Police-Equipped: 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS

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The Impala SS returned to the Chevy lineup in 1994, after a 25-year absence. To beef up the car from a routine Impala, the reborn automobile had many of the performance features of the interceptor versions used by police entities. That enabled the 4-door sedan to pace the quarter mile at just over 15 seconds, close to what some of the muscle cars of the 1960s were doing. This 1995 example spends most of its time in storage, collecting dust, and is said to be in excellent running condition. Located in West Pueblo, Colorado, this beauty is available here on craigslist for $20,000. Another great tip from T.J.!

The GM B platform that the Impala rode on was reworked in 1991, though its roots date to the downsizing initiative of 1977. Based on a concept car on display in 1992, the new Impala SS entered production early in calendar 1994. The heart of the SS was the Caprice 9C1 police package, which included a sport-tuned suspension, a high-capacity reverse-flow cooling system, 4-wheel disc brakes, a transmission cooler, dual exhaust, and a retuned LT1 5.7-liter (350 cubic inches) small-block V8 that was rated at 260 hp.

Besides the mechanical enhancements, the Impala SS had an aggressive stance and was most often seen wearing gloss black paint with a grey leather interior. Sales reached 6,300 units in ‘94, followed by 21,400 copies in 1995, and a record 42,300 versions in 1996 (because output was extended to the end of the calendar year). Production of the hot car may have continued past ‘96 had GM not discontinued the entire B-body lineup to free up assembly space for more profitable SUVs. Too bad as none of those SUVs was able to do o to 60 mph in seven seconds like the Impala SS.

We don’t know the history of the seller’s car. It has logged 76,000 miles in its 28 years, which has included an undetermined amount of idle time. That’s done nothing to tarnish the black hot rod as the body, paint, and interior look to be as good as new. According to the seller, it “drives like new, absolutely nothing wrong with it.” A clean title, CARFAX, and maintenance records will come with the conclusion of the deal to change ownership. I’ve known a couple of folks who had these machines and they loved them!

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  1. Connecticut mark

    Making me feel older than I am, car is 28 years old.

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    • Hank kaczmarek

      That’s B/C You didn’t have a 62 Impala 409 Picture from a hot rod magazine on your bedroom wall, LOL

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  2. KittyFargo

    My mother had a 95 in black. I thought we were rich moving up from a honda accord. Turns out it is way above my parents reasonable budget and they got rid of it two years later. This car shifted my car lust from Corvettes and camaros to B-bodies. Could have had my brothers 78 camaro but went with a 65 Impala. Loved it and… “should have never sold it”

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  3. Lars

    Please. Chevrolet make mine a 2dr HT. Still not a true SS unless it is

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    • Brian W

      These never came in coupe form for this body style. The Lumina coupe was available in this era but that was front wheel drive and V6 power.

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  4. scott

    I don’t think 1995 was 48 yrs. ago? making this chevy 1975

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    • Brian W

      Try 28. Can’t tell if it was a typo or just shoddy math.

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    • Russ Dixon Russ DixonAuthor

      I took off too many shoes to count! 28 years. Corrected. Thanks!

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  5. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking car! I love this generation Chevy Caprice/Impala SS. What I love most is that this has that “police pursuit” package.

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  6. PRA4SNW

    I remember these being offered in a dark cherry color that was spectacular looking.

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  7. AndyinMA

    I had a dark cherry 95 and loved it, column shifter included!

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    • Brian W

      I trust Craigslist about as much as I would trust a known con man to sell me a car. So many reputable websites such as Cars & Bids, BringaTrailer, Ebay, and you’re going to do Craigslist? Let me guess, meeting a buyer alone at 1 am behind the Mcdonald’s sounds like a great place to do a deal? No thanks. GLWS.

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      • ShaneH Shane

        Craigs list is the least expensive place to list anything for sell. I’ve never had an issue buying or selling on Craigslist. Just like anywhere use your common sense.

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      • PRA4SNW

        Same here, I’ve sold several cars on Craig’s List without a single problem.

        Word the ad correctly, describe thoroughly, post the maximum amount of pictures and you will do well, and get to keep all of your money.

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  8. steve

    I’d say there’s something definitely wrong with the radio.

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    • PRA4SNW

      I thought the same thing, but in one picture you can see that it is a large touch screen. In the weird looking picture, you are looking at the edge of the screen as it is now folded.
      Screwy optical illusion.

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      • John Alm

        I haven’t opened the Craigslist listing, but their are new head units that have the display screen that is retractable when radio isnt being used , Check out Crutchfield.com for great sales , service & lifetime technical support, they aren’t only car audio also do home stereo and home entertainment equipment, not employeed by them , just a satisfied Customer, only complaint about the Impala SS is the Rear wheel alignment in wheel house , adjustable control arms would cure tire &wheel alignment in center of wheelhouse opening , just my opinion

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    • Leslie MartinMember

      From what I can see, the only problem is that the recessed LCD control panel blocks the HVAC controls and vents when it’s deployed. I’d assume under normal operation the panel is either in the upright deployed position or recessed above the head unit in the dash. Hard to tell from the pictures!

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  9. steve

    The radio looks like it needs work.

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  10. Gary Gary

    Right price for the mileage & condition. Would look perfect sitting next to my 49K mile 94SS.

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    • JoelB

      Seriously men? You guys are mostly morons. Know your stuff then make comments

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  11. Tom

    That’s a GPS stuck over or in front of the radio and climate controls. Look closely
    and you can see part of the temperature knob

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    • 19sixty5Member

      It is a folding/retractable face stereo’s that were the rage a number of years back…you can still find them for sale.

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  12. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    Channeling Belushi and Ackroyd……”it’s got a cop engine, cop shocks, cop tires, and a cop radio”……what a great movie.


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  13. 19sixty5Member

    We had a 96, so I’m a little biased towards that year, but they had a much nicer (IMO) dash with a tach as well as a console mounted shifter. My wife decided on the 96 because of those two features. All stock except for a Flowmaster cat back exhaust that wasn’t very loud at all. For as big of a car as it was, it had plenty of power and handled well.

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  14. FireAxeGXP

    Nice car and nice write up Russ. Pretty much the only Chevrolet I would ever own.

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  15. Kenneth Carney

    Next to a ’66 Cadillac Calais 4 door
    hardtop, one of these is on my bucket list. I’m 68 now and I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be able to afford one.
    But it don’t hurt to dream. Same thing
    with the Caddy, but I owned a ’66 Caddy I bought off my parents. Worst
    A day of my life was when I traded it
    for a POS ’66 Tornado that gave me
    fits the whole time I owned it. Soured
    me on FWD for years. I even wrote my congressman to get them banned
    nationwide– well at least here in Florida anyhow.

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  16. Mark

    Had a LT1 engine from the Corvette and Camaro except it had cast iron heads instead of aluminum

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