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Plenty Of Patina: 1972 Chevrolet Blazer 4X4

We’ve featured several Chevrolet Blazers here on Barn Finds recently, some in nicely-preserved condition and others in varying states of neediness, but this one is a sort of a middle-of-the-road example.  Or at least that was my first impression, but digging deeper I began realizing how much attention this one has been given that you can’t see outside, and now I’m left wanting to own the 4X4.  This 1972 Chevy Blazer is located in Trappe, Maryland, and can be viewed here on eBay, where bidding has reached $25,000.  But here’s where I get a little hesitant, as the reserve isn’t met and the buy-it-now price is set at $67,000, the latter a bit high for my budget.  Maybe it’s worth every penny, so read on and you be the judge.

On the outside, the Chevy’s got a look that grows on me the more I stare.  The patina is not for everyone, but for those who appreciate the well-baked appearance, it scores high.  We don’t get a whole lot of details about its past, other than the seller mentioning the vehicle came from Wyoming and was dry upon acquisition.  Most of the body was free of rust initially, although the rocker panel on the driver’s side was replaced and the lower metal section in front of the rear wheel on the passenger side has been repaired, but other than that the paint is stated as original.

The factory V8 is said to have received lots of attention, including a new carburetor, alternator, and spark plugs.  It starts right up and is stated to run absolutely perfectly, plus the transmission is said to be new, and the underside is just as impressive.  There’s been a Redhead steering gearbox added up front and new leaf springs in the rear, along with new shocks, brakes, ball joints, and a fresh exhaust system.  A lift kit has also been installed, raising things up two and a half inches, with new 33-inch BF Goodrich tires on 15×8 wheels.

Climb inside and you’ll find a clean interior, with recovered seats and new carpeting present, but if you’re not feeling the steering wheel don’t panic, the original is included with the sale.  All of the instruments are functional, though the fuel gauge is intermittent, and some good news is the factory A/C is blowing cold so it’ll be comfortable in there while you’re out four-wheeling in the summer.  The seller is aware that this one’s not going to come cheap but stresses that a lot of money has been invested to get it road-ready for years to come.  How much would you be willing to invest in this 1972 Chevrolet Blazer?


  1. Jim in FL

    Nice truck! In the late 90s I had a yellow one with black top that was very similar but a rust bucket. Amazing that it was an $800 purchase. When I blew the rear I sold it for $800 to a guy with an uglier one.

    Parts are plentiful, the purist in me says it’s a strong ask, but the bidding tells the tale. I used mine as a daily for a year and a half. They are comfortable and fun to drive, if you don’t mind getting out to lock the hubs.

    I proposed to my wife on Melbourne Beach in mine after going overland to what I thought was a secluded spot. On the way out, we pulled two teenagers in a stuck t bird out with my tow straps. Took away a bit of the magic but was a good story.

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  2. Rw

    67k hahahahaha

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  3. mikeh

    Gee…too bad about that dent in the rear quarter panel. Probably could have asked $70,000!

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  4. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Wow . Buy now $67,000!! But I see most of the money went into the drivetrain and suspension. Now if the Blazer was repaint the same color yea the $67,000 sounds right. I know these year Blazer goes for big bucks as seen on B.J. auction. I can get a used Jeep GC SRT or high mileage Track Hawk for that price. I feel the seller is not going to see the price for it. Then again all you is two bidders who want this bad enough. Good luck to the seller. 🐻🇺🇸

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Don’t see the price but the ’72s were good looking machines. Our ’72 didn’t have the “deluxe” trim but the black top and solid white chassis made for a solid looking machine. Except for rust right off the showroom floor they are fun to own.

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  6. Big C

    So, “Shine Juice” is around $60 a bottle. That means, the owner spent all the money on the suspension, and freshening up the original 50 year old engine. No thanks. I can look cool at the cruise in for a lot less.

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  7. ShaneH Shane

    I’m thinking for a 67k ask i would of had no problem fixing the gas guage. These are not gas misers. I would want to know how much fuel I have.

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      Our ’72 got 11 mpg. Gas crisis hit about the same time we bought it so put a second fuel tank in it to compensate for lousy gas mileage and fuel shortages.

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  8. Jay McCarthy

    Coffee hurts when you blow it out your nose…$67K, it’s at $40,100 right now

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  9. Wine is Truth

    Does anybody else think the “patina” on and under the hood speaks to an engine bay fire at some point?

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  10. Lee

    I had one of these in my younger days. Not sure but I think this was the only year that the roof came completely off. Cool because the only thing left was the windshield.

    I also had mud tires on it. (for a few days) They made so much noise you could hardly hear the radio.

    Short wheelbase and springy suspensions means if you were going to be driving on bumpy roads you better have a bottle of Dramamine handy.

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    • Ron

      The one piece removable roof was used from 1969 through 1975.

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      • Lee

        Not exactly. In lots of those years only the rear part of the roof came off. I’m talking about the whole roof, even over the front seats.

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      • Lee

        I stand corrected

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    • Big C

      A friend had one, and used it to tow his 24ft SeaRay. With 5 or six of us piled into it? You were seasick before you got to the lake.

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  11. TPK

    Nice truck!! However, some people should stop watching high end auctions. It may be worth $40,000 on the high end but not 67k. Also, seller hasn’t sold anything for “over” a year, so the rating is very old.

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  12. Ted Stevens

    This is what i like to call Barrett Jackson brain ! Its worth what somebody is willing to pay but not sure 67K is it ?

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  13. P

    Patina is certainly an abused term these days.

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  14. Stanly

    well the seller said they spent a lot of money to get the truck where it is today but everything is original except the seat covers, carpet, and some mechanical components so who are they trying to kid, don’t get me wrong it’s a nice truck but $67,000. worth, not for me, but I’ll tell ya people are spending their money like crazy now a days and I don’t get it, it just makes it harder for the regular guy/gal to afford and drive/enjoy an older vehicle,

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  15. Sam

    Why is the rust on the doors a different color than the rest of the rust ?

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