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Pleasant Original: 1967 Ford Galaxie 500

031916 Barn Finds - 1967 Ford 1

Good grief, what a great car! This original 1967 Ford Galaxie, on craigslist, lives in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Even the name of the town is pleasant. The owner is asking $8,500 firm and the pleasantries end with tire-kickers; they are not welcome.

031916 Barn Finds - 1967 Ford 2

What a great car this is, black-on-black and in darn near perfect original condition right down to the wheel covers. This car has fewer than 63,000 miles on it and it looks like it has 6,300 miles. It’s all original other than a new, and very nicely-hidden, dual exhaust system and a new electronic ignition and coil. This is my favorite era of Galaxie by far and this one would be fantastic to own. A hardtop sedan might be more desirable but this four-door would do nicely.

031916 Barn Finds - 1967 Ford 3

To make things interesting, there is a 3-on-the-tree manual transmission in this otherwise smooth and sophisticated car. I would have expected an automatic to be in this car but this one is much better. In 1967 Ford introduced a padded piece to the center of the steering wheel as a safety feature, which looking at it now is hard to believe that it would do any good. But, they also added an energy-absorbing steering column and 1967 was the first year for the dual-brake master cylinder which carried through the Ford lineup.

031916 Barn Finds - 1967 Ford 4

This is a 289 2-barrel with 200 hp. I’m not sure if it would be super comfortable to be in a black car with a black interior in humid South Carolina without having AC, however. But, humans can do some amazing things when they have to.

031916 Barn Finds - 1967 Ford 5

Apparently, the owner uses this car for parades, especially when dressed in sort of a Mayberry’esque outfit consisting of a couple of door magnets and a red light on top. This one is pushing it for me but probably only because I’m such an Andy Griffith Show fanatic. This Galaxie has been babied and is one great, albeit not inexpensive, example. If you’re looking for an original version of this car this might be the one to nab up. The black looks so pleasent on this bodystyle, in my opinion. Are you a fan of this generation of Galaxies as much as I am?


  1. Chebby

    You can keep the cop stuff. Nicely ordered old Ford otherwise.

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  2. andrew m

    Sheriff’s car? no way…. this sweet sedan screams Men In Black!

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    • Cassidy

      and that 289 says the MIB aren’t going anywhere quickly

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      • Ed P

        Consider that the base engine for most of the full size Fords for ’67 was a 240 cid six. I would say the 289 offered a good power boost.

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  3. JW

    Very nice classic Ford for the money, keep the cop stuff off it. My sister had a 68 Galaxie 500 with the 302 automatic and it was a beautiful car in maroon with black interior.

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  4. Wayne

    Got the right amount of doors

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  5. piper62j

    Engine compartment looks average for the mileage, but the engine seems to stand out and be clean.. Odometer numbers line up nicely, so it may be all original.. Could use more interior pictures..

    Nice find.. Great car..

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    • racer99

      Have to agree, engine is too clean and all new water hoses and clamps and new power steering hoses. Note that missing from the ad is “all original drivetrain” or “numbers matching” verbiage. Still a nice survivor but not sure it’s $8500 worth of car.

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  6. jim s

    dealers in my area, back in the day, would stock something like this in black with the 3 on the tree, all chrome deleted, and the radio mounted in the glove box. this one would make a nice driver. nice find

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  7. Karo

    Those “289” badges on the front fenders are ’65 – ’66 Mustang pieces and are completely wrong for this car. Makes me suspicious of the whole thing.

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  8. Fred

    Good call Karo!

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  9. Rando

    Paint the doors white and do Mayberry Tours in it. I live in “Mayberry”, aka Mt Airy, NC. Where Andy grew up. There are a fleet of 60s fords here doing “squad car tours” in much less nicer cars. Windows down so A/C isn’t an issue.

    Nice car – 66 and 67 seemed to have the coolest grilles to me across all the mfr lines.

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  10. Mike D

    I ended up buying my parent’s 67 Ranch Wagon, with the 289, three on the tree.. no power equipment at all it had an AM radio , it held up well for them, and did well with me.. my engine was clean, up until I got rid of it at 175K miles , it did get so it would overheat and living in the North east took its toll on it and, yes, if it had a 289, there was no badging … it was barely powerful to get out of its own way , it could chirp the tires, but, rarely did that ( honestly!) it was a midnight blue, and was shiny up to the last

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  11. angliagt

    They used the same steering wheel hub on Cortinas,
    but not until ’68,so I think that’s wrong also.

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  12. fordfan

    Steering wheel pad is correct for1967 If I recall correctly ford didn’t have the collapsible steering column that gm ,amc and chrysler had this was a one year stopgap solution

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  13. G 1

    One of the nicest looking big fords’ ever. No script for 289.

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  14. Jim Marshall

    I had a new Galaxie 500 2 dr hardtop back in 67. Car had a 289 automatic and ran well. I traded it in on a 68 with the 302 in it’s first year and it was a dog. Got a 69 LTD with a 351 Windsor and it was a big improvement over that first year 302.

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  15. speedracer2007

    This is not an all original as stated. The motor has been out at some time and refreshed as you can see some of the bolts attaching the engine accessory brackets have been painted blue, some are not. Minor detail but makes me wonder. Also car did not come with 289 emblems on from fenders. Too much money for a non AC three on the tree four door. Also the “no tire kickers” welcomed attitude tells me this owner is pretty firm on the price

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    • JCW

      Maybe they just took brackets off to paint engine I have done that before disassemble the brakes paint them black and paint engine without over spray or taping off

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  16. james burton

    the res. the car has low mil. and such good shape is cause nobody wanted to be seen driving it.didn’t like them then, don’t like it now.

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  17. Thom LeMond

    Beautiful,My first car,mine was beige color,289, chrome wheels,60s on back 70s on front, dual exhaust,Damn it sounded good!And was Sharp as a Razor!A Roller/Cruiser,4 Door.Everyone was Jealous! I Miss That Car!Looks;No body came close! Camaros, Roadrunners,I could go on.

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