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Plain But Nice: 1972 Ford Maverick


A lot of fading and 63,000 miles ago, this was a new Grabber Blue 1972 Ford Maverick. Now it’s faded, but still runs well and is ready for a new owner. Thanks to Jim S. for sending this find in! It’s located in Chatsworth, California and is up for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $2,500 but bidding well below $1,000.


As you can see, it’s missing some side trim and the vinyl top has seen better days. On the other hand, you’ve got original paint, no rust and no body filler! The small whitewalls and small hub caps are quite period, although a set of sport wheels like this could change the appearance a lot. I wonder what the paint would look like properly compounded and waxed. Josh, do you think you could bring this one back?


Even if you’re able to bring the paint back, it will need either a new vinyl roof or stripping and repainting under it. I have seen a “bargain” solution involving bedliner coating after stripping off the old vinyl, but I don’t recommend it. Apart from some minor dents, though, the body really does look solid!


The interior looks considerably better than the exterior, and makes that 63,000 mile figure believable. Yes, there’s a crack or two on the dash, but if you can’t stand it, there’s a new dash cap available here for less than $52! The tweed cloth is so period, I really hope whoever buys the car leaves it alone!


The 250 cubic inch inline 6 is said to run extremely well and the seller says they would drive the Maverick anywhere. The seller does tell us that it has a “noisy rear axle bearing,” but I’m hoping that could be a fairly straightforward repair. Ultimately, whether you like a plain four door car like this has to do with what a car does for you. If you have to have a serious performance vehicle, this probably isn’t it. However, if you would like to have a usable, inexpensive classic that will be there every time you turn the key, this might just be the one. Let us know what you think!


  1. Josh Staff

    Given that it’s a Ford, I have no doubt this paint could be made to shine, but I have a feeling you’ll never be able to get rid of all the water stains. And no amount of polishing will fix that roof ;) Still, it could look great with a little work!

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    • Stang1968

      I agree. That’s an eye-popping color when well maintained too.
      Too bad it’s not a 302 under the hood.

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      • Josh Staff

        I’d be all over it if it had a 302! That would be a fun sleeper!

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  2. JW

    My 70 year old neighbor purchased one of these identical to this but gold inside and out with brown vinyl top and it was a 302. He bought it from a collector here in the KC area for 2K. The only thing it needed was a new vinyl top and a turn signal switch which I replaced the switch for him. This was a couple years ago and now he’s in a retirement home so haven’t seen the car around town lately.

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  3. Frankie Paige

    I like that the seller says it can be driven anywhere, with the rear bearing noise I would have it looked at before that drive, a great buy, should get many more miles out of it. He roof vinyl can be taken off and painted with some paint used to mimick a vinyl roof, I think it was an option on some mopars.

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    I didn’t know these had body color engine bays – just like period Australian Fords! – must be saved

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  5. Nessy

    Blah. Just looking at it is tough. Color, hubcaps, interior, sedan model, bumpers, that old vinyl top and the 6 under the hood. Blah in all ways. As you can tell, I never liked these cars. However, I did have a Comet GT, same car as the Maverick but mine was a white coupe with black strips and a red interior with a 302 4 speed. That little thing was a tire roaster.

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  6. C brand

    First car i ever bought..mine was same color but had the 302..what a sleeper..had tons o fun in that car..surprised a lot of people with it!!

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  7. Jason Houston

    1961 Ford hub caps don’t come on Mavericks. The Grabber Blue flows better on a 2-door, but if it’s original, could be buffed out nicely. Replace the vinyl top (or shave it off for good) would make a very nice car.

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  8. Karl

    I’d peel off what’s left of that vinyl roof and give it a fresh coat of Grabber Blue top and bottom. That’s an unusual color for a four-door, especially with a vinyl roof–I remember seeing it on Mustangs and two-door Mavericks. It’s a pretty color. I think I would like rims on it too to dress it up a bit, or at least full wheel covers.
    The spray-on fake vinyl roof has been with us since the 1960s. I remember my father using it on a couple of our cars. It didn’t look bad. The real problem was removing it when you got tired of it. The stuff used back then hardened to the consistency of armor plate and had to be removed with a side grinder.
    This is a great little car–modern enough to be a decent daily driver, easy to get parts for (except maybe for those trim pieces), four-door practicality, and simple enough that anybody can maintain it. I could see myself in it.

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    • Jason Houston

      As long as it has Grabber Blue, you could even go with some Grabber wheels/caps/rings. We once had a ’64 XL HT, 390 4v, 4-speed, the works… on a FOUR door hardtop. Talk about WEIRD.

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  9. piper62j

    Had one of these brand new in 75. not a bad car to play around with.. the 6 cyl engines had a habit of the valves wearing out prematurely and the head had the cast in intake manifold.. Other than that, this would be fun to drive..

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  10. Glen

    This was my wife’s grandmothers Maverick that she bought new in 72’ And only used to go the bank and grocery shopping once a week , when she could no longer drive i sold it to a girl in the valley around 2005 and it had 43k original miles on it and it was a white vinyl top that i dyed black to try and cover a big dark stain But looks like someone removed the top all together , i also put on the early ford caps and left the original ones in the trunk

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