truck has a lot of good going for it. I think the best thing is that at this point, it hasn’t been cut up or altered in any way that I can tell. The seller has even had the stock 16″ rims restored and since creating the listing has some acquired some used tires to mount on the rims so the truck is mobile. Just look at how solid the bed is!


The seller has said that they did not plan to paint the truck, and I’d have to agree with that course of action. I won’t mention that “P-word” here, but to me this truck just oozed character in it’s current state. That’s helped by the great (to me) postwar Studebaker styling. The 2R series of trucks were introduced in 1948 as 1949 models, and had not been significantly updated by 1952. Unfortunately for Studebaker, that meant sales had consistently fallen since introduction, although there were still 40,299 1952 2R trucks produced. The 2R5 was the lightest-duty truck in the series, being only a 1/2 ton design. If you would like to learn more, there’s a great history of Studebaker trucks available here.


At this point there’s not much to see in the interior, but one thing of note is how solid the floor is. The seller does state there is some light surface rust on the floors but that is leagues ahead of most of the Studebaker trucks I’ve seen. The only component missing according to the ad listing is the seat bottom! I’m guessing one of the vendors on this site can help you find one!


One of the two biggest problems with this truck is pictured here. When the seller filled the engine with water to try to get the engine started, they probably discovered why the truck was taken off the road when the bores filled with water as well. Either there’s a head gasket problem or the head or block themselves are cracked. Either way you’re going to have to take things apart to find out what’s going on. But look at how easy that is! This six cylinder, 85-hp, 170 cubic inch engine (called “Econ-o-miser” in trucks) has a flat head that should be a breeze to remove and evaluate. The other problem is that there is no title, only a bill of sale. That will affect you differently depending on your location–here in North Carolina that could make titling the truck in your name somewhat difficult. I’m sure you can tell, though, that I really like this truck and hope that it goes to a great new home and is on the road soon! Are you the Barn Finds reader to make that happen–and maybe drive through Paradise in the process?


  1. Puhnto

    I love these old Studebaker trucks! What a perfect truck for running to the dump and picking up the odd something or other in.

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  2. That Guy

    My grandparents lived in Paradise from about 1972 until they died, both in the early 1990’s. It’s in the mountains not far from Chico, Ca. It was a popular retirement destination, especially for outdoorsy types like them. I haven’t been up there in 20 years so I don’t know how much or how little it’s changed; gIven those demographics though, I would imagine it’s a fertile hunting ground for barn finds like this old truck.

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    • Brakeservo

      In 2008 I bought an 11,000 mile 1953 Bentley in Paradise. It was completely apart, dismantled in 1968. It was accompanied by a 1934 Rolls Royce that hadn’t turned a wheel since 1966. About 5 years ago I also found a fairly rare Simca coupe in Paradise.

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  3. Doug

    I never should have parted with my 55 stude. Bought it for a song in 1990 or so. Ran great. Leaked oil like all the 232 cid v8 studebakers of the era.
    My friend Dave lynch who owned shelburne orchards in Stow mass helped me resore the truck. He was a great man and a gentleman with many top notch studes. His passing from a heart attack gave me a great appreciation for the time we have above the grass. He lived studebakers and growing apples and I’ll for sure do both again as a tribute to him if for no other reason. Anyway, this is a pretty, not too rusty truck. Hope someone dials it in. Too busy with my late 60’s Swedish car obsession to get into studies but I’ll be back.

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  4. Rick

    Wonder why it has car plates?

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    • Cleric

      My thoughts, too. Sounds like a scammer!

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      • David Frank david Member

        Perhaps a little research before name calling. It’s a half ton, in California, 1964, thus car plates.

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  5. Vince Habel

    I knew Dave Lynch. He was a good guy. A .half ton Studebaker would easily haul 3/4 ton load. I would guess it has a cracked block. These engines are plentiful.

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  6. Roy Crader

    Those plates are of the year it was put away in it’s home !

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  7. stillrunners

    factory heater and matching rear bumper….which is kinda rare….nice truck

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  8. John.H

    Agree with all previous, but pricing is now where it should be with a clear title. Not worth the grief if you plan one day to sell to another studi lover.

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  9. Joe Schlotthauer

    I remember this on eBay, and I thought the price was reasonable but shipping it to me was just a little too much at the time, now all I see is total junk, this was a bargain.

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