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Picture Perfect: 1938 Plymouth Truck


Every photograph in this sale listing here on eBay is worthy of a page on a calendar. This is what the pictures for an auction listing should look like! And I don’t think you could find a more prototypical “Barn Find” outside of a barn. The 1938 Plymouth truck (I didn’t even know Plymouth offered trucks before seeing this one!) is now in the land of dreams, North Hollywood, California. There’s a buy-it-now price of $7,000, but the sellers also have a no-reserve auction below that figure. Thanks to reader Jay M. for telling us about this find!


Just look at it! Now, for all you P-word lovers, this is what real patina looks like. This truck is wearing every one of it’s 78 years on this earth proudly. As Mater explained in Cars 2, every dent and mark tells a story–and there must be plenty to tell!


Given the location, I wonder if this truck has ever been in a movie? I looked at the Internet Movie Car Database for Plymouths (warning, if you’ve never been to that site, it can be a huge time-suck!) and found some later trucks, but not a 1938. Still, any listing is not perfect, so who knows?


Although it’s certainly been battered and bruised, the bed is relatively solid. I’ll bet it could tell some stories, too.


Ok, I admit including this picture just because I liked it so much! Love the ship hood ornament! I realize this truck doesn’t make any sense to restore, despite it being a one-year model PT57 (there were Plymouth trucks in 1937 to 1941). But I guarantee you if you got this one running and safe, did nothing to it cosmetically except adding a second seat, and took it to a local show, you’d have a larger crowd around it than any other vehicle there.


Ok, maybe I’d replace the driver’s side window as well–it’s useful to be able to see! Let us know what you think about this great find!


  1. MH

    Nice find. I’m not sure if I would keep the patina or restore to 100% stock. Either way I wish it was mine.

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  2. jeff

    Huh. The sidemount is missing, which is easy to understand. But the sidemount bracket is also missing, which takes some effort to remove. It would take some searching to find another plus a replacement front bumper, but not impossible (the Dodge ones are close). Rear bumper was an option that year.

    I like the all purpose utility shelf welded to the side of the bed.

    Missing gauges are the same as the car ones, so easier to find.

    Hey, look at that! The bottom cab corners arn’t all rusted out like every single old truck here in Michigan

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    • dave

      Car gauge not the same. Car goes to 100, truck has 80 mph. Dodge trucks and Plymouth are the same except for the grill, hood sides, hubcaps and the badging on the dash. We sell spare tire mount hardware. We have about 30 Dodge and Plymouth trucks in our inventory. Have 13 Dodge Humpbacks.

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      • Van


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      • Woodie Man

        I love the humpbacks…on my bucket list!

        This car’s plates says it came to California(or was replated) in the early to mid sixties. Must have sat outside forever. The sellers ask is seemingly divorced from condition. Not too long ago this was a 250.00 truck………..and only if it ran!

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      • Jeffstag

        You wouldn’t happen to have a gas tank for a pt50 would you?

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      • Don

        Dave where is your shop located ?
        Phone number?
        Thanks Don

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      • dave

        Our Shop

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      • Bigtim

        I just picked up a basket case 37 Plymouth truck, there’s a gas tank in the pile of parts.

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      • Joey Novotny

        Hey there Dave! I came across a thread from a while back and read you have some dodge and Plymouth pickups. We’re building a 1937 Plymouth PT50 at the moment and are looking for some parts. It has all of the fenders but once we had them media blasted, we found them in rough shape. Fixable but rough. Would you happen to have a set of rear fenders and a passenger front fender? The truck is getting a one off Art Morrison Chassis and a Hellcrate engine backed by a 4L80E! Just seeing if
        I can save some metal working time by finding a better set to work with. Thanks a lot and have a great day!

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  3. Dan h

    Cool truck for sure! Would be nice if the seller talked a little more about the item being listed and less on the history of Plumouth. After all, Google is only a click away.

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  4. Howard A Member

    This is an exceptional find. They sold like 20 Dodges for every Plymouth truck sold. HOWEVER, patina shmitina this truck needs to be restored. So few of these. And I’m sure you’d catch many off guard, as not many people knew about Plymouth trucks. Quite a hefty price ( it is, after all, Cal) but probably only a handful left in the country ( not one ’38 on Hemmings) Love the 30’s styling and I only hope this doesn’t turn into a resto-mod, but not the end of the world. Cool find.

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  5. John K

    What a beautiful truck! Front end is as crooked as a politician, but if it still drives fines I wouldn’t touch it. The curves in that grill make it simply elegant!

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  6. Van

    I want to drive the 918 but I’d be safer in this.
    I’ll bet even though Plymouth didn’t build many trucks, this one would only make a good down payment for a headlight assembly for the Porsche.

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  7. DENIS

    As much as I love old pickups, $7000 sounds like a chunk for it…a seat for every ass….

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    • Van

      I don’t think a donkey will fit.

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      • dave

        Yes they will fit.

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    • dave

      I can part this truck out and it would bring in more than 7000

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    • Joe

      Buy it now lowered to 6000.

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  8. geomechs

    Definitely a full restoration for this one. One helluva find!

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  9. Gary

    I’m not a big fan of “patina’. Basically, you can put a pretty bow on a pig but it will still be a pig.

    Considering the rarity, I think a restoration would be the way to go. If you can’t afford to restore it then eliminate the rust as much as possible and give a coat of decent paint – even if you have to brush it on. That will help to preserve it until the funds can be found to finish the job. That’s known as a “rolling restoration” – no patina pigs allowed.

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  10. Neil

    Beautiful profile but the head on shot reminds me of a Droopy Dog cartoon character.

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  11. Jay M

    I love it. Almost bought a ’38 Dodge pickup a few years ago, but I found a real Barnfind1938 Chevy pickup with quite a history instead.
    It went through the devastating flood here in 1950, and then was towed and stashed in a barn until 2012 when I found it.
    You should have seen my 8 year old sons eyes when he found fish bones under the dash and in the doors, when we stripped it down.
    Now it’s on a Sonoma 4×4 frame, converted to AWD with a supercharged 406.
    Yes, it will be a Pro Touring pickup, but all GM and all original steel.
    Jay M.

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    • dave

      Here is our 34 Dodge 4×4 rock climber 340 6 pak with 727.
      It looked like the Plymouth when we got it 25 years ago.

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  12. DRV

    The hood ornament on the ’37 truck may be the coolest one ever….http://www.nashnut.com/wp-content/uploads/sg07-37ply-pu1.jpg

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  13. Doug Towsley

    I will be interested to see what this goes for,,, While super cool, and i just love this style, It seems AWFULLY expensive to me. In my area all kinds of prewar cars and trucks surface and most are surprisingly affordable. That being said, it doesnt seem like a lot of people want to work on stuff this rough. Most seem to want to buff the paint and chrome and call it good.
    I had a 1937 Plymouth coupe project I sold last year in an effort to downsize, Currently have a 39 Plymouth Coupe, and a 39 Dodge Coupe and a 1937 half Chevy and half Pontiac coupe all of which are RATRODS.

    Just a shout out,, But i am looking for a 1937-38 Pontiac coupe passenger door in any condition I will even take a chevy or Olds door but they dont fit, but ill mod them to fit. Need one bad. Largest swap meet west of the mississippi is in Portland Oregon Mar31-April3rd so anyone going, or know of a door for me let me know and perhaps i can line up transportation.

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  14. Charles

    Too Cool! I’d love to see it restored!

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  15. Roger

    I have just acquired a 1940 PT-105 Plymouth Truck that I am restoring. it was originally a Forest service truck and I purchased it from the second owner. It has an additional tag adjacent to the data tag on the right door pillar that states it carries certain special equipment. my plan is to take it back to the original FS configuration. I am currently researching availability of parts. Thanks

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  16. Ed

    Is this truck still available,

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